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The statement by Khamenei on the US is a step ahead of the curve
Material posted: Pankratenko Igor N.Publication date: 29-11-2016
After the statements of newly elected President Donald trump on Iran, the Iranians tried to pretend that it doesn't move them, but nonetheless, a wariness of his statement still caused.

Under the presidency trump the relations between Iran and the US are expected to be tense, told Sputnik Azerbaijan orientalist Igor Pankratenko, commenting on the recent statement of the Supreme leader of Iran.

Iran's Supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said that the extension of U.S. sanctions against Iran for another ten years would be a violation of the agreement on the Iranian nuclear program and in this case, Iran will take retaliatory measures.

Pankratenko said that if we carefully analyze the performance of trump during his campaign, we can see that about Iran, he talked a lot. Including the fact that the newly elected President called the nuclear agreement with Iran is "the worst in the world." Of course, said the orientalist, the Iranians tried to make a face. He pretended that they do not touch the statements of the trump. But, nevertheless, a certain caution these statements have caused. "Today, the lifting of sanctions against Iran is fragile, watershed condition, and this process can be reversed at any moment," he said. And while neither trump nor from the team, which he now forms, any statements on this issue was not followed, the interlocutor of Sputnik considers it necessary to draw attention to the fact that those who became the new team President, and those who have eventually come, they all have quite pronounced anti-Iranian stance.

Therefore, said Pankratenko, this statement by Iran's Supreme leader is a step ahead of the curve, a kind of attempt to say: "Guys, we too can turn around". "If we talk, what exactly threatens US Khamenei, is a return to the economy of resistance, that is, all large, prospective contracts, which are tuned to Western firms, simply will not happen," he said. According to the orientalist, the capacity of the Iranian market to Western companies, according to some estimates, ranging from 30 to 50 billion dollars. Therefore, the loss will be quite noticeable. Respectively, will be collapsed all the outlined projects, and Iran will return to the hard-Americanism. In addition, said the analyst, intensified regional conflict, the pressure of Iran on US allies – the Saudis and Israel. The Iranians are more actively will create problems to the Americans in Iraq, in Lebanon and in Syria.

"Most importantly, you've got to understand that Iran will not start again to make a nuclear bomb, as it has a regional leverage in order to create problems for American interests in the region," he said. In short, said the interlocutor of Sputnik, under the presidency trump the relations between Iran and the US are expected to be tense, in fact we are talking about the geopolitical confrontation. According to him, the Americans in the middle East in addition there are such a vulnerable spot like Bahrain – it is also the base of the fifth fleet. And if necessary, Iran will not be difficult to create them there is a huge problem. As well as dozens of regional outlets not only in the middle East but also in Central Asia.


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