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Revolution of the XXI century: nonviolent methods

Happened a few years ago proclaimed the triumph of the Revolution colored Western-style democracy in several former Soviet republics. With the apparent support and with the approval of the leaders of the victorious political consultants overseas "flower bed" immediately alerted the world that their independent countries to distance themselves from Russia. And in the end? Today is quite obvious inconsistency of such policies. If he did not lead to the final collapse of law in these countries, regimes, then certainly led them to a standstill. What are the basic techniques and methods of preparation and holding of such events? Study of this problem and posyaschen this project.

Revolution, about which the silent media

Have you heard about what happened on 23 October in Iceland? Probably not. Know why you heard nothing? Because on 23 October, in Iceland there was a revolution is completely peaceful, but no less "revolutionary" than others. At the same time which showed how "dangerous" when "democratic procedures", which are so fond of saying the liberals, controlled by the majority and not the minority, as usual.

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Revolution with the tractor. A report from rebellious Kiev

"Who is the provocateur I provocateur?!" – strained swinging, a large man in camouflage pants hit my a random stranger. The one standing on the parapet of the monument to Lenin (Bessarabka, Kiev), fell to the roadway. The big guy's name is Damian, he's covered with tattoos with tridents and very drunk. An hour later we were drinking vodka in a strange, similar to an off-shore betting office premises on Khreshchatyk.

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The Test Of Syria

In those moments when the author takes your thoughts to paper, the party of war in Washington, London, Paris, and Ankara is preparing a strike on Syria. The capital of the once powerful Arab Caliphate waiting for a massive attack of the U.S. air force, and Russian President Vladimir Putin and UN Secretary-General ban Ki-moon does not leave the hope to prevent intervention.

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The Post-American Middle East. What's next?

In its glow and tragedy, the political changes that have affected the middle East, reminiscent of Europe of the mid-nineteenth century. Then (1848 – 1849) the unrest spread North and North-Eastern Mediterranean: France, Italian and German States, including Austria, in which he expressed the national aspirations of the Italians, Hungarians and Croatians and Romanians.

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The great Arab revolution

Thinking about the middle East, we unwittingly become hostages of the most complex combinations and contradictions. When logic is already not help, but intuition is the prerogative of the elite, we turn to history, which political portraits of contemporaries are a lot of analogies.

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