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The increased competition between European and us financial elites
Material posted: -Publication date: 14-09-2007

Recently there has been a revitalization of the global financial elite, aimed at the redistribution of spheres of influence and control over the distribution of financial flows. Against this background it is clear that there has been a confrontation of European and American financial elite. According to experts, such a confrontation is caused on the one hand, the approach of the global financial crisis and the possible beginning of repartition of spheres of influence in global finances, among the most influential banking houses (the Rothschilds, Warburgs, Morgans, etc.).

Experts, in particular, believe that the change of generations in these families, as well as the emergence of new players could affect the post-world war II distribution of their influence.

So, with continuing aggressive expansion of the us stock exchanges on the European continent since the beginning of autumn of current year the tendency to the cessation of trading shares of European companies on U.S. exchanges. In early September, two large European companies who are leaders in their industries, (German pharmaceutical companies Bayer and the French Publicis Group) announced its intention to withdraw its shares from listing on the new York stock exchange. According to experts, in recent months such solutions of isolated cases turned into a mass Exodus. So, from July of the current year withdrawal from the NYSE announced: the Italian concern FIAT, Swedish VOLVO, German companies E. On and BASF, and Sues French Lafarge, Swiss Suisscom, Dutch Ahold and Akzo Nobel. Earlier about the decision said British Airways, Danon, Adecco, ICI, TeliaSonera and dozens of smaller companies. According to some reports, currently 56% of European companies listed their shares on the NYSE are considering their withdrawal from this trading platform. The formal cause is the high cost of services on the NYSE. It is important that European companies seek to return to those European exchanges, in which small American influence, in particular on the German stock exchange, rather than, for example, on NYSE-Euronext.

Some analysts tend to believe that this behavior fits European companies, in particular in the strategy announced the formation of "continental" stock market, which at the end of 2006, said representatives of the world's largest banks, expressing readiness to create and run from 1 January 2008 the new electronic European stock exchange.

Against this background, the growing competition among world financial centres. Most clearly, this struggle resulted in a confrontation between London and new York.

In addition, over the last months has seriously worsened the situation among the world's largest banks. In the competitive struggle is not uncommon and illegal methods are used. The example of the struggle for the Dutch Bank ABN-Amro, the initiator of which was one little-known American hedge Fund.

In the current circumstances, us banks increasingly difficult to maintain its dominant position. Therefore, it is not random in this situation is the fact that European banks have been most affected by the incident in late summer of the current year of the financial crisis on the market of mortgage securities in the USA. We can assume that the U.S. government will use any means, including and not legal, to maintain the leadership of its banks in the looming global crisis and possible collapse of the world financial system that emerged after the Second world war.

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