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Yesterday, Damascus, today in Kiev
Material posted: Publication date: 05-12-2013

For three days in a row from different points of Tauris organized groups of 15-20 people young Crimean Tatar Islamists are going to Kiev. Many "Euro-integrators" have been trained in mountain training camps of the Crimea and Western Ukraine.

The backbone of the Crimeans, who came to Euromaidan – hardened fighters, urgently returning from Syria, where believers continue to fight against the regime of Bashar al-Assad. Their last campaign – 10 physicians, stabbed to death in the Christian town of Deir-Attiyah in Damascus for refusing to cooperate with the gangs.

Home through Turkey. Now combat experience of the Crimean people is useful in so-called "service security" - the protection of mass actions of the opposition in the streets of the Ukrainian capital. Information about the Syrian "veterans" first came from the Council of atamans of the Crimean Cossack. Then, it confirmed on confidential sources from the Republican Central Board of the SBU.

A press photographer on Khreshchatyk like to shoot protesting students – it looks quite civilized, European. However, not to notice the swarthy face of thugs visiting around independence square.

Who from the opposition will provide transport and accommodation South "sworn brothers" is still unknown. The Mejlis of the Crimean Tatar people assures that the transfer of power in Kiev was not involved, and only "provides national flags of the protesters".

The only thing confirmed by Tatar leaders: "Our in Kiev a few hundred".

Flags of the illegal ethnic Parliament-the Majilis – the blue flag with Golden Tamga of the Crimean khanate appeared in the ranks of the oppositionists in Kiev the first day of the big fight between the Cabinet of Ministers. Thus was demonstrated the attitude of the Crimean Islamists to the decision of the government of Mykola Azarov to suspend work on the Association agreement with the European Union.

- We support activists, after a pause, which so insists Mr. Azarov, will use unpredictable Russia. She doesn't even have to send tanks to carry out some military operation here and so there is a fairly strong Pro-Russian lobby - confessed chief of service of external relations of Mejlis Ali Khamzin.

Now many remember the iconic phrase of the orange President Yuschenko: "the Only real Ukrainians in the Crimea – Crimean Tatars..."

According to sources from the Spiritual administration of Muslims of Crimea, to the ongoing campaign against Kiev has been joined by activists of the radical movement "Hizb-ut-Tahrir" - supporters of building a new Caliphate. This organization is recognized as terrorist and banned in many countries, but operates freely in Ukraine.

- I want to say that we share a civic position of our countrymen, - said the Deputy of the Supreme Council of the Crimea Refat Chubarov - Chairman of the new Majlis, known for his tough anti-Russian rhetoric.

On Wednesday 27 November Refat-Aha frankly and ominously warned the Crimean Parliament, saying, "this President will sign an Association agreement with the European Union". Remembering "the question of European integration-Yanukovych", he tried to exclude from the resolution of the Supreme Council of the autonomy, condemning the destructive actions of the Ukrainian opposition.

However, had no effect. Immediately after the speech Chubarov left the courtroom. Defiantly slammed the door and other members of the faction "Kurultay-Ruh".

In response, the Crimean deputies-Slavs officially supported the decision of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine "zagrabiti" Association with the EU. To make it clearer, in the centre of Simferopol, the Supreme Council had publicly burned two plastic stuffed in red shorts, symbolizing European gays.

The speaker of the autonomy Parliament Vladimir Konstantinov stressed that it is "the desire of the overwhelming majority of the Crimean people" and the Deputy from the Communist party Gennady Nara suggested that the resolution on support of actions of the government clause on the necessity of integrating the country into the Customs Union and holding a referendum on the issue.

- It is unwise to sacrifice our relations with the closest neighbor – the Russian Federation. Russia is experiencing economic recovery, and the fact that of its regional policy today is stronger and more dynamic European – recognized by the Europeans, says Konstantinov, one of the leaders of the Republican organization of Party of regions.

He unambiguously expressed his regret that "not all citizens share this position", but "is ready to defend its position outside the legal framework". Pretty clear that we are talking about local Islamists who went to Euromaidan.

- Any action that goes beyond the law should be discouraged in the strongest terms, – said the speaker. – We bear a serious responsibility for maintaining such a difficult situation of peace and tranquility in the Crimea.

Perhaps at the Crimean shores of peace and tranquility will remain. But what will happen in Kiev? Militants with military action in Syria quickly joined the ranks of the ultra-nationalist Ukrainian opposition. Simultaneously a continuous stream of here moving column of youth of the city. They are joyful cry answer Bandera greeting "Glory to Ukraine – heroes of glory!"

Now the main slogan of the Kiev Euromaidan – "a Christmas without Yanukovych". It seems that the outcome of the Vilnius summit is not so important – independent oppositionists intend to topple the regime in any case and at any price. A crowd of students-Galician chants over and over again: "Re-vo-Lucie!.."

- I think the action will continue with increasing speed. It will not only be standing on the square. Will be announced large-scale mobilization campaign among youth, and among public organizations... will translate it into a confrontation with Yanukovych – the change of government, said in an interview with RIA "New Region" Taras Stetskivknown "field commander" of the Orange revolution.

Now on Euromaidan relative calm, the Ukrainian opposition leaders flew to Lithuania. However, by the weekend Kiev expects the frightened mass rallies – now with violent protest "against the dictatorship that took away the nation's European future". From Lviv launched a free train, on Khreshchatyk ready to go at least 150 thousand people. On Facebook timoshenkovskogo deputies of the party "Batkivshchyna" savor rumor: allegedly, through the capital airport Juliani Charter flights urgently evacuated families are influential members of the parliamentary faction of the ruling Party of regions.


Sergey Zlatov



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