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J. Soros: EU has to plunge Ukraine into a war or Ukraine will bury the EU
Material posted: Publication date: 25-11-2014

Smart guy by the name of George Soros gave to the German magazine Cicero with interview. His much quoted today on both sides of the geopolitical front line. With "our side" — more ridicule. And very vain. Soros — the man is certainly smart. Without looking, it was a pure speculator. To make a fortune in 24 billion dollars, it is necessary to have very good brains. And smart people always worth listening to. Agree with them or not is a separate question. Send a forest is never late. But still better to listen carefully. Suddenly he's talking?

Especially, if to put aside the idealistic slogans, his speech is based on a fairly simple points: first, now there is a war for the future of Europe. Secondly, it is conducted in Ukraine. Thirdly, for its success the EU and the IMF are required urgently to provide Ukraine with $ 20 billion. Fourth, the defeat in Ukraine will lead to the disintegration of the EU. Fifthly, what is happening throughout the EU itself to blame. Everything else is a verbal explanation husks Professor negligent and places close to students not reached, in General, quite obvious. Soros, of course, for Russia the enemy, but this does not detract from the degree of its rightness.

The war for the future of Europe

Someone still in doubt? Europe originated, developed, strengthened, and lifted only by the establishment at the leading economies of the world. Of course, today the EU only the second economy after the United States, but the fact that not changing. Leading economy is not just the most money. Leading economy is certainly leading position in almost every aspect of life.

You want an airplane? You have two options. The first to come to Europe and buy a ready, paying, say, 200 million euros. Second — to build it in his own. But you will need to build factories, train staff, buy machines, power stations, transformers, computers, design, construct, break half a dozen or so prototypes. All it will take tens of trillions of euros. And even in this scenario, you first come back to Europe to buy machinery, technology and knowledge.

That's why the world's leading economy always wins. Whatever you chose, the profit will still get to the leader. Not only because more can be taken nowhere. There is a saying apt. The winner is not the one who best plays by the rules, the winner is always the one who determines the rules. And they are determined leaders. Just because the economy is the biggest leaders and the rich. Anyone who has something first mined, produced or invented in the first place is going to sell to the market leader. Because there are concentrated the most money. To sell, he is inevitably forced their goods and notions initially adjust to the requirements of the leader. In all senses. Whether it is milk, shoes, tractor or a movie.

As long as Europe is a world economic leader, it can afford to live as she pleases. Select children from immigrants and send them to raise homosexual couples. Pay farmers to their land is not worked. To make war on any "interest" territories. To impose sanctions. Under false pretenses does not fulfill its contractual obligations, for example, not to give landing helicopter. Even just to take away someone else's money through the freezing of foreign assets.

But while Europe is the leader. Loss of leadership means the collapse of everything. Today only a few historians and some curious people remember that in the middle Ages a global leader (economic, political and cultural) were Spain and Portugal. And who are they now?

The current global economy is such that financial and industrial center of the planet began to move towards Asia and Russia. Yet the process is in its beginning. Yet it can slow down. There's even a good chance it rip. To cancel completely, of course, does not work, but freeze it in its current form even for 20-30 years. To do this, Europe needs to win the war that goes on Ukraine.

Ukrainian war

When Poroshenko and other current Ukrainian leaders publicly say they are waging a war for Europe, they are not a grain I'm not mistaken. Indeed the war, and indeed for Europe. However, they did not lead it. Here Ukrainians little role overrated. The war being waged by them. The U.S. and some forces in the EU are just using Ukraine for their own purposes. The main task is to link the economic, social and political empowerment of further Russian. The diversion of her forces from the process of Euro-Asian economic and political integration. The fate of the Ukrainians themselves "civilized world" is not interested. Someone asks the opinion of pigs, which are sent to the chops?

The task of the Ukrainians to fight. For as long as possible. As can be unbridled. As can be bloody. Unlike Russia, Europe has never considered the territory of the European, and the people living on it — part of a single European nation. "His" Ukrainians perceive Russia. According to the "civilized Europeans" this is the Russian national weakness. Actually, the whole strategy of the war based on such a "European" perception.

Russia can't leave Ukrainians to die of starvation and freeze to death in the ruins. Europe will "win" even if the whole of Ukraine will be one huge ashes, littered with stinking corpses. Because Russia will take him to recover and people to save. Despite the fact that the salvation of the humanitarian disaster will cost an incredible abyss of money and threatens to undermine the rescuer's own economy. Fraught with internal social destabilization, leading to the destruction of the Russian state already. This is the main difference of the Russian world. We will save, even risking their lives.

The game of "good civilized Europeans", including the immensely peaceful USA, involves the creation of a chess fork. Even, if I may say so, "trilce".

Russia does not interfere in the Ukrainian events? Gets gangrene on its borders that could lead to transfer of infection Maidan on its own territory. With all the same amenities, which are now observed in Ukraine. One to one. Including the territorial disintegration. How many will die with the Russians — doesn't matter. Those who established the medal "For the victory in the cold war", and those whom they honored it, not too worried about how many people on the ruins of the USSR died, froze, died, or even not born. But, according to the calculations of sociologists, the collapse of the Soviet Union during the 1990s — early 2000-ies has resulted in the loss of at least 15 million population.

Russia strongly captures Ukraine "two weeks"? Gets very muddy 35 million of the population, somewhere around 15-20% of infected aggressive nationalist fascist ideas. Plus current economic and infrastructural devastation. Both consumes resources, undermines social cohesion and, ultimately, the possibility of RF links by the formation of a new Euro-Asian world.

Russia tries between Scylla and Charybdis slip? Civil war in Ukraine rages, eventually, throughout the country. Which leads to the transformation of the whole of Ukraine in full similar to the current village of Sands of Donetsk. In ruins. In a famine. In the cold. In a total collapse of social infrastructure. From the fact that the plague or smallpox ceased to mow down people by the millions, the mere threat of epidemics will not go away. Sooner or later, Russia on the ruins of these still have to come to rescue, restore and rebuild. And again only at their own expense.

Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin was able to find a strategy that will allow Russia to the "civilized" to break the script. The project "Ukraine" has stalled. But the "War on Ukraine" is far from complete. While there is a living svidomye voluntarily wishing to Maidan and jumping, Ukrainians, according to the "Western strategy" are required to fight on. They only have to continue the war begin quickly running out of money.

The money the EU and IMF for Ukraine

George Soros is well versed in money and opportunities. Because for him it is obvious that doesn't understand Europe, and that just does not fit in the heads svidomye Ukrainians. Modern war requires a lot of money. And not one-time and permanent. To maintain the system of national economy. Whatever puffed up "volunteers", whatever amounts they saluted, how many photos of the hand warm underpants are not laid out in a Network, the inexorable law of Economics. On the can snatch one to put on and battalion. You can get hundreds of night sights or a squadron of unmanned drones. On the "donations" you can even buy a tank! But still, every day of fighting costs Ukraine approximately 1.5-2 million dollars. This is the most donations, volunteers harvested for seven months of hostilities.

Donations are collected only as long as patrons have to sacrifice. Until they is the question: give cyborg body armor or buy a loaf of bread and a carton of milk to her child? Ukraine continued to fight, crazy horses in it should be a lot more sensible than working people. Horses can not build anything. Limit their perception of the world — to select and divide. The idea of "every hero ATO we will give the Donbas on the tank and two dozen slaves" — the words of the song. To live at the expense of weaning results of slave labor. This is the psychology. It is no less lethal than howitzer projectile. In Ukraine after the Maidan victory was almost a year, but the horses not only did not solve any social problems that led Ukraine to the Maidan, they've built new to order more! Accumulated over the past 7 months the national debt will give even grandchildren.

Soros is obvious that to send money to Ukraine "by a penny" is not effective. Even if it's the size of a dime a billion. To create a mechanism Maidan retained the ability to continue the war, it is necessary to pour at least 20 billion dollars. And at once. Later you will need more. Soros has no doubt in the future of these investments. No new plants, factories, pensions, etc. All go in the end to the war. What's the catch? And there is no catch! Soros said in plain text: if you do not fork out to 20 yards now, the war in Ukraine is guaranteed to be lost.

The collapse of the EU as a result of the defeat in the war in Ukraine

Yes, that's right! As soon as the "money" fight will be nothing. The disintegration of Ukraine into separate fiefdoms follows from the psychology of "horses." Behind him he will pull even larger scale economic crisis. Further, the collapse of government, all social sphere, health care system and all habitual way of life. Svidomye sofa heroes on the Internet telling about how they are ready when the candle in the basement to live, if only "Raschke was worse", not even close to understand what they say. If so, they would have nothing hurt nothing, in the third shift, to stand at the bench and sharpen tank shells or for free, at their own expense, to repair the much-needed army armored vehicles. Only something "out of the money" they do not agree. So, do not agree and then.

Therefore, after the total collapse of the economy happens, the disintegration of the territories. After them — the rebuilding of Ukraine on the other, Russian, principles. Putin chosen strategy allows you to get it without total destruction of Ukrainian infrastructure. And the desire to continue the war with more than Muscovites successfully eliminate hunger, cold and unemployment. In the end, people will welcome any power which would be able to work, light, heat and to ensure safety. Even if it turns moskalsko-Colorado. By the time for the population of color of the ribbons will no longer play a role. Those few Maidan-infected people who remain incorrigible, the Ukrainians will catch and beat. With exactly the same fury as they now support the Maidan. For the simple reason that the horses will be between them and food.

A Russian victory in this war with the West in Ukraine, reached at his script and not by one of the three options outlined above, indicates the continuation of the Euro-Asian integration. And the rate even higher than it is today. And after the EU will cease to be the second economy in the world, all the countries of Eastern Europe will be much more profitable to cooperate with the leader than hireyuschim outsider. It's nothing personal. In fact, their departure to the West in the 80s was dictated by the same motives. The shift leader simply change the direction of the vector. Motivation will remain the same. Moreover, unlike Europe, a new Union where they have to integrate. In all senses. I will say more, they will get for nothing serious competitive advantage, which today "the young Europeans" in Europe are not even close.

This will just be the beginning of a process of disintegration of the EU. Any decay is always accompanied by numerous ruptures of economic ties and production chains. Formed immediately out of nowhere a lot extra people who want to eat and continue to live at the same high level of consumption, but no longer have this capability. For there is no work, no money. And the prospects are not very good. It's not Soros came up with. Look at the history of all the great geopolitical and geo-economic transformations. See for yourself. Just Soros knows the story much better than the absolute majority of his listeners and readers.

The collapse is the collapse of the world. And it is very, very big money. More precisely — losses. Much larger than any 20 billion. dollars for some kind of Ukraine.

Europe is happening to blame herself

Well, who else? And why was the chase for more profit and move production to regions of Russia? I wanted to make money on cheap skilled labor? And why was transported to the factories in China and to learn how to consume cheap Asian goods? I wanted to live better and richer for the same money? And what was to expel the street and their workers under the joyful hooting "green" solemnly endure "objects that threaten the environment"? Well, now the Europeans have a beautiful environment. And eat what they will? Don't want to buy an expensive Qatari gas and expensive Arab oil? Wanted cheap Russian energy? Well, well done!

All, gentlemen, the freebie has ended. Their opponents, including Russia, Europe has fattened up and has restored itself. Now the question is simple. The EU IMF to pay for the preservation of health of the Ukrainian military machine to continue the war with Russia in Ukraine to the last Ukrainian, or... would not be the Europe. Not tomorrow. And not even the future spring. The process will take several years. But after the defeat "in Ukraine" it will become inevitable. And the end is predictable.


Well, what's wrong Soros? What is above him "we" stebutsya? Financier literally sees the root, what once again confirms its reputation as a very smart, very shrewd and very pragmatic person. Personally, I want to applaud him only. For once even a hardened and principled opponent, as a financial speculator George Soros, launched an open text "alarming", it means that Russia is doing everything right. The chosen strategy is correct and leads to success.

Success in every sense. From the Euro-Asian Union to save the lives of millions of people to the fraternal Ukrainian people. Yes, infected svidomye national-fascism. Yes, now breaking into a hysterical fit. Yes, still ready to fight with us. But still brotherly. In the end, if someone from your family gets sick, and tossing in delirium, he did not cease to be your family, you do not throw him into the street, right? This is the case. And again, smart people worth listening to, even if they are your enemies.

Alexander Zapolski


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