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Revolution of the XXI century: nonviolent methods

Happened a few years ago proclaimed the triumph of the Revolution colored Western-style democracy in several former Soviet republics. With the apparent support and with the approval of the leaders of the victorious political consultants overseas "flower bed" immediately alerted the world that their independent countries to distance themselves from Russia. And in the end? Today is quite obvious inconsistency of such policies. If he did not lead to the final collapse of law in these countries, regimes, then certainly led them to a standstill. What are the basic techniques and methods of preparation and holding of such events? Study of this problem and posyaschen this project.

Social networks as an innovative mechanism of "soft" impact and management of mass consciousness

In the twenty-first century modern man, along with the existing reality, plunged into a new space, information environment, Western scholars have named "cyberspace". The political activity of social groups is gradually shifting to social networks, interactive multi-user web sites, whose content is filled by the participants. Presenting an automated social environment, networks allow you to talk to a group of users United by common interests.

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Non-violent revolutions are exported from Eastern Europe

The theory of nonviolent resistance, applied in practice in Serbia to oust President Slobodan Milosevic, is becoming more common in the middle East.

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America's war with America?

There are rumours that the United States is preparing for a new war. The war, as expected, want America to exit from the economic deadlock in which she is since 2008, to be exact, from 2006-2007, when we started the mortgage crisis. The U.S. government says that the financial crisis ended in 2009, but not cunning is it? GDP in 2009 fell by 3.5% compared with the previous year, and in 2010 the GDP of 2009 by 1.7%. In 2011 compared with 2010, growth in gross domestic product in the USA amounted to 3.0%.

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Baku calls on the population of Iran for civil disobedience

The Ministry of national security of Azerbaijan recently announced the arrest of a group of terrorists, allegedly planning assassination of foreign diplomats in Baku. The MNS of Azerbaijan indicated the connection of terrorist groups by the intelligence agencies of Iran. It is reported that security forces arrested three citizens of Azerbaijan were planning attacks on Jewish objects. In turn, the Israeli news Agency MIGnews, citing Israeli sources, reported that "members of a terrorist cell planned to attack the Embassy in Baku and Ambassador Michael Lotem".

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USA in non-violent struggle for a place under the sun: post-Soviet space

Since the collapse of the USSR to non-violent regime change in Georgia it's been twelve years – period, a minor in world history, but notable for a single person. All this time was and continues to be an undeclared war various groups for control over parts of the once mighty Communist Empire. Coups in the post-Soviet space, colorfully referred to as the public "colored revolutions" are one of the forms of this struggle.

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