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America's war with America?
Material posted: Publication date: 05-04-2012

There are rumours that the United States is preparing for a new war. The war, as expected, want America to exit from the economic deadlock in which she is since 2008, to be exact, from 2006-2007, when we started the mortgage crisis. The U.S. government says that the financial crisis ended in 2009, but not cunning is it? GDP in 2009 fell by 3.5% compared with the previous year, and in 2010 the GDP of 2009 by 1.7%. In 2011 compared with 2010, growth in gross domestic product in the USA amounted to 3.0%.

And unemployment declined by a record 10.2 percent in 2009 to 8.3% in early 2012, That is, if previously one in ten American was without a job, now every eighth or ninth or living on welfare, or even reduced to begging. Progress, of course, but...

Let me quote Ben Bernanke, the Chairman of the Federal reserve:

"The unemployment rate in February was in line with expectations and unchanged to the previous month 8.3 per cent. At the same time the February data has consolidated the achievements of the Obama administration, because back in October of 2011, 9% of Americans were unemployed.

While pre-crisis levels remained an elusive goal. Since the financial crisis, 8.8 million Americans lost their jobs. Since then to find it was only 3.5 million citizens" ("News").

Jan Hatzius, chief economist at Goldman Sachs, also sees no signs of recovery of the US economy: "...of Course, no one talks about a new recession, however, based on the development of the labour market will not make a conclusion about the prospect of strong economic growth. In 2012, we expect the rate just over 2%. ...according to our forecast, unemployment will be reduced in 2012 only slightly to 8.2 percent. The healing process is not yet completed, primarily in the real estate market" ("RBC").

Currently, about 11 million mortgage borrowers in the US — Bank debtors. The American government tries to help its citizens, and along the banks, but it fails.

"The U.S. authorities reached with five banks — Ally Financial, Bank of America, Citigroup, J. P. Morgan Chase and Wells Fargo — agreement to write off $ 20 billion in mortgage loans. According to The Wall Street Journal. In exchange for the cancellation prosecutors will close the case against the banks illegal foreclosure.

Under the agreement, finorganizatsii will write off the loans and refinance the mortgage loans of the so-called "drowned men" (an underwater mortgage). This term is called the borrowers own assets much less liabilities.

Analysts believe that the agreement will help restore the American real estate market. Banks agreement also will benefit, as they have already reserved the necessary funds for possible losses on bad mortgage loans.

Another 5 billion dollars will be spent on individual payments to borrowers affected by allegedly illegal acts of banks, depriving debtors of the right to housing. About 750 thousand Americans will get the sum in 1,5-2 thousand dollars" ("").

Amount in thousands of us dollars except as a straw for a drowning man can not be called. By the way, when the agreement was signed, it amounted to not 20, and even 25 billion dollars. However, it does not change.

"Everything is fine, but the agreement will have side effects that will occur in the foreseeable future. In the 2010-2011 year, banks significantly slowed the process of obtaining housing, waiting for the settlement of a dispute with the government. Now nothing hinders them to run it at full capacity. Housing prices in the past year continued to fall, down compared with the peak in 2006, already nearly one — third therefore, the volume of bad mortgage loans has only increased.

In the end, millions of borrowers will improve their financial position and remain in housing, but in all likelihood, much more your property will lose. The blow to the economy would be extremely strong. Due to the fact that under the threat of eviction the debtor in the last months lived in their homes actually on the squatter situation and could be spent on any purpose outside of the mortgage, the expenditure of American households will inevitably decline" ("", Dmitry Migunov).

The fact that the US mortgage was a pyramid scheme, stupidly built on the rise in the cost of housing:

"Recall that the global financial crisis began in the fall of 2007 with the collapse of mortgage bonds in the United States. The Americans did not pay loans on mortgages and re-mortgaged their homes, with the growth of their market value. That is, the difference between the value of the house now and a month earlier, while the balance was positive, went for debt. Once one of Americans, the U.S. media even called his name, could not pay mortgages and had to sell the house, which led to small, but the decline in the real estate market. At the termination of sustained growth of prices revealed that to pay for your mortgage in real money not able to almost all Americans that has crashed the real estate market. The crisis would have ended with a simple throwing into the street of several million people, but on the basis of the mortgage bonds built a pyramid of financial derivatives, i.e. debt securities secured by future mortgage payments. Because the downside was not only homeowners and lenders, but anyone who used these securities in their financial operations. The list was extensive — the collateral for loans, investment of money for investment purposes, settlements between banks. It turned out that all these operations are impossible, because behind them is a simple paper, which does not provide" ("Mir", D, Davydov).

Home sales in the U.S. are falling:

"It's the American dream: a house and piece of land. Which leads to a sharp increase in construction costs, furniture, cars (public transport to his house not serviced), petrol, etc. in addition, this sharp increase in demand for the "heavy" part of the lending — mortgage lending. Because cash for home in USA do not buy — almost exclusively on credit. And it's a huge risk, because in case of problems with the work/income, Americans lose more than just a new TV (you can watch and old), and a roof over my head for the whole family, the whole established way of life and paid for all the house money (up to a quarter of their monthly income for many years).

A high level of sales of single-family houses is the best indicator of economic health. By the way, that the sector began the global economic crisis of the late naughties. From the peak in 2006, home sales fell four times. And in 2011 fell by another quarter. In case of strong fluctuations by month, sales show a steadily low level and no tendencies to growth" (source: "", A. Mikhailov).

One of the manifestations of the mortgage crisis and rising unemployment in the US has become encampments. Currently in tents across the country to thousands of Americans.

"Dark-haired woman in a black dress cotton is a real estate agent who sells mobile homes. Rather, the former agent. Since January 2008, the woman is forced to live in a purple tent, which was laid out under the elm.

— The market in which I worked, simply fell apart, she says. Banks stopped giving money to my clients.

Before Imelda a month sold at least six houses. And then the subprime crisis in the US began to develop into financial. First her clients lost their homes. And then she found that not able to pay the bills. Imelda, the house is to be auctioned, and she was on the street.

Friends bought her a tent and brought in the tent city in Ontario in a suburb of Los Angeles" (source:"Focuse").

Above the campground, by the way,"proudly" flies the American flag upside down, symbolizing the "deep crisis".

The American ship of dreams crashed on the rocks of market reality:

"In the camp is hot and dusty, and dirty tents much more than clean. Many prisoners are on drugs, and a quiet night it is uncommon.

Near the tents Imelda, who is a railway and then sweep trains with containers. They go from the cargo port in long beach. Some containers are green, they are written by China Shipping. Cheap Chinese imports have long been prevalent in the U.S. market, creating a huge trade deficit (excess of import over export). This, in turn, led to the increase in U.S. external debt and weakened the dollar.

From our tent we see the U.S. debt increases even more with each passing composition, said thirty years Rhonda Farnsworth, fat a resident of the town, whose tent stands apart from the other" ("Focuse").

"More recently, David has worked in North Carolina a driver. At work he broke his right leg. Because insurance was not, the treatment resulted him $40000, turning into a bankrupt and without leaving home. The remaining money was enough to buy a bus ticket to Ontario, where he grew up.

— My American dream fell apart, ' says David. — Two nights in the bus, I cried like a baby" (the same source).

What live here? Some residents of the camp and other camps — receive 162 dollars a month ("food stamps"). Someone preserved savings. Someone manages to find work, although in some places $ 8 an hour there are queues of tens of applicants. What kind of work? Any. To clean offices, toilets, lift weights.

Here is another tent city — in the state of new Jersey:

"At first glance, it resembles a summer tourist camp. Tents on the edge of the food on the fire. The difference is, settled in this forest the people live in such conditions all year round and this is their last and only refuge. The history of residence here all the same — first the man loses his job and then an apartment, because there is nothing to pay for it. KOWALSKY Nina lost both. Ten years ago she came to new York on the advice of a friend working as a nanny in a family with small children. There and lived. Before the crisis of 2008 everything was fine.

"I had a good job, lots of money. I sent them to Poland one daughter, another, a third, and even the contents of your home. And then work became the problems started," says Nina.

In the current us house of Nina for about eight square metres fit a small kitchen, a bed and even something resembling a chest of drawers. You can live, she says, except that the pipe from standing in the middle of a wood stove was completely rusted and broke..." ("First channel", B. Koltsov).

Material from "Bi-bi-si":

"Leading "Panorama" Hilary Anderson... finds that for many the last refuge in life become campsites.

30 tents hidden in the forest along the roadside of the highway in the suburbs of Ann Arba, Mich, have become permanent housing for people who lost their jobs, and those who because of low income not able to pay the rent.

Living conditions are unsanitary, and no toilets, electricity only in one tent where the campers will gather around the stove for heating in the dead of winter.

Roof tents SAG under the weight of ice and snow, and rain often drips on the sleeping face.

Such tent settlements erected in the vicinity of 55 major American cities, they show the harsh reality of the crisis of the American poor.

According to the census, 47 million Americans nowadays live below the poverty line owing to the steady growth of unemployment over the past 50 years" (source of translation).

Only 12 major tent camps in the U.S. home to around 5,000 people. 13 million unemployed, of which three million lost jobs under Obama.

The residence of the American unemployed often serve machine.

"The article from the German "Der Spiegel" describes a typical case of one of the American couples, completely crushed by the incident:

"Chanel Sabedra were on the street. She and her husband sleep in the car for almost three weeks. "We never thought this could happen to us, ever, says Sabedra and starts to cry. — I'm not a child, I can take care of myself one way or another, the same applies to my husband, but (my kids) are too small to get through these tests". She has three children: nine, five and three years.

"We had a house South of here, in San Bernardino, says Chanel. Her husband lost his job in construction prefab houses in July 2009. The utility company turned off the gas. We heated water on the BBQ to redeem children," she says. Being unable to continue to pay rent, Sabedra family was evicted from their home in August" (source:

By the way, for the night in the car in many States (for example, in California) is fine.

"In Venice, California, just one of the places where people get arrested for living in vehicles. In the past Venice was popular among those who live in caravans. The wave of arrests of camp residents, forced the remaining at liberty to put away their mobile homes. The following is an excerpt from an article published on the website "Dayly Kos":

"They took Eric while he was changing the battery in the car. Accused that he slept in his car. After a few days they went to 3rd street and took his camper, because its owner was in prison, and therefore the vehicle is not moved within 72 hours. On Saturday they went through the 7th street and took the Bear and his mobile home. They also towed the camper Elizabeth, however, I don't know if they took her, although nobody since then has not seen. The police went to 6th street and took out a white van that all the time there is Parking. Every day they take from one to four campers. Soon there are none left".

If you started a black stripe, then very soon the authorities will try to take from you everything you have left. The United States can be a very cruel place, if you are unlucky in life" (

Many unemployed and homeless people in the USA compared what is happening today with America, with the times of the great Depression, tent cities are already calling "Hooverville".

Already and Zbigniew Brzezinski predicts America's decline: "...if America will continue to slide downhill in domestic politics and will be to short-sighted foreign policy, then clearly it will be sunset" ("Komsomolskaya Pravda", V. Bezrukov).

Another quote from Mr. Brzezinski:

"Yes, we are a democracy trying to survive in a complex world, exercising reasonable foreign policy. But it is possible provided that the people living in our country, also intelligent and sane. Otherwise we will be unable to carry out the tasks before us.

I have to admit, the American people are extremely ignorant. He has absolutely no idea about the outside world. In our public schools there is no subject: world history. We teach children very Patriotic American history. But actually it is a glorified "Christmas" story, far from complex and contradictory realities of the past. Take, for example, relations with the indigenous population of America — Indians. It is a shame, but I must admit that the first ethnic cleansing "in the name of the Law" took place on American soil! Thousands of Indians were expelled from their land under President Jackson... why not take geography. We don't teach! Approximately 52% of current students American colleges can't show on a map where new York. 70% of applicants to higher educational institutions between 2003 and 2010-ies could not find Iraq — a country with which we fought! Once prospective students invited to identify a certain large area shaded on the map in blue. Now, 30% of them are unable to determine that it was the Pacific ocean... You smile. But it's not funny. Here is incredibly lightweight for a large number of Americans to foreign policy issues. And how this international perspective is presented in the public debate? Often extremely lightweight, exceptionally in black and white, and demagoguery prevails..." ("Komsomolskaya Pravda", V. Bezrukov).

So, according to Brzezinski, the famous patriot and propagandist of America, internal US policy currently is "sliding downhill", the same rationality of foreign policy makes him a doubt — probably because Americans don't know neither history nor geography, and learn to think on the speeches of demagogues, not able to find on the maps of the Pacific ocean or Iraq.

Behind examples far to walk not necessary: "we Must help in the democratization of Afghanistan, Iraq and other African countries". It is said George W. Bush.

II. Chavez. Putin. Obama

So, the crisis in the U.S. spreads and deepens, and the end-edge it is not visible. On his background in America a rapidly growing number of "hate groups" and extremist groups, anti-government wing. The growth peak was in 2011.

"The 2011 figures represent growth for the eleventh consecutive year and the highest figure since the beginning of the track Center hate groups in 1980. In 2000 there were only 602 of these groups, whereas in 2011 the number of such groups reached 1018-I.

Perhaps even more disturbing than the small but steady growth of such groups over the past few years is the parabolic growth of the antigovernment "patriot" group militia. The number of such groups, which are separated from hate groups, from 2010 to 2011 grew by 55 percent — from 824 to 1274. In 2008 such groups were only 149, and in 2009 their number rose to 512-I.

Center and other analysts attribute this growth to an increasingly growing dissatisfaction with the role of the government as well as the anger turned toward Obama" (source: "The Huffington Post", Brian Levine — Mixednews).

17 September 2011 on the political scene has been the movement of "Bring wall street". The main demands of the protesters are associated with smoothing of economic inequality in the United States: increasing taxes on the richest people in America; the reduction of unemployment. Also the demonstrators are protesting against the activities of various financial institutions, calling speculators-speculators "financial terrorists".

March 18, 2012, the movement celebrated the day of birth:

"The movement "Occupy wall street" celebrated six months since its founding, according to Agence France-Presse. The protest ended with clashes with police, several dozen people were detained.

First, the protesters were marching on wall street. According to Reuters, during the March, 15 people were detained, while three police officers were injured.

Then, in the evening of 17 March, around 600 participants in the movement came to the Park Zuccotti. They sang and beat their drums. In the plans of the protesters to camp out, but the police prevented them. Around midnight arrests started. Within 20 minutes the police cleared the Park from activists of the movement" ("").

"The guards began to arrest the protesters after some of them tried to camp out with the aim to settle down for a long period of time in the Park. When 100 police officers began to detain violators of the order, the demonstrators sat on the ground and refused to leave. The cops had to wear plastic handcuffs on a few dozen people and pull them into the police buses. Zucotti Park was cleared of protesters after 20 minutes after the start of police operation" (RIA "Novosti").

An offshoot of the "Occupy wall street" movement is "Occupy San Francisco". April 3, RIA "Novosti" reported that more than 80 of its members, refused to leave the occupied building, was arrested. This two-storey building belongs to the Catholic diocese, and there worked as a music school. The protesters insisted that the building was used as educational or medical center. According to the Catholic diocese, the building was empty for about a year and a half.

"The movement "Occupy San Francisco" barricaded themselves in the building on the evening of 1 April and, apparently, intended to stay there for a long time. Injured during the detention was not" ("").

Earlier, in mid-February 2012, the Russian foreign Ministry noted that U.S. authorities respect to activists, unwarranted cruelty. Russian foreign Ministry Commissioner for human rights, democracy and rule of law Konstantin Dolgov said: "the reaction of the American authorities obvious elements of undue rigidity and disproportionate use of force. Human rights activists, since the autumn of 2011, when the campaign "Occupy wall street" detained more than 6 thousand people in 110 U.S. cities". Dolgov added that "such actions are particularly puzzling on the background of putting constant emphasis on the American side the need to respect human rights in other States, including the right to freedom of expression, marches and demonstrations" (RIA "Novosti").

By the way, the actions of "Occupy wall street" in new York last year cost the city 17 million dollars. "As the head of police of the metropolis, Raymond Kelly, such means, the authorities had to spend on overtime payments the police officers involved in providing security during the protests against the "invaders". He noted that often the demonstrations were unpredictable and required the attention of law enforcement. "You never know what to expect from unplanned events," stressed Raymond Kelly" ("News").

Amid protests and the increasing number of "hate groups" — that is clearly discernible internal state of the enemy, whose ranks are multiplying dangerously, threatening democracy... democracy — Barack Obama, March 16 signed a decree on "a state of war for peace time." Note: in peacetime.

"This Executive order was published on the website of the U.S. government March 16, 2012 entitled "Preparing resources for national defense".

In fact, this plan of martial law in peacetime, and it gives the President the power to seize almost everything that is deemed necessary for "national security".

It is designed for peacetime, as the title of the decree says "ready". According to this decree, heads of the ministries of agriculture, energy, health, and social services, transport, defence and trade delegated the authority to take and distribute food, livestock, fertilizer, agricultural machinery, all kinds of energy, water resources, all forms of civil transportation (meaning any vehicles, ships and aircraft), as well as any other materials, including building materials wherever their withdrawal possible" ("The Intel Hub", Chris Kitze — Mixednews).

In fact, this update of a similar law from 1994, which is considered obsolete, — that is, nothing is actually new and frightening has happened. However, according to some journalists, American democracy such laws are not to face:

"On March 16, the White house issued an Executive order entitled "Commitment of resources of national defense". The document is striking in its audacity and a flagrant violation of the Constitution. It States that in case of war or emergency situation in the country, the Federal government has the authority to take over the power in fact over all aspects of American society. Food, livestock, agricultural machinery, industrial production, Economics, energy, transport, hospitals, other health institutions, water resources, defense and construction — all of which can fall under direct control of Obama. The order authorizes the President during a national crisis to dispose of all these huge resources at their discretion.

"The United States must have an industrial and technological base capable of meeting the requirements of national defense, and is able to contribute to the technical excellence of military equipment in peacetime and in times of emergency in the country, — stated in the order. — Domestic industrial and technological base is the Foundation of readiness of national defence. Provided by this legislation, the powers should be used to strengthen this base and to ensure its ability to meet the needs of national defense".

In short, the order gives Obama the ability to impose martial law. Now he has the powers of a dictator. This Executive order is a direct attack on personal freedoms, private property rights and the rule of law. This is a flagrant violation of the Constitution. The Executive power assigns powers blatantly contrary to the provisions of the Constitution without even asking the consent of Congress. This order gives Obama carte Blanche in the creation of a centralized authoritarian state. Such a law it would be logical to search somewhere in Venezuela, Hugo Chavez, or Vladimir Putin's Russia" ("The Washington Times", Jeffrey T. Kuhner — "Posey").

So. Americans compare America with Russia. Swept the world, the democratic hegemon!

It is not surprising that the rising anti-government sentiment, that is, with the explicit internal enemy, the American government constantly shifts the focus of the population — and the electorate, by the way, and elections not far off, on the external enemy.

With this external enemy is a good idea to start a war: and mineral resources to hold, and to organize the industrial boom due to the growth of the military-industrial complex, and at the same time to create somewhere another island democracy. For example, in Syria. Or in Iran. Maybe even in China. The difficulty is not in the peacefulness of Obama, and in that light the war is nowhere in sight. Have to fight and defeat before the election — then we would have started...

Potential opponent of the United States called Iran's suspected secret nuclear weapons. Moreover, Israel insists on joint with America hostilities. But while Washington provides tel Aviv with their powerful bunker-busting bombs in exchange for the postponement of strikes on Iran. In General, America was thinking — obviously, not wanting to do anything on this potential "front" before the fall election.

There is Syria, which the U.S. has already spent 25 million dollars, despite the crisis. And, of course, spend. But these costs, along with the verbal rhetoric on the "Meetings of Friends of Syria" in Tunisia and Turkey, — and also the fact that the unrest in Syria continues for a second year, and intervention all are talking about relatively peaceful intentions. The invasion, neither the U.S. nor NATO in Syria will not be. 330.000 soldiers of Assad's army, the successful suppression of the Syrian President opposition that thrive almost anywhere, such as in Paris, but not in Syria, anti-aircraft systems and everything else, up to chemical weapons, will not allow America who cling to geography but dreaming of "buffer zones", get in Damascus easy prey.

China? But here it is rather about demonstrating U.S. positions in the Asia-Pacific region. Yes, the States are afraid of the growing power of the PRC, and do not plan to cut military spending due to its presence in the Asia-Pacific region, but are common geopolitics rather than military strategy. Pure madness to war with a nuclear China. Besides the U.S. economy, as has long recognized Americans without jobs, are all Chinese. However, you never know?.. Here will become belligerent MITT Romney, now claiming about increasing the defense budget of the USA, President and starts a war with Iran, and with China, and even North Korea. Doesn't understand like large warships that such a war is not the same as messing drones in Pakistan...

Maybe America is her Royal happiness — found internal enemy in the form of "Occupy wall street" and other bad groups, and will soon give rise to democracy sample Orwellian "1984" the Ministry of Truth and Big Brother?

The above-mentioned "emergency" decree of 16 March 2012, signed by Obama on the background of rebellious "groups" and "invaders" in the United States, leads to certain thoughts. Anyway, and democracy (the twin sister of rhetoric) always was, is and will be a government not of people but over the people. Why? Because some authorities simply do not happen and should not be. Any power is certainly over someone: there is a subject, so will the object. It is absurd to suppose that in politics the object coincides with the subject. We all laugh bitterly, speaking of the "servants of the people" or the fight of the authorities against corruption. Any government has the right to a violence — monopoly law. And the difference in democracy, for example, monarchy or any dictatorship, according to this parameter no.

Speeches of the participants of different movements in the U.S. are suppressed with batons, tear gas and special means. George W. Bush and his associates are world famous for the love of executions and torture. Decide whether America from failed attempts at building democracy abroad to create a "centralized authoritarian state" (Jeffrey T. Kuhner) — in Washington, new York, Los Angeles and so on?

Because it will — and quickly — to solve many economic and political issues.

First (and immediately second), the newly minted American Gulag will be established companies with extremely cheap labor. Americans will soon cool to compete with the Chinese, injected at its Assembly plants for a few dollars per working day length of 12 hours. So solved the economic component of the problem of confrontation with China, and along with the problem of unemployment. And housing issues will disappear by themselves. All are busy, fed and provided with beds and not in windswept tents and in cozy concrete cells.

Thirdly, in a moment solved the political problem of power: will be found the enemies of the people — those who are actually to blame for American troubles. All of these "Capture" and "group hate" and other extremists and their hangers-on will be announced by the satellites of some of the villains that control Subversion directly from Guantanamo Bay and global democracy plunged into the abyss of the mortgage crisis. The authorities will begin planting enemies of the people in Catalani, electric chairs — and it will go, the curve of GDP growth soon forms a 45-degree angle with the abscissa axis. It is not excluded that someone will be jailed or executed in vain, perestaralis, but as they say, trees are felled the chips fly.

Fourthly, Obama, which in the fall can choose, by enacting "emergency" decree will have the power of the dictator and saves the throne in the White house. (Here we find an explanation for why militant minded Hillary Clinton still not fired). Dictatorship in the USA will give the economy solid pros. One only saving on elections (" persuade the voters to side with Obama or McCain, and all those who fought for the 435 seats in the House of representatives and 34 of 100 seats in the Senate, was spent 5.3 billion dollars" — will allow you to build and run the country in such a big GULAG that Stalin never dreamed of. Already, many residents of tent cities is considered as a success work for $ 60 a day, and many are willing to work and sweat for his daily bread in the literal sense of the word. Because now in the States — about 47 million poor people. (Note: " the US the poverty line is not measured by the aggregate indicators, only income of the family. To date, the level adopted by the authorities, is a family of four living on an income less than 21954 dollars a year" — "Russian service "BBC").

Of course, the combination of the internal enemy and the external enemy would have been more advantageous and more productive. An external enemy would enable the state effectively and without much noise to suppress the internal enemy, draws attention to the "invaders" from outside. But that's just not the impoverished of America neither means, nor forces for creation and maintaining the image of two large enemies at once.

But gradually, over time, dictatorial way having dealt with the internal enemy and strengthened the economy, the new totalitarian America can be puzzled and search of the external enemy... But is a bonus: China, angered by the fact that the Americans themselves had learned to make DVD players and cell phones and sell them on weight, can think about the construction of communism on the star-spangled site.


Oleg Chuvakin


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