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The Ukrainian scenario in Kazakhstan is already written
Material posted: Publication date: 12-05-2016
Nursultan Nazarbayev warned the people of Kazakhstan that any attempt to repeat the "Ukrainian events" will be stopped "in the most brutal way". Kazakhstan's President has been in power since 1989, to blame in this situation, he can only be himself. So, where Nursultan Nazarbayev made a mistake? Or not finalized? Or the President of Kazakhstan hopes on the experience of Zhanaozen?

Protests against land reform

"Now is the time for difficult. Kazakhstan citizens do not want the Ukrainian events, I know it, let everyone hear. And who wants to bring them here, we will take the most cruel measures — and don't say I didn't warn you," said the President Nursultan Nazarbayev, speaking at a meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers on 5 may.

At the same meeting, Nazarbayev issued a decree imposed a moratorium on amendments to the Land code that allow you to take the land on lease to foreign nationals for a period of 25 years. The law was supposed to enter into force on 1 July. Thus, he made it clear that the recent protests in the cities of Atyrau, Aktobe, Semey, Zhanaozen and Kyzylorda are associated with this event.

The protesters expressed concerns that land reform will result in the purchase of the territories by entrepreneurs from neighboring China. The President following the meeting adopted a voluntary resignation of the curator of land reform, Minister of economy Yerbolat Dossayev, and created a new Commission by the Land code. Nazarbayev has noticed that if people do not want these changes, then they do not need.

However, the head of Kazakhstan has called the protesters "provocateurs" and Kazakh television claims that the shares — the result of "external enemy", writes "Kommersant". Newspaper interviewed experts said that the protests are not visible "outside enemy", and this is just the economic requirements. So, an analyst of the Association of border cooperation Marat Shibutov said that "people are tired of economic crisis and social problems", while the amendments to the Land code they are familiar bad.

Anyway, the "plot" spontaneous demonstrations have become the strongest challenge to the country since 2011, when the clashes with the police killed 16 protesters in Zhanaozen oil workers. Perhaps the authorities hope for this experience, but you never know, today's crisis in Kazakhstan can take advantage of Western intelligence agencies, ready to play the nationalist card in Kazakhstan, as well as in Ukraine.

Processes in the former Soviet Union

"In the former Soviet Union are consolidating and ultra-nationalist forces, — told the Truth.Ru Dmitry Alexandrov, expert of the Russian Institute for strategic studies. Is ultra-liberal forces who hold Pro-Western views, and the nationalists who hold not only anti-Russian position, but in General the exaltation of its titular nationality. The government of Kazakhstan is trying to achieve a certain balance, although the nationalists, especially in intellectual circles, the liberals are trying very successfully to promote their ideas".

What is the concept? Head of Department of Diaspora and migration, Institute for CIS countries Alexander Dokuchaev believes that all post-Soviet States to build their independence as independence from Russia. "We are adults, remember that no external prerequisites, no national liberation struggle of the peoples of the Soviet Union did not exist. So there were real reasons for the collapse of the country. But no need to justify. And justification of independence everywhere is built on anti-Russian platform", — the expert has told you the Truth.<url>.

On anti-Russian platform is built and the teaching of history. "The period of Kazakhstan in the first Russian Empire and then the Soviet Union is estimated the new textbooks of the sovereign Kazakhstan as a period of colonial oppression," said Alexander Dokuchaev.

Although it acknowledged expert, some of the page of Kazakhstan still did not blacken. At least, participation in the great Patriotic war there is estimated as participation in the war for the freedom of the state. "But the conclusion is sad — in Kazakhstan has grown two generations who know Russia as a colonizer who treat Russia as a former Empire that oppressed the Kazakhs".

Ferment in the ranks of the nationalists

We add that the "Crimean spring" gave impetus to the growth of nationalist sentiment in Kazakhstan and public splattering. The idea of Russia as a modern aggressor, is also present in Kazakhstan. On this wave, in the presence of compact residence of Russians in the North, the Soros Foundation, USAID and other branches of the CIA is very simple to build in Kazakhstan, another "revolution of dignity". The opposition a few years ago, started to allocate large grants, people even pay to come out to rallies. This is evidenced today Kazakh TV.

"The land here is sacred value, — told the Truth.<url> Eduard Poletaev, Kazakh political scientist. Although, actually, the provisions of this Land code is not as critical as it is emotionally perceived by people. And, in principle, to say that he allows foreigners to buy land, either to sell them all rich people and not to leave anything of ordinary people, can not speak".

According to the expert, "there is a distorted perception of these adopted amendments is influenced by national factors." And a scenario unfolding in Kazakhstan, is really similar to Ukrainian, said the analyst. And in Ukraine, and in Kazakhstan we are talking about documents. In Ukraine, there was signed the Association Agreement with the European Union, and in Kazakhstan, on the contrary, was signed and adopted by Parliament on the Land code. And it was done long ago, but the protests were held just now. Means, external or internal factors of destabilization must be present, said Eduard Poletayev.

Common holiday of the great Victory

"I watched, for example, that some users of "Facebook" Ukraine is clearly in our networked world, attended and supported this outrage". According to experts, the government has worked correctly, it showed that "listens to the views of the population and tries to prevent the possible outputs dissatisfied".

But that's an interesting point from the comment of Eduard Poletaev: "In Kazakhstan 25 years of independence — is the main date of 2016, and as of today, the decree of the President about this, and the main efforts will be directed towards this holiday. And on may 9 to celebrate normally, people will come, will lay flowers, no problems", — said the expert. That is the main thing that is in the subconscious of people of Kazakhstan — is its independence from Russia. The circle is closed: the "corrupt government" nationalists, educated in the hatred of Russia - the work of Western intelligence agencies. Nothing "Ukrainian scenario".

Still I want to finish on an optimistic note. Nursultan Nazarbayev was present at the last Parade of the Victory and congratulated all of us with "common holiday".


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