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Poland is preparing personnel for "orange revolution" in Azerbaijan and Belarus
Material posted: Publication date: 28-07-2014

We offer to your attention an article about a special school in Warsaw, where are the activists to destabilize the political situation in post-Soviet countries and, in particular, in Azerbaijan.

The specified school is called a "Studio in Eastern Europe" (CBE) and is valid from the beginning of 90-ies of the last century. But its true history goes back 80 years when it was established by such activists of the underground at this time, the organization "Solidarity", as Andrzej Ananich, Jan Malicki, Tadeusz and Maida.

It is alleged that the school is directly connected with the special services of Poland and the USA and funded by the CIA. However, formally it is an Autonomous unit of the University of Warsaw and, as indicated in the publication, having a branched structure, "imitates several academic, analytical and publishing units."

The Director of SWE for 20 years is Jan Malicki, who is called "a famous Polish nationalist who calls for large-scale revision of borders in Eastern Europe."

"The Studio selects and prepares the citizens of CIS countries and Azerbaijan for further operational work on the territory of their countries. The main purpose of its existence — selection and preparation of human material, designed to promote the goals of SWE. The course structure and personality of the lecturers, many of whom are current or former intelligence personnel, indicates that training in CBE — this is a comprehensive course of professional training of scouts and saboteurs".

The implementation of this plan requires a well motivated and ideologically resistant frames. The testimonies of former students CBE confirm: the majority of class time is spent in ideological training. The main qualities of a graduate SWE is absolute loyalty and discipline. At the CBE there are organizational and financial instruments to attract the cooperation of the citizens of post-Soviet States and their subsequent transformation into agents of influence, or directly to employees of the Polish special services.

In "the Studio" has developed a special program for Azerbaijan. It's called "Scholarship. M. A. Rasulzade and J. Pilsudski". As you know, one of the founders of the Azerbaijan Democratic Republic (1918-1920 — approx. IA REGNUM) Mammad Emin Rasulzadeh in the 30-ies of the last century lived in exile in Poland collaborated closely with the government of Pilsudski. "The program was" designed to teach the citizens of Azerbaijan, are ready to organize the country's "color revolution" to become an Outpost of the West in the "soft underbelly" of Russia.

The center also has a program — "Scholarship for them. Krzysztof Skubiszewski", named after the foreign Minister of Poland in 1989-1993 This program works with the citizens of the Baltic countries, Eastern Europe, the Balkans, Central Asia, Caucasus and Russia. Her goal is to train young and promising, with "scientific achievements or the experience of public activity" the citizens of these States in the field of "human rights, democracy, rule of law and basic principles of international relations." And "Scholarship. The lane Kirkland" is the name of the longstanding leader of the "American Federation of labor — Congress of industrial organizations" (AFL-CIO). This program is funded by the Polish-American freedom Foundation, its mission — training of specialists in the sphere of economic reform on liberal lines. Already prepared 500 future "reformers", the newspaper writes.

Of particular interest is the program SENSE — Strategic Economic Needs and Security Exercise. Officially it is aimed at training in political, economic and social processes occurring during the transformation of the state system. In Poland it involved the authorities of countries, that Warsaw and Washington consider to be their "priority objectives". Funded by the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Poland, as well as the "Center for simulation and computer war games the national defence Academy" and "us Institute for peace" (United States Institute for Peace). Participants in the program were representatives of state agencies of Moldova, Ukraine, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Serbia and Afghanistan, and also representatives of the Belarusian opposition — a total of 330 people.

The material was prepared according to the Center for international journalism and research, the Azerbaijan site of and Agency REGNUM.


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