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M. Musin, E. Murid "Syria, Libya, Then everywhere! What will happen tomorrow with us"
Material posted: Publication date: 08-12-2012

One of the authors of this book, the Russian scientist with a world name, has witnessed bloody events in Libya and Syria. He saw what we were told on TV.

But his words plunged us into shock. He argues on the facts that the so-called "Arab spring" is nothing but a series of aggressive wars of recent times. And next in line is Russia! Whether in Russia to start a civil war? What are the similarities between Libya, Syria and Russia? Who actually fought against Gaddafi and Assad? How and why wars start in the twenty-first century? What are the consequences they carry for civilians? What are the technology wars of modern times? The authors explores the dynamics of the origin and development of the worst military conflicts of recent years and compares them with what is happening in Russia. The book contains a large number of unique photographs and personal testimonies of eyewitnesses of the Russians. This book is about what we need to know today to survive and maintain human dignity tomorrow.


Сирия, Ливия. Далее везде! Что будет завтра с нами


Year: 2012
Publisher: Moscow: Book world

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