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The reflection of the fires of the Maidan: the new face of revolutions of the XXI century
Material posted: Publication date: 02-03-2014

For three months the world watches the development of the tragedy on the Ukrainian land. Spilled the blood of dozens of citizens of this country. Yesterday, we discussed the events in Libya, Egypt, Syria, and now this creeping Orgy is already knocking in our house.

Not having signed with Ukraine the Association agreement with the European Union, guaranteeing European party to a number of preferences in Economics, but a heavy burden placed on the already ailing Ukrainian economy, a number of leaders of major European powers together with the current head of the White house in Washington announced a "crusade" against the legitimate government of Ukraine fully supported the anti-government protests, the most radical part of the opposition in this country.

Interesting, but one of the conditions (albeit implicit) of signing the agreement on associative membership in the EU for Ukraine was its non-disclosure in the media to the General public. It is recommended, allegedly, to prevent the use of this fact to stir up anti-European sentiment in the country. All by itself this fact is remarkable — it is known that this practice is fairly widespread in "democratic" countries that are all solely in the interests of the people. So, the grounds and conditions of accession to the world trade organization (WTO) by themselves are not secret, but they are also not publicized to the citizens of their country, it is possible that in order not to embarrass their concessions.

However, even taking into account such past practices, it should be noted that the situation in Ukraine was "outrageous" even for the expert community of the West.

In the midst of the events in Ukraine — in late January — a very remarkable comment from a representative of the U.S. expert community. Thus, assessing January 28 what is happening in Ukraine events, Daniel McAdams, Executive Director of the Washington Institute Ron Paul ( very competent in Western expert circles organization) stated: "what is Happening on the streets of Kiev has all the signs of attempts at violent revolution, these people resort to violence for the overthrow of the Ukrainian government. This is a coup. Now the protesters are getting more aggressive, because they have the support of the U.S. and EU governments". Indeed, if we appeal to the concept of "revolution", it is what it is like not what we all saw in Kiev? How else can it happen? The only question is what "democratic" points to look at what is happening — it is likely that through them we see everything in pink light, and the militants does not go with bats and clubs, and with water pistols.

Mr. McAdams reminded about visiting the protesters in Kiev American politicians Victoria Nuland (now she's "Mrs. "PI-and-and-and.." for the European establishment) and John McCain (Chairman of IRI) and expressed the belief that in the country the U.S. government could never allow such a development, although it welcomes such events if they occur in other countries (and it would be fun to see, for example, as one of the most odious Russian politicians, Vladimir Zhirinovsky, deals rolls, for example, protesters against the government's inaction in New Orleans after the flood).

However, it is important that the expert's opinion once again and very clearly witnessed the diplomatic practice of "double standards". Nothing new here, just about this is no longer necessary to speak often and many Western politicians and diplomats did before, do now and will continue to do so in the future. Actually, there is only one conclusion — this practice should enter into a daily Arsenal of methods of work of the diplomats of all countries if they have the need to interact with European or American colleagues. Turns out that neither with the Americans nor with Europeans to agree doesn't make sense — you just have to tell them one thing and act differently — just as they do themselves.

It is extremely important that in its commentary, the examiner stated a fact — the cash flows coming to Ukraine from the United States Agency for international development (USAID), International Republican Institute (IRI) and directly from the U.S. Department of state.

Speaking about the aspirations of the USA in the Eastern Europe region, the analyst noted that the Americans ' foreign policy after the "Cold war" was aimed at narrowing of the range of Russia-friendly countries: "the United States still can't believe the Cold war ended, they still can not accept this reality. These new conservatives are obsessed with Russia, they can not understand that Russia will not fall under their power and influence. They believe in the exceptionalism of Americans, in a unipolar world, that they can control it". Actually, it is quite clear — believe that ended the "Cold war" is to review the budgets of corporations of the military-industrial complex, and, respectively, and to revise the dividend to the heads of these corporations, which, of course, do not want to.

A dangerous trend we can consider the fact that the observed new interpretation of the "orange" revolution in 2004 (which, incidentally, was held with the participation of most of the current "opposition leaders"), in fact, represents the legitimization of extralegal mechanisms of usurpation of power by using democratic slogans. The Western "defenders of euromaidan" easily forgetting the fact that Yanukovych became President in a democratic, recognized by European Union election (very important!). Moreover, signed by Ukraine on 21 February, the reconciliation agreement with the opposition was witnessed by the foreign Ministers of Germany, France and Poland, but now prefer not to remember. There is a process of sliding to an open renunciation of the principle of non-interference in the internal Affairs of sovereign States.

Of course, what is happening today in Kiev is placed in the scenario by the US and its allies of "color revolutions", when the authorities elected in the past 45 million state democratic elections, de facto tries to declare "illegitimate" a paramilitary group of several thousand people illegally situated in Kiev in the same area and in several surrounding buildings. In this case, Ukrainian citizens, both in the East and in the West, totally excluded from the possibility to influence the situation, really threatening to "unleash" their country and deprive them of the legitimate constitutional rights.

You should pay attention also to the fact that the tone of statements by official spokesmen of the "civilized democratic" States at the address of the Ukrainian authorities is becoming more threatening, and grade of speakers persons with them — all of the above. It can be assumed that if Ukraine's neighbors such as Russian Federation, it would have long went about "humanitarian intervention" and the application in respect of an independent sovereign state military force — as was the case in Yugoslavia and Libya.

Westerners have reinforced the regionalization of Ukraine, supported the growth of separatist sentiment of the population. Their suggestion was the mechanism for destruction of Ukraine's statehood. The actions of the nationalists and their sponsors has caused serious damage to the economy of the country, its image on the international arena.

Interestingly, when the leader of the "first orange revolution" Victor Yushchenko, the former third President of Ukraine (2005-2010), launched in 2010, attempt to be reelected for another term, scored in the first round of elections only 5,45% of votes. With this result he won the fifth highest number of votes among all candidates then candidates. At the same time Yushchenko has set a world record by typing the minimal in the entire history of the percentage of votes obtained in the elections the incumbent President. This result clearly demonstrated how citizens of Ukraine assessed the socio-economic results of many years of the reign of this "outstanding" leader, strongly supported by the Western community. The current contenders for power from the opposition, together and separately, are even more odious and flimsy compared with Yushchenko. But penetrating Yulia Tymoshenko understands that a power trip in Kiev forces have no legitimacy, not only in the country but also abroad (even despite the fact that formally, the West supported them). She is in no hurry with his entry into power, and is preparing to participate in the elections, which only and can guarantee a certain degree of legitimacy to the new President of the country.

In this regard, the question arises, what is the actual target of Washington and Brussels, encouraging and otherwise supporting the Ukrainian radicals, why not agree to return the original situation, legal status, and wait for a legitimate change of power?

Arthur Vaserov


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