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Baku calls on the population of Iran for civil disobedience
Material posted: Publication date: 23-03-2012

The Ministry of national security of Azerbaijan recently announced the arrest of a group of terrorists, allegedly planning assassination of foreign diplomats in Baku. The MNS of Azerbaijan indicated the connection of terrorist groups by the intelligence agencies of Iran. It is reported that security forces arrested three citizens of Azerbaijan were planning attacks on Jewish objects. In turn, the Israeli news Agency MIGnews, citing Israeli sources, reported that "members of a terrorist cell planned to attack the Embassy in Baku and Ambassador Michael Lotem".

The Ministry of national security of Azerbaijan recently announced the arrest of a group of terrorists, allegedly planning assassination of foreign diplomats in Baku.

MNS also said that those arrested are suspected in a plot to assassinate a Rabbi and teacher at a Jewish school CHABAD "or Avner" in Baku. Supposedly Iran had planned the killings as revenge for the recent killing of a nuclear scientist in Tehran.

Interesting thing: over the past year and a half in Iran were actually killed at least five leading scientists engaged in nuclear developments. The last case occurred on January 11 of this year, when Tehran was killed by Professor Mostafa Ahmadi Roshan. That's especially the case of the MNS of Azerbaijan are connected with the "vengeance" of Iran "in Baku has sent a group of terrorists". However, judging by the long story of the MNS of Azerbaijan detained persons repeatedly traveled to Iran, brought the guns, the money, and then changed it on new weapons, etc. Holding such a long period of preparatory work does not fit within the period between 11 and 19 January - the day when the statement was made public of the MNS of Azerbaijan. Besides, you need to understand that MNS could not make a statement on the day of the arrest of suspects, this requires at least a careful study of the circumstances of the upcoming crime.

Meanwhile the press already flashed the information that "Iranian terrorists" Rasim Aliyev and Ali Huseynov were arrested in October last year and their binding to killed in Tehran on January 11, scholar is artificial, or rather propagandistic character. Azerbaijan obviously feels the need to report to the Israel and the U.S. "directed against Iran effective anti-terrorist activities". By the way, Ilham Aliyev, being in Davos, Switzerland, was received from the President of Israel, Shimon Peres, encouraging pats on the back. As reported by Azerbaijani and Israeli media, Peres thanked the President of Azerbaijan "for the prevention of a terrorist act in Baku aimed against the Jewish leaders." Aliyev, of course, could not play along: "Azerbaijan has proved its ability to defend itself and its citizens regardless of their ethnic or religious affiliation".

Interestingly, on October 11 in Washington announced the presentation of two Iranians charged with preparing a terrorist act and the assassination of Saudi Ambassador to USA Adel al Jubeir. In fact, in these days of "Iranian terrorists" were arrested in Azerbaijan. But America to this day failed to present any clear evidence of Iran's involvement for the upcoming assassination attempt on the Saudi Ambassador, for that matter, there is no evidence that such attempt was indeed prepared by anyone at all.

The timing of the charges of terrorism in Tehran from Washington and Baku cannot fail to attract attention. Azerbaijan - and it is noticeable to the naked eye - is playing to the American desire to isolate Iran. And although Azerbaijan has always treated Iran with undisguised hostility, lately we hear from the mouth of the Azeri officials a stream of insults and even curses in address of Iran have been particularly intense. Now arose and accusations of terrorism.

It is symptomatic that accused Tehran of terrorism in the state on whose territory freely are the existing leaders against Iran terrorist organizations "Monafeghin and Mojahedin e Hulk". Moreover, they even granted airtime on Azerbaijani TV channels. For many years, both on the territory of Azerbaijan are established against Iran the American mobile radar installations. There is no doubt that it is directed against Iran friendship Baku with Azerbaijani Washington gives politicians confidence in impunity.

January 30, Baku hosted a meeting of the Board of the Party United Azerbaijan popular front (PEPA), which adopted the unprecedented decision. The party appealed to the Turkic-speaking population of Iran urging them to oppose the policy of the Iranian authorities aimed at friendship with Armenia. Penta calls the "Azeris" of Iran also to speak against the construction of an oil pipeline from Iran to Armenia. Accusing Iran of "anti-Azerbaijani" and "anti-Muslim" (! – L. M.-sh) policy, PEPA explained that the purpose of Iran: "to break the will of the Azerbaijani people and shatter its unity".

Similar examples of direct involvement of Azerbaijan in Iran's internal Affairs much. Even more Azerbaijani press in various publications, in which Iran is presented to readers as a world of evil. And here already it is necessary to wonder only if the desire to please the USA and Israel makes Baku to make radical anti-Iranian positions or behind all this madness is hidden the interests of the Republic of Azerbaijan?

Azerbaijan claims the territory of Iran even discussed at all levels: from ordinary journalists to the staff of the office of the President and members of Parliament. In turn the President of Azerbaijan, avoiding overt expressions of territorial claims towards a powerful neighbor, as well as abstaining from making public statements in support of anti-Iranian military statements, Israel and the United States, promoted the policy of isolation of Tehran and promotes the civil confrontation in this country.

Of course, Azerbaijan is wary of large-scale military action in the region and associated impacts, however, it is not a point against air and missile strikes on Iran, is capable, according to Baku, to dismember this country. And as a reward for good behavior Baku hopes to grab the vast territory of Iran. Hope this is obosnovanie, according to Baku, which coincides with the published plans of Washington on creation of a New greater Middle East. In turn, Tehran has repeatedly stated that in case of an attack on Iran will suffer all those States that provided assistance to the aggressors. And this is probably the only circumstance that makes Azerbaijan not to advertise their complicity with the emerging anti-Iranian coalition. But not to stop it.


Levon Melik-Saharan


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