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Revolution of the XXI century: nonviolent methods

Happened a few years ago proclaimed the triumph of the Revolution colored Western-style democracy in several former Soviet republics. With the apparent support and with the approval of the leaders of the victorious political consultants overseas "flower bed" immediately alerted the world that their independent countries to distance themselves from Russia. And in the end? Today is quite obvious inconsistency of such policies. If he did not lead to the final collapse of law in these countries, regimes, then certainly led them to a standstill. What are the basic techniques and methods of preparation and holding of such events? Study of this problem and posyaschen this project.

Falsification of historical sources and constructing ethnocratic myths

The publication is part of an international project, launched in September 2007 at the Russian Academy of Sciences round table on "Falsification of sources, and national history", the proceedings of which are presented to the reader's attention. This collective work presents the results of research devoted to studying the main problems of the definition and existence of counterfeit sources of different genres: documentary, narrative, archaeological, psevdoastmatichesky, anthropological. The largest istochnikov, historians, archaeologists, linguists, Archeography, anthropologists conducted an analysis of the origins, methods of production, presentation and promotion of fakes that are directly related to the ideological construction of the past.

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`The Arabs in the struggle for independence. The national liberation movement in the Arab countries after the Second world war`

The Arab countries occupy a huge area of the world, their total area is 11 million square km and a population of 76 million people. This collection aims in a popular form to introduce wide circles of the Soviet readers with the national liberation movement in the Arab countries in the postwar period. In it articles about 9 11 Arab States from Morocco in the West to Saudi Arabia in the East. A collection written by the authors of the Institute of Oriental studies of the USSR Academy of Sciences.

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I. V. Maksimov, "Color revolution: social process or network technology?"

The center for conservative studies published a monograph of the post-graduate student of the Department of sociology of international relations, sociological faculty of MSU named after M. V. Lomonosov I. V. Maksimova "Color revolution: social process or network technology?" The Central focus of the book is relevant today to the phenomenon of "color revolutions". Provides information about international-political technologies of such revolutions, and their social and geopolitical consequences. See also a review of sociological theories of revolution. It is shown that "color" revolution is not classified as social processes.

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