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Soft Power, soft power and soft power. An interdisciplinary analysis.
Material posted: Medvedev DmitryPublication date: 17-08-2015
The collective monograph is the first systematic academic study of the phenomenon of Soft power, interest in which erupted with particular force in the last five years. Authors - Specialists in the field of Political Science and mezhdunarodnыh relations, and semyotyky yazыkoznanyya - yzlahayut sobstvennыe vzhlyadы the problem of "the soft sylы 's presentation of a znakomyat, slozhyvshymysya on this occasion in svoyh areas. Several works Containing Attempts of application of new concepts for the description of processes in polytycheskyh ryade countries. The book presents Interest not only for researchers, students and of teachers tseloho rjada obschestvennыh disciplines, but for a polytkonsultantov-practitioners, specialists in PR, journalists, sotrudnykov hosstruktur.

ISBN: 9785976520868

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