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Present and future of Europe

Information about the negative trend in the economy of Europe, defining the political and social life of many countries in this part of the world today is a unique material for research. It is the analysis of events in Europe allows largely understand what mechanisms underlie the processes of birth, development and death of geopolitical power centers. These issues and is dedicated to this project.

"My flight from Merkel: she has expelled the NPP and has started migrants"

There was a pretty important event that can be the beginning of a movement in the stagnant politics of Germany.

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"Great replacement". The future of France through the eyes of French

In 2017 France will have presidential elections, which promise a lot of surprises. For example, in past primaries, the Republicans unexpectedly won françois Fillon, although the victory had predicted Sarkozy. The popularity of the leader of "National front" marine Le Pen, who will be nominated from the socialists, which belongs to the current President, françois Hollande, is still unknown.

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Serbian expert: Europe and the United States today is protecting NATO, and Russia

NATO plans to transfer military in a regime of enhanced combat readiness amid rising tensions with Russia, write media. The Serbian expert Dragan Trifkovic on radio Sputnik expressed the opinion that the Alliance is unable to cope with their tasks.

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Eurabia: the integration of migrants into the European community?

Currently Europe is experiencing a serious migration crisis.

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A British exit from the European Union as a factor of geopolitical transformation of the United Europe

United Kingdom (full name – United Kingdom of great Britain and Northern Ireland) is an island country in Western Europe, established on 1 January 1801. The country's name comes from the English Great Britain. Britain – the ethnonym of the tribe of the Britons. Motto: "Dieu et mon droit" "(Gods my right)", the national anthem: "God Save the Queen/King".

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Возрастное ограничение