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The Test Of Syria
Material posted: Publication date: 08-09-2013

In those moments when the author takes your thoughts to paper, the party of war in Washington, London, Paris, and Ankara is preparing a strike on Syria. The capital of the once powerful Arab Caliphate waiting for a massive attack of the U.S. air force, and Russian President Vladimir Putin and UN Secretary-General ban Ki-moon does not leave the hope to prevent intervention.

For the first time in the modern history of the Holy see is turning its attention to Russia, asking to defend at the St. Petersburg summit "Big twenty" diplomatic scenario of the Syrian crisis. Moscow openly declares that he will support Syria in case of military intervention of the us Alliance. The only leader to Vladimir Putin, is able to adhere to such position, was Leonid Brezhnev, for whom the fall of the Communist government in a single country meant a threat to the world socialist movement. Much to the displeasure of the opposition for the head of the state forces, we stand firmly.

It is a long list of geo-economic background of the events in the Arab East, pointing to its anti-Russian and anti-Chinese orientation, but not the only important thing in this: Russia passes the test by Syria is a test of the survival of the Russian state, the most difficult challenge since the end of world war II that have befallen our people; in the fall of the Assad regime, the balance of power in the greater middle East will be disrupted, the war of "all against all" becomes a reality. The desire to randomize Lebanon and Iran, and then the main goal of the Arab revolutions – Russia and China will be granted. The conclusion here can be only one: nowhere to retreat, the Wahabis are challenged daily Moscow, killing our citizens in the North Caucasus.

What is in these difficult times themselves are engaged in Arab countries. The situation is paradoxical: the League of Arab States criticizes Bashar al-Assad, excluding Damascus from its ranks (12 November 2011). The whole world, with bated breath, watching the Moscow, marveling at the short-sighted eagerness with which Riyadh and Doha offer to assume the costs of the military campaign of America and its allies in Syria. Intoxicated by lust for power, the Arab countries, seems to be unaware that support the slaughter, in which there will be winners. Come to mind the words of Winston Churchill, said in 1938 after signing the Munich agreement London: "England was offered a choice between war and dishonor. She chose dishonor and will get war". Apparently, the Qataris and the Saudis are repeating dubious path N. Chamberlain.

There is no doubt that the incident with chemical weapons allegedly occurred on 21 August in the suburbs of Damascus, it is a convenient excuse to implement a military intervention, which corresponds to the doctrine of "Responsibility to protect" applied the UN security Council in the recent past against Gaddafi in Libya. However, all evidence of the use of poison gas by government troops breaking on common sense: Assad has practically won the civil war, was less interested in such operations. Though why the prosecutors logic when emotions can numb the mind? And the mind is manifested in the following. The role that now takes on America, was to play the Egyptian government of Mohamed Morsi, who planned to send the army to Syria. But the army said its own word. After the overthrow of the Egyptian policy on 3 July 2013, the U.S. Administration realized - have to act with their own hands.

The excuse, not the reason

The situation in Syria brings to mind a lot of analogies. In the first place, come to mind events of a century ago – the assassination (28 June 1914) Austro-Hungarian Archduke Franz Ferdinand which led to the outbreak of the First world war. Similar provocation took place on the eve of the Second world war, when the Nazis attacked a radio station in Gliwice, passing broadcast anti-German appeal in Polish, topped it with all this enterprise is the destruction of the customs office in Kohlingen, where the role of the victims of German officers "played" slain and dressed as concentration camp prisoners. Further, it was played out like clockwork: September 1, 1939 Germany invaded Poland.

These historical examples are merely reasons. The reason in both instances was tectonic in nature, caused by the confrontation of the West Bank from the Eastern North Atlantic, the U.S. Empire was preparing to replace the Albion. Modern Syrian crisis is the continuation of the struggle within the Anglo-American ruling elite (it is no coincidence that the British Parliament rejected the request of D. Cameron), which has already drawn into its orbit the whole world. The only difference is that now America is losing its influence, and the new leader of the greater Middle East still has not revealed.

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