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The speech of the Minister of defense of Iran at the VII Moscow conference on international security
Material posted: Pankratenko Igor N.Publication date: 06-04-2018

In the framework of an initiative of the Ministry of defense of Russia on 4 and 5 April 2018 VII Moscow conference on international security held a speech of the Minister of defense and logistics of the Islamic Republic of Iran Brigadier General Amir Hatami. We offer to your attention the video and the transcript of his speech.

Excellencies, ladies and gentlemen!

First, I consider it necessary to Express my gratitude and appreciation to the Minister of defence of the Russian Federation General of the army Sergei Shoigu for the invitation, very pleased to be among You at the Seventh Moscow security conference.

Effectively realizing the sensitive international environment, this conference focuses on the most important challenges to regional security. For this reason, it is expected that in the field of international and regional security at this conference will be achieved positive results.

Dear Chairman, dear friends!

Global processes indicate that the current structure of political and economic power and security in the international system is subject to change. These changes affect the age of when, based on geopolitical value in the creation of new realities and the emergence of various global players. The consequences of such changes, for the most part, are influenced by strong competition, resulting in large differences in understanding among the most powerful States, the most important such consequence is the shift of the political aspect of global power from the Western to the Eastern hemisphere, as a result, the center of gravity of world power has shifted from the Atlantic ocean to the East Asia. So, for the first time in the last century, the international 4 changes clearly will not depend on the will of the West because one group of different players from the point of view of power at global and regional scales plays a role in managing these changes.

Another important matter on which I must focus is the emergence of a powerful geopolitical systems in densely populated Asian areas, which at many levels are changing the nature of world events. The Western Asia region, which was erroneously during the global domination of the West was called the Middle East, given its geopolitical and geostrategic features is one of the main centers of change at the continental and global level. One indication of this change is the change in the field of Islamic civilization, development and prosperity of the Muslim countries and this greatly bothers some players, especially the United States. They are well aware that if the Islamic world is unity, then the security mode from the point of view of geopolitics will become a powerful system in a new structure.

With this purpose, they make great efforts to sow discord in the system to impede Asian system development and security, as they believe that any consolidation and unity of the security in this region contrary to the interests, safety, strength, the power and authority of America in the reformatting of the laws of his world domination, so they organize the elements of this system against other elements.

Ladies and gentlemen!

The policy of domination, monopoly and self-serving approach to international security issues create fertile soil for the emergence and development of terrorism. In other words, You see, in Washington organized the most terrible campaign of terror and destruction. Based on the experience of the past 25 years you can feel this process which in geopolitical plan will provide to humanity a pillar of crises over the next 25 years (2040). The explicit role of extremist and terrorist groups such as al Qaeda and ISIS, in the events of the past two decades and create a very messy civil wars in various corners of the globe, especially in two countries – Syria and Iraq is testimony to this bitter truth. For this reason, rabid, unbridled, and very brutal violence by the ISIL terrorists in opposition to other groups and players in these countries, strengthening and development of political, social and ideological base of this group in areas of Asia and Africa, the spread of its effects to the depth and breadth of the globe has today become a major topic being discussed the world's geopolitical system.

You can call many contributing factors to this process. The inefficiency and the game anti-ISIS coalition led by America in the framework of the policy of controlled chaos and as a result, the management of this terrorist group (ISIS) is opposition to it, the occupation of Palestinian land and the continued crimes of the Zionist regime and the holding of racist policies in the occupied lands of Palestine, contempt and provocation against the feelings of Muslim youth in the region, which intensified with the policy of trump, including a statement about moving the us Embassy in occupied Quds, the suppression of the legitimate demands of the people, including in Bahrain, and the international community's silence on this issue the projection of some countries in the region security issues to domestic issues such as creating the image of a foreign enemy, based on iranophobia, aggression and violation of national sovereignty of other States, for example, military attacks on Saudi Arabia, Yemen, drowning in the blood of the oppressed people of this land and, along with that approval and/or silence on the part of many of the great powers regarding these crimes, the increase in space, the influence of ideas and practices lawless extremists, including the ideology of the takfiri, along with the economic and financial crises and poverty in the world – all these are factors that justify the broad threat of terrorism, and reinforcing this process, pose a serious threat to regional security.

Mr. Chairman, ladies and gentlemen!

The defeat and destruction of the infrastructure of the terrorist group ISIS, although it became possible through the efforts and dedication on the part of the Armed forces and the fighting peoples of Iraq and Syria and full support from Iran and Russia in the framework of the agreed cooperation, and in Western Asia subsided, the fever of terrorism, and the region has overcome the crisis dynamic conditions, but to eradicate this kind of thinking is far from us. Structural and ideological similarities that anomaly with a new wave of fundamentalism in the world in many areas largely evidence of transformation and metamorphosis for the world. This transformation can also be detected in methods of operation and conduct policy a radical terrorist group LIH. For complete defeat of the terrorist group needs to know and defeat in all spheres of its ideology, behavior and activities. These plans are manifested and stored in the virtual space, in the form of operations of suicide bombers, lone wolves, land accommodation or creating separate territories within the geographical space of the affected States, and all of these areas have the potential of becoming the region threats to the region and extra-regional countries.

In addition, the LIH defeat means the defeat of the regional policy of America. So, there is a very strong opinion about what this defeat will initiate a new phase of violence and tension in the region, in order to fill the gap and to consolidate competition in the presence of regional and non-regional countries in the throes of instability areas. In other words, as long as there exist main factors that created the ISIS in the face of continuing weapons of aggressors, sowing discord, carried out on contracts for tens of billions of dollars between some of the regional countries with the West and especially America, as long as the U.S. Government puts their own selfish interests at the forefront of its foreign policy, while continuing to evade responsibility for its reckless policy in the international arena, of course, with the arrival of Donald trump and his extremist team does not have any bright prospects, remains to be seen this danger will manifest themselves elsewhere and create more complex and intricate conditions of the region.

Dear Chairman, ladies and gentlemen!

Unfortunately, I must sadly note that in such circumstances, our region is still far from stability, because no activity of ISIS is not completely suspended, nor deep regional tensions between regional and non-regional players leaves bright prospects for the achievement of regional security. The biggest problem of the region in establishing security and long-term stability is that regional countries do not have a common understanding of shared pain. Some regional governments instead rely on intra-regional integration, unity and local security tend to buy by searching the protection of the selfish States. As long as the disease is cured, it is impossible to imagine a bright horizon for the establishment of security in the region.

- Islamic Republic of Iran is convinced that in the process of emergence of new crises, extremism and terrorism are the most important challenges at the highest level, threatening the lives of millions of people in creating the future; to effectively fight this common threat to stability and lasting security in the region should develop a defence policy cooperation and control of security in Asia based on economic, political and cultural intra-regional communication.


We believe that terrorism in the virtual dimension of cyberspace, but also terrorist acts by suicide bombers, or creating separate territories within the geographical space of States affected by the crisis, turned the cooperation of regional countries in the field of intelligence and security in imperative today. Experience of cooperation between such countries as Syria, Iraq, Iran, and Russia, to counter ISIL, which recently joined Turkey can be a model for expanding such cooperation covering all countries of the region.

- Islamic Republic of Iran, speaking out against the utilitarianism and rule America, celebrates the destructive and destabilizing role of the Zionist regime in the creation and dissemination of ideas of extremism and violence and considers any policy of interference, aggression and separation in relation to the countries of the region contrary to will and interests of the governments and peoples of the region. Iran, welcoming the constructive role of Russia in the region, said the strategy of building security effective and useful for preserving the unity and territorial integrity of countries in the region and advises the partnership instead of creating a balance.

- Islamic Republic of Iran, noting practical joint political initiative in resolving the Syrian crisis and opposes any military aggression against other countries, considers it necessary to respect their territorial integrity and national sovereignty and is prepared on the basis of regional cooperation to put an end to the suffering and deprivation of the oppressed peoples of the region, for example, the people of Yemen.

- We believe the arrangement AGREEMENT, a successful example of joint international cooperation resulting from the efforts and cooperation of all parties in the framework of mutual respect of national and international laws and understanding in regional and international security. Failure to fulfill obligations on the part of America and some of its Western partners, search their prepositions in the implementation of these agreements consider the factor that harm the atmosphere of confidence in the international arena, and expressing the commitment of the Islamic Republic of Iran of its obligations under these agreements and its other obligations, warned that the forces that undermine these arrangements, will be responsible for the negative consequences for international order and security.

- Islamic Republic of Iran believes that strengthening the defense and deterrent defense power, especially the missile sphere, and its natural right in the legal protection of the region, and considers it necessary to develop and strengthen specific aspects to counter various new threats, and strongly will it monitor.

In conclusion, I want again to thank the General of the army Sergei Shoigu, colleagues and the organizers of this important and effective conference. I hope that in achieving regional security will be achieved the expected results.

Thank you for your attention.

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