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Network war: towards the masses
Material posted: Publication date: 24-04-2013

In the postmodern era the main weapon in the capture of the state and the establishment of strategic control over him was his own society. US global interests and, as a consequence, ad all areas of the planet area of American interests, has forced the military strategists of the new Empire to think about new means of warfare.

Keep under arms many millions in all parts of the world is not only costly, but also thankless from the point of view of the image of this "benevolent Empire" [1], because America is far away, and the occupant - he's right here, nearby, a smiling and well equipped, within walking distance to the outpouring of his wrath.

These circumstances have directed the activity of search of new forms of warfare towards minimizing costs, commitment to the principle of achieving the "three B's" - in the words of Leontiev's - "impunity shooting unarmed opponent at a safe distance". Optimization of warfare resulted in the end in the concept settentrione wars (Net-Centric Warfare), one part of which became "Operations on the basis of effects" (Effect-based Operations), which started just since the Iraqi "desert Storm". Then Colonel of the U.S. air force John warden run-in at practice the "three b", typing them into widespread use to conduct lightning-fast, "painless" war. However, as it turned out, and in the enslavement of the peoples there is no limit to perfection.

Now military doctrine follows the involvement in the war of the broad masses. Not individual compounds, not specially trained people, but wider society become soldiers in the network war.


The social aspect of warfare

Could arbitrarily make jokes and post-modern sneer at the assertion that information technology has turned the world, if not the war. Something that has faced humanity in the last couple of decades is really amazing, and not immediately fit in the head. Henceforth the seizure of territory is not using the latest achievements of the military industry, and... no arms. More precisely, the main weapon in the capture of the state and the establishment of strategic control of the society.

Network warfare (Netwar) is the name of the military doctrine, resolutely turned from art Nouveau to postmodern. Now in the postmodern not only can you believe. What "it works", you can see with your own eyes in real time. One state after another is falling under the pressure of network wars, and the military for their own conduct becomes the population of these States. The development of information networks, distribution channels and means of communication in a few years formed a new social system - a networked society, i.e. a society that is "connected to network". And it's not just about the Internet. The social network appeared first off-line [2], and only then, as universal connectedness, moved to on-line.

Emerged a new social system has fundamentally changed the character of warfare. And now the nature of warfare affects social system. More precisely the network structure of society is created under the jurisdiction of the network war. First, you select the object of aggression, then it is covered by a network, - "Oceanside" that is stitched set up for each specific operation by the firmware and only after that starts a "war". While the usual fighting you may not notice. Just Wake up one morning in another state with a different ideology and under a different sovereign.

Now military doctrine follows the involvement in the war of the broad masses. Not individual compounds, not specially trained people, but wider society become soldiers in the network war. The subject of this war - skillful individual [3] - not some man in the street, but connected to the network so knowledgeable and, therefore, have their own judgement on many issues. If this new subject of civil society and owns a computer, or a network gadget, it is not just a skillful individual, but also advanced user [4]. Than from more advanced users who Express their own judgment for any reason, is society, the greater the power, the political regime, the elites in the state have to deal with it.

This is how it is (for the maintenance of the network war, of course), if the society is civil, i.e. consisting of atomized "advanced" citizens, citizens. If the society has, God forbid, consists of collective actors such as communities, ethnic groups, tribes is a society you need to mix (chaos, war, humanitarian disaster), otherwise it will not be able to be civil, i.e. comisioane, and manage them using network technologies will not work.

Thus, all that now occurs in the state, any decisions, actions of the power should be subject to sociological apperception [5] by comisioanele community and the skillful individuals advanced user. If it is established and beginning to work - it society, state, people will be captured by the global hegemonic and subordinated to its interests.


A few introductory points about network wars

If we turn to the dry definitions, the network warfare (Netwar) is the latest technology of the capture space, exclusion areas and the change of government in States without the use of conventional weapons. Although it is possible that the hot phase of the network war, as a final chord, or the same as what needs to plunge the society into chaos, for further mixing. This is the General gist network wars, which, importantly, the latest development in the Pentagon.

In fairness it should be noted that the developers of this concept have taken from Soviet scientists, who described in some detail the basic aspects of what later became known as Netwar in the scientific works devoted to the phenomenon of "organizational weapon". Unlike our military, Pentagon officials have read the thesis of Soviet scientists. Now the details of this development are not disclosed openly, and distributed only in specialized communities and expert community. Americans always refer to the knowledge, since they are known to "ideas matter" [6].

Speaking about the difference between networking wars from the usual, it is necessary to consider three phases of development of human history: agricultural, industrial and postindustrial. They correspond to three social format is the premodern, modern and postmodern. Today, modern society is more and more postmodernisms, respectively, technology modern, i.e. industrial technologies that have been implemented in conventional war, dominated by the army, military equipment, numerical composition, is a thing of the past. Post-industrial technology with emphasis on information transmission and here is the key point, the key function, fields of transmission and dissemination of this information is the network.

Information is not all that trash that humanity receives from the media, the Internet and TV channels. Intentional "blockage of the air" is to make it difficult to identify information of value, and to separate it from the information, no value in the postmodern criteria values are blurred. In the littered environment and pass information, which is of strategic value for open channels, directly on the air, via the official address, speeches and major media outlets. Tasks for agents in the network war is not transmitted broadcasts, and in the open air. They can hear any, but be separated from the General flow of information and to properly decode. The network is a lattice, which extracts valuable information from the rest of the garbage, pumping her further, across the network.

A network is any medium through which it is possible to obtain and to pump the necessary information. In the real world network are typically public organizations, foundations, NGOs, movements and political parties that angazhiruyut one way or another one side leading network war.

Network war is never a direct way, that is America, and it is leading network war, never directly does not participate in network operations.

The network is not managed from a Central location. In network war is dominated by the notion of the intention of the commander. Network participants should understand the meaning of what is happening. They do not receive direct commands - "go there", "do it", because it is not a classic army. There are some meanings that can be articulated by a network operations center, for example, through the media, at any congresses or forums, in the preparatory camps. It can be official statements, reports, appeals, allusions, and statements by politicians and public figures that are read by the network. Further network structures are based on stated intentions, environment, independently make decisions. If the action proves unsuccessful or a failure, or not done at all - the network centre is the direct responsibility preconfigured network in a different way. While no direct linkage between the centre of decision making and by the contractor no. And the information - intentions - are transmitted via open channels.

It should also be noted that the concept of network war, as self-synchronization. This means that the network nodes can act autonomously from the centre in order not to reveal the center of origin of the core strategy, tasks, and actions. Network nodes can be virtually Autonomous structures, which are interconnected horizontally. Even if linking network structure and control centre will be opened, their connection can be proved only indirectly.

Finally, the network operation is defined as a set of actions aimed at shaping the behavior of neutral forces, enemies and friends in situations of peace, crisis and war and held until the beginning of the hot phase in time - to supervise and manage all the process, and after - in order to fix and consolidate the results.


Geopolitical background network war

Network war - this is a technology that logically derives from geopolitics. The main threat to the United States, on the basis of geopolitical logic, is Russia, as a large space, accordingly, their main task is to reduce this large space by exclusion of the territories in their favor and split it apart.

The basic approach of network war is the use of social networks. Not only Internet networks, but the company's networks, social community, real people, real groups, groups, movements, organizations for creating defined preconditions and the context. In order to put before the fact of a territory, a state or a nation that he will now be subject to other strategic models, you need to prepare the society to create such a context that the society is normal or even positive reaction to the events of radical social change. The meaning of network war is shaping public opinions and public processes so that they either did not resist the ongoing transformations, or even participate in these transformations, in the changes taking place. Society is, therefore, an active actor of the processes.

And since the main customer of ongoing social transformations are the United States of America, then it is the state with connection networks, these real social community on the ground, in the real environment forms the context, and achieves the desired results. This establishes a direct strategic control of territory, state, people, a landscape or region in the interests of the United States using the population of these spaces, which is included in these processes and which actively contributes to them. At least, not undermining current social transformations. This is the main mechanism of network war.


Netgroups: network Atlantida

Speaking about the network war, we are primarily talking about atlanticheskoi network. That is about the American network on the Eurasian continent, because today there is just such a network. Return the network does not exist, on American soil no Eurasian network. There is only Atlantida network. The nodes of this network represent any sized group of passionate, intelligent, or not intelligent people with any ideas. The network node can be a group ranging from two or three people, or a circle, or some sort of structure to study anything - traditional, folk musical instruments involved in the writing and publication of a fanzine, study and collecting of stamps. Any socially active group can become a node, network element, if it is properly biased and set up. The confrontation of the aggressive action on the part of the USA is possible only if the leadership of our country comprehend these strategies as part of the war and develop an adequate response strategy.

In the early 1990s Atlantida network was created with the help of this social element of intensification as a grant. For example, a financier Soros working for the U.S. government distributed grants - small sums of money - socially active groups. There are passive masses, as a sociological phenomenon, among which arise small socially active group. They are collected for different purposes and for different reasons. It can be informal groups, political groups, interest groups. In any case, the group combines socially active citizens. She is engaged in that is interesting to her, putting his energy into what he thinks is important. If she will give the money is generally good, she will be very grateful.

Active, passionate people doing something without money, for fun, but then there is the opportunity to develop the scope of their activities. In the end, received the money, these people start to feel obligated because of the mentality of the representatives of the terrestrial civilization, of the peoples inhabiting our big space. These structural grateful to those who supported their activities. But then this group received a grant and is automatically placed in the list included in the American network. If she received money from Soros, from an American or European Fund, so by default it is included in the American network. She should.

The number of participants, this non-governmental organization may be small, but in the network the number of war, whether political party, or army loses value. But it is a set of nodes - hundreds, or even thousands of bands that have been bought up on a root for quite small money - is not that other, as atlantists network.

It was in the 1990s in the post-Soviet space there is a concept such as NGOs - non-governmental organization, as well as NPOs - non-profit organization. In principle, at some point the NGOs and NGOs were established under the grants. It became known that American and European foundations operating under the aegis of the US, give money, and in order to get them, need to pull together to register NGOs, and to do something. Better what to ask, then you can get more. Or just do anything, then less. This is a kind of filter for passionaries, the tool with which all are more or less active people were localized in the local community, and then bought up on a root.

By the end of the 1990s the whole space of Russia and other republics of the CIS was covered with a huge number of active social groups engaged in the financial atlanticheskom the key. The real views of these people were of secondary importance. The American network element can be even seemingly ideologically alien, but predictable segment, i.e., understandable in terms of their actions, and thus - controlled. If it is clear how he will act in a given situation, then it can be used in the right way at the right time.

Thus, in the 90s in Russia were created atlanticheskii network, i.e. the structures, non-governmental organizations and foundations, often formed specifically for the grant, under conditions of the hegemony of liberal discourse and political domination of the liberal government in the Kremlin. So the Russian territory was mined nodes atlanticheskoi network, the effect of which we are strongly felt in recent years. In addition to this atlanticheskii personnel were equipped with the mainstream media, there are only liberals. If you were not a liberal, you couldn't work in a decent media.

Thus, in Russia for the last 20 years has been prepared environment designed to implement a network operation to seize control over more space, with the inclusion of dismemberment and social "mixing" through the chaos was especially archaic fragments.


The prospects of Twitter revolutions

The revolution through social networks have long become common place. The wave of twitter revolutions began in Eastern Europe and swept across the Arab world, leading to very real and very bloody consequences. And despite the fact that twitter revolution - is also already somewhat outdated technology model that has been successfully implemented in many post-Soviet States, only Russia is preparing to meet her warm embrace of hundreds of NGOs, only four months of the current year received from Western foundations and embassies of a billion dollars. Yes, technology twitter revolutions have been described in open publications and is considered, for this reason, by the Americans already-established, declassified and obsolete. Legacy where the level of technological development a little forward, while Russia is gaining necessary weight twitter followers.

To implement the twitter revolution, you need to have the appropriate environment, i.e. it must be a sufficient number of active users - skillful individual, advanced users of social networks Twitter, Facebook, vkontakte, other social networks and media Robow and iPadов, for greater mobility, which is, in this case, the main advantage of the user's social network.

The presence of a large number of users of all these gadgets that have network accounts that creates the appropriate environment in which to implement a twitter-revolution. If such media is not sufficient, according to the American plan to promote the implementation and promotion of the Twitter system, and iPadов Robow included media people - newsmakers, celebrities, personalities, up to the first persons of the state. To expand network user base Twitterа and Robow, is promoted on the Federal channels.

The notorious personality directly appeal to the masses of the Russian people to use Twitterом and room, demonstrating this by their example. Politicians and cultural figures have accounts, the media refer to Twitter. All that is necessary for building the social framework that creates an environment for the implementation of this model. I.e. despite the fact that somewhere this technology is already considered as waste, in less developed, from the point of view of social networks societies, it is only. To such company technology network processes apply both to the natives who first saw the invention representative of the more highly developed civilization.


Understanding the threat is a step towards an adequate response

The confrontation of the aggressive action on the part of the USA is possible only if the leadership of our country comprehend these strategies as part of the may and network, but still war, and develop an adequate response strategy, at the same level of technological awareness of processes which is a network war against Russia. Meanwhile, it should be recognized that the backwardness of Russia is not on the level of technology of conventional arms, and on more serious, paradigmatic level. While we are preparing for the previous war, the enemy has already begun, and continues an active offensive. The performance of the network, virtual, mental, invisible.

It is impossible to build an adequate response without understanding what is against us is the war itself, although it is conducted without the use of conventional, familiar to us such weapons. Network war is being waged on a more subtle level, with the use of information technology, diplomatic networks, non-governmental organizations, journalists, media, bloggers, etc.

This tiered strategy, resulting in very specific military victory, expressed in the rejection areas. Failure to do so would be to knowingly put Russia into a state of loss. We will always be only to the fact that another territory, the state, the Republic is out of our control. As a holder of a nuclear Arsenal, we nevertheless observed the rapid loss of its influence where until recently stood our military bases, lived our people, speaking our language, and Russian culture was formed by generations of peoples and ethnic groups unified strategic space of Russia. Today the boundaries of American influence more and more immersed into the continent, and the credit for this rapid advancement of technology belongs to the network wars.



[1] Benevolent empire - "Empire of good" or "benevolent Empire" - a term coined by American political scientists William Cristallo and Robert Kahana (William Kristol, Robert Kagan. Toward a Neo-Reaganite Foreign Policy // Foreign Affairs, July/August 1996.)

[2] Off line - offline, offline.

[3] individual Skillful - skillfully the individual.

[4] Advanced user - advanced user.

[5] Apperception - a concept that expresses the awareness of perception.

[6] catch phrase of the American neocons.


Valery Korovin


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