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Made in USA: the Confession special instructor on "color revolutions"
Material posted: Publication date: 28-05-2013

The USA does not hide the fact that they actively "support" favorable politicians in other countries. In 1961 President Kennedy established the U.S. Agency for international development, which for half a century under the strict guidance of the state Department bears democracy the American way for all peoples of the Earth. The point is for US so important, that only last year he had spent over 23 billion dollars!

"The darlings" on the territory of the former USSR in USAID appeared almost immediately after the collapse of the "evil Empire". In the 90 years, Ukraine was the third country in the world in terms of total financial assistance. The beautiful name actually stands for the preparation of the color revolutions.

His name is Vladimir. He went through two so-called color revolutions in 2003 in Georgia and 2005 in Ukraine. And not an ordinary member, and one of the organizers, who worked directly with U.S. intelligence agencies.
He himself calls "specinstrument". We met him in one of the countries of the former USSR. A short, gray-haired, looking much older than his 47 years, he did not go to the contact. But after a few days got to talking and then agreed to the interview.

Tbilisi messenger

In politics Vladimir came by accident. Born in 1965, in the Russian-Georgian family of Zugdidi. There is an ordinary biography: served in the army, then studied at the Tbilisi University, where his father taught. Vladimir's life made a sharp turn shortly before the dissolution of the USSR. His father knew a future star of Georgian politicians Zurab Zhvania. That, in turn, took care of a friend's son. And then, in 1990, took him to work in the newly developed "green" movement. And did the newly-born environmentalist organization confidential meetings, and the decision of various confidential issues.

It's hard to say what would have been the fate of Vladimir, if in 1995, his patron, after the victory of the party "Union of citizens of Georgia", became Chairman of the Georgian Parliament. As before, Zhvania's assistant performed personal tasks policy. Only now the geography of his business trips spanned the countries of Western Europe and the Balkans.

But a qualitative leap in the career of Vladimir took place only after appropriate "training courses". Had held them in a special camp on the territory of Serbia: "we Studied the technique of the people's anger. What is now called the color revolution. The Americans taught us. They trained in earnest. There I met Sam. Samuel Greenberg - so it was presented to us. He was one of the most important... He took me into the Serbian "Otpor". Then we stayed by the phone."
In Tbilisi Vladimir came back in 2002. At that time Zhvaniya has left the Parliament, leading the movement of "United Democrats", which was supported all those Americans.

Curators of popular anger

"I was not engaged in global organizational matters, - Vladimir repeats several times. - I was not a leader. I was trained to work with youth, to organize protest actions, if you can call them that. I get what I believe".

In 2003 together with a group of activists of the opposition youth organization "Khmara" was invited to Washington. Met the Georgian delegation again, Greenberg. The curator was introduced to the young freedom fighter with his colleagues Michael and Thomas, asked about the situation in Georgia, the level of training of future protests, the plans for the country after the victory of the revolution.

"Gave valuable guidance. How to behave, how to work psychologically with the people....".

In addition to the tips from Georgia have received many promises. Say, Vladimir "helps to make democracy" and can therefore carve out a life in the U.S., with work and traveling expenses. Part, by the way, was given immediately – five thousand dollars. Ten years ago, for the inhabitant of Tbilisi this amount seemed very solid.
How much did other "revolutionaries" Vladimir does not know. Many of those who went to the briefing to the Americans, he then met various state institutions in Tbilisi. Worked in a country and the informal mission of the Freedom Foundation, one of the functionaries attended the talks between Greenberg and the soldiers of the future "rose revolution".

However, up to the coup, the opposition preferred not to report whose money in the Transcaucasian Republic of "growing popular protest". But in a close circle of leaders the names of American supervisors was called open. Moreover, on his return to Tbilisi Vladimir, in the presence of Saakashvili and Zhvania, spoke at the reception the Ambassador of America, describing the training of Serbia and the USA.

"They are hosts. It was interesting to watch. Although it was clear which way the wind blows...", - remembers Vladimir.

To work out Washington advance had in November of the same year. Vladimir as usual "worked on Zhvania". This time it was youth opposition movement "Khmara". Functionaries of lower rank money overseas sponsors made t-shirts and caps with slogans, printed and distributed with students flyers. Vladimir was engaged in more serious projects: he posted on the radio, in print and on the web customized promotional materials. He personally paid to compliant journalists. Sometimes directly – in envelopes, sometimes officially, on the lyrics "for publicity". Money gave Vladimir Zhvania and his assistant by the name of Gela. About the progress report Sam.

Not without ostentation: before the visit Greenberg in October 2003, Zhvania was issued to Vladimir 20 thousand dollars to mobilize opposition press. As a result, for the arrival of Sam Tbilisi was littered with Newspapers with angry revelatory articles. Greenberg was satisfied, and even presented to Vladimir three thousand in the presence of Zhvania's assistant, Miho.

Protest accounting

Money in envelopes and a wide "street" credentials over Vladimir the victory of Georgian "color revolution". Former associates and their American superiors he was not needed. Zhvania, loading experienced assistant errands, didn't say anything about career prospects. Sam and Michael complained about the terrible employment. And in March 2004, Vladimir was called in the United States.

"I flew for some reason in Mexico and only from there moved to the States. In Washington. There I met the curator Greenberg. We discussed future event – the election in Ukraine. Then he took me to Freedom Forum, where he introduced to the Fund Manager Jack Marsh, and journalist-human rights activist. I was under the impression that he's from the same firm, and Greenberg – he was fully aware of everything what happened in Georgia in advance and told what will happen in Ukraine. Moreover, to the smallest detail".

On a business trip to Ukraine Vladimir went immediately after the "go-ahead" Zhvaniya. The organization of another "color revolution" went on wheels. Together with Andrei Same, outlining the plan in Washington, Vladimir launched a protest movement "Pora". As in Tbilisi, he worked with the youth, involved in organizing the tent Maidan, collection and payment of the inevitable rewards to activists and members of the press.

Pay on Ukraine, so Vladimir was operated at 30-40 thousand dollars.

"There were two main areas, - Vladimir remembers. First - the distribution of money among the protesters at Maidan. Second - place materials in the press, the web and TV. I had two assistants, their names now I don't want to call. They are decent guys. One of them published the right materials in the Russian press. Also for the money, of course..."

The preparation of the revolution, as in Georgia, were funded from the States.

"Through Georgia were big bucks. The path was like this: the Americans, Zhvania, Yushchenko and "Time". It was practically hidden from us nor the Ukrainians, nor Zhvania. Everything was related to regular patterns".
However, small financial resources, as Vladimir suspects, was transferred to Russia. In Ukraine, the headquarters of the "orangists", some times called Boris Nemtsov. However, he feels Vladimir, hardly prominent Russian opposition "Maidan" for the money. Rather, it was about the lust for power. Nemtsov was not a stranger to Americans, but the link no with Greenberg and with a certain Boris Abramovich. And, sometimes in telephone talks the sides switched to English. However, personally communicated with Berezovsky and Yulia.
"In early December at a meeting with activists of "time" the bell rang. Julia replied, "Yes, Boris Abramovich! Here, we are communicating with "Pora" activists".

Written off from the revolution

After the victory of the "orange" Vladimir predictable went out of business. In February 2005 under mysterious circumstances killed his longtime patron Zurab Zhvania. Americans are still willing to answer his calls, did not answer the phone. With the money earned in the street protests, Vladimir went to Europe. For some time he lived in Germany, and then moved to Sweden. And then, remembering his annual U.S. visa, was destined for the United States to seek the truth.

This time America met Vladimir unfriendly. A few months later, he sought a personal audience with their former curators. On the phone he reminded the Americans of residence, work and lifting, which they promised at the dawn of the Georgian "rose revolution". Complained of expiring the validity period of the visa and the high rents for apartment for a couple with some illegal immigrant got in Washington. Greenberg told him to wait. To carry out this order, Vladimir could not for reasons beyond his control.
After the bell former curator of the event developed promptly. In February 2006, Vladimir completed visa. A month later his room was crammed with police.

"Orders to carry out the deportation police, so officially, I "discovered" accidentally, - says Vladimir. - It is not clear where they got the address. Unless they asked Greenberg....".
The next two months, Vladimir has been in prison for illegals.

"It was pandemonium, I don't even want to remember. But there until I finally realized: I am the waste material."

According to the results of the investigation, Vladimir was extradited to Georgia, but the country color revolution winning former spetsinstrumenta met not with bread and salt.

"After the death of Zhvaniya I for many in Georgia was, to put it mildly, an undesirable person. In Ukraine I was also not happy, even tried to initiate".

As a result, Vladimir settled in a neighbouring country and only some years later was safe to go home.

"All was forgotten. Now I'm not interested there, present. But in the sense of Americans, I have resigned. But for those who are with them now trying to establish contacts, I can say we are just disposable trash. Used and dumped".



United States of America does not hide the fact that they actively "support" favorable politicians in other countries. As early as 1961 by decree of President Kennedy was a government created by the United States Agency for international development (USAID), which for half a century under the strict guidance of the Department of state (American foreign Minister) is democracy the American way for all peoples of the Earth.

The point is for US so important, that only last year he had spent over 23 billion dollars!

"The darlings" on the territory of the former USSR in USAID appeared almost immediately after the collapse of the "evil Empire". In the 90 years, Ukraine was the third country in the world in terms of total financial assistance (after Israel and Egypt), and Georgia is third in the world in funding per capita (followed by the same Israel and Egypt).

However, in the early 2000s, both governments lost, in Washington's view, the right course, so USAID reduced the overall level of support for these countries, but sharply increased funding for programmes supporting elections and political parties (Electoral Assistance and Political Party Support programs).

The beautiful name actually stands for the preparation of the color revolutions. If in 2001 year, the Ukrainian opposition received for this purpose $2.29 million, and Georgian - $0,62 million, in 2003-m to year - $5,04 million and $2,72 million, respectively. A year later, funding of "Maidan" has increased to $7.68 million (as reported by USAID for 2006-2007).

Here is what writes the current U.S. Ambassador to Russia, and then a Professor of political science at Stanford, Michael McFaul article in The Washington Post on December 21, 2004: "if the Americans Intervene in the internal Affairs of Ukraine? Yes. American agents of influence would prefer to call it in other words – democratic assistance, democracy promotion, civil society support, etc, but their purpose, whatever you call it, were the political changes in Ukraine.

USAID, "national endowment for democracy" and other institutions sponsored certain U.S. organizations, including Freedom House, the international Republican Institute, national democratic Institute, the solidarity Center and others to provide grants and technical assistance to Ukrainian civil society.

The European Union, individual European countries and the Soros-funded international Renaissance Foundation did the same... Western organizations provided training and some direct support to the Committee of Ukrainian voters...

Western organizations also provided support to independent media. Freedom House and others supported the Coalition for free choice, including the student movement "Pora!". Through conferences and publications, these American organizations ensure the flow of information and contacts between Ukrainian Democrats and their counterparts in Slovakia, Croatia, Romania and Serbia...

The international Republican Institute and national democratic Institute conducted training programs for Ukrainian political parties, some of which later joined the coalition of Yushchenko".

USAID in its report of 2006 put it less eloquently: "the United States has been a major contributor to recent peaceful democratic transitions in Georgia and Ukraine".


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