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Revolution of the XXI century: nonviolent methods

Happened a few years ago proclaimed the triumph of the Revolution colored Western-style democracy in several former Soviet republics. With the apparent support and with the approval of the leaders of the victorious political consultants overseas "flower bed" immediately alerted the world that their independent countries to distance themselves from Russia. And in the end? Today is quite obvious inconsistency of such policies. If he did not lead to the final collapse of law in these countries, regimes, then certainly led them to a standstill. What are the basic techniques and methods of preparation and holding of such events? Study of this problem and posyaschen this project.

Network war: towards the masses

In the postmodern era the main weapon in the capture of the state and the establishment of strategic control over him was his own society. US global interests and, as a consequence, ad all areas of the planet area of American interests, has forced the military strategists of the new Empire to think about new means of warfare.

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Soft power is possible only as a projection of hard

Recently in Russia there was a widespread discussion on the need for more active use of soft power to achieve its national interests. The question is undoubtedly correct. As obvious and the problems that Russia faces along the way. Consider this question in more detail.

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The strategy of economic sanctions in world politics

The use of restrictive economic measures as a means of pressure by one state against another to force his government to make concessions and to change their policies known since the days of the "megarian psephisma", when in 432 BC the Athenian strategist Pericles imposed a ban on trade with Megaray that was one of the reasons to the beginning of the Peloponnesian war [1].

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The mechanism and purpose of political communication in social networks: the attempt to establish horizontal communication with the population

The last 5 years, the majority of politicians, organizations and parties actively create their own pages in the most popular global and national social networks, based on the fact that they want to gradually move away from the traditional vertical model of communication with the people by going to the horizontal so that the society had the opportunity to be informed, to discuss, to give their assessment of current political processes and the activities they are, in principle, and involves communication between the government and the people in the democratic form of government.

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"Soft power" NATO as an instrument of resolving international conflicts

The end of the Cold war and the collapse of the bipolar world led to a radical change in the system of international relations. The possibility of world wars has decreased, but local conflicts have not been terminated.

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