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The secret pact of the government of Vuchich with NATO
Material posted: Trifkovič DraganaPublication date: 02-03-2016
NATO formally is responsible for a preservation of peace and safety, but at the same time the actions achieves exactly return results reflected in the number of the ruined states and growth of terrorism. Citizens of Serbia extremely are negative to North Atlantic alliance because of his agressorsky activity, and also, first of all, because of our own experience 1995 and 1999 when this organization bombed us, violating international law. According to researches of public opinion in Serbia, 80% of citizens of Serbia oppose any form of cooperation with NATO. However the power in Serbia doesn't pay attention to wills of a bolshistvo of the population, and behaves so as if it bears responsibility to NATO, but not before Serbian the state which interests she has to protect.

Considerable development of cooperation of Serbia from the NATO is carried out in 2015. The given information can be found on an official site of the NATO (1) where it is told that Serbia has headed for close cooperation by means of acceptance of the Individual plan of partnership (IPAP). Aktivnyye dejastvija Serbia concerning the NATO are ascertained and in Russia. On this theme it was told at final session of board of the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation where the Minister of Defence of the Russian Federation Sergey Shoygu in присутсnвии the president of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin has given the analysis of a military situation in the world (2).

Last year in Skupshchine Serbia the Individual plan of partnership from the NATO (3), and also the contract of the NATO the SOFA (4) by which Serbia is transferred in the order of this agressorskoj to the organisation (5) is accepted. These are agreements allow soldiers of the NATO free transit through Serbia, use of our military infrastructure, and also provide with it immunity. Besides, Serbia has subscribed for exchange by the data about the NATO and EU, destruction of "superfluous" arms, formation of officers according to NATO standards etc. Is necessary for underlining that contracts which the government of Serbia has signed without approval from the population, operate for a long time already. Within the limits of training of the Serbian officers, regulated IPAP TH, in Serbia lecture of the officer of the NATO Mark Shislera in a building of the Joint Staff of the Serbian army on which he, except other, told to the Serbian officers about „Russian aggression“ in Ukraine (6) recently has been spent.


The Serbian management led by Alexander Vuchichem not only operates counter to will of the people, but also very skilfully him deceives about the activity. In the order of the NATO Alexander Vuchich tries to shift responsibility for transfer of Serbia on the previous governments, asserting that the contract on the highest degree of cooperation with the NATO has been signed earlier. However any government to Aleksanda Vuchicha of such contract from the NATO did not sign. Yes, Serbia really in 2006 has joined the military-political program of the NATO „Partnership for the sake of the world“, however this program even close does not mean that level of cooperation which assume IPAP and the SOFA.„ The partnership for the sake of the world “is based on bilateralnom, instead of on strategic cooperation. Russia has joined this program in 1994 g (7) also. The given facts are resulted not for the sake of a praise to this program, and for ascertaining of what was earlier cooperation. If in 2006 Serbia was in such position that has been compelled to co-operate with the NATO on bilateralnom level in 2016 it precisely has no necessity, more precisely, it should not force to strategic cooperation with the NATO. Between circumstances of ten years' prescription and today's - the big difference, a difference in the ratio forces of great powers.

The NATO in today's conditions any more unique world force. On the world scene strong Russia which supports the union with Serbia has returned, and agrees research of the same public opinion wants and 76 % of Serbs. The power in Serbia not only does not take into consideration will of the people, but also does not want to pay attention even to changed circumstances. Alexander Vuchicha's court analysts persistently repeat that it is necessary to co-operate with the NATO - probably, that prime minister Vuchich has subscribed for it personally. It is not necessary to forget that fact that the today's government in frameworks twist an electoral programme spoke about protection of national interests and defined itself as patriotic, and after coming to power has put to Serbia irreparable harm signing of the Bruxelles contract with the Albanian terrorists, an establishment of border from Kosovo and Metohiej, constraint through blackmail of the Serbian people in Kosovo to be on the elections declared by terrorist "power", continuation of pernicious economic policy, sale of the Serbian resources - all it, up to transfer of Serbia to the NATO order. But even there is more to come: that to us is necessary that us to protect the NATO, prime minister Vuchich has in addition humiliated with statements Serbia. Especially he has underlined that the NATO is necessary for us to protect our people in Kosovo and Metohii though to it it very well-known that the Serbian people have endured pogrom under "protection" of the NATO (8).


As the Serbian mass-media are under absolute control, the majority of people in Serbia at all do not know about the self-destructive policy of the power, otherwise, have erroneous idea about events in the country (9). Because of it on streets of Belgrad after signing by the president of Serbia some thousand, instead of some hundreds thousand citizens left Tomislavom Nikolichem of last law confirming the agreement from the NATO. The Serbian mass-media either have held back, or have given to the public false information about the protest organised in the centre of Belgrad, against cooperation with the NATO. In Russian mass-media, on the contrary, it has been much told about events in Belgrad, and also pictures from the protest have been shown. In the message of Russian state television it has been told that thousand people in streets of Belgrad protest against treachery and demands the termination of cooperation with the NATO (10). Similar messages have made all main mass-media in Russia (11).

Then reaction has followed and from the Russian officials. Official predstivitel the Ministries for Foreign Affairs Maria Zaharova has declared, what retraction of Serbia in the NATO is humiliation for this country (12), and also has raised the question, how can protect the NATO Serbs, killing them?

In some days the vice-president of the State Duma Sergey Zheleznjak has declared that Severoatlanticheski an alliance associates at Serbs with the sufferings caused to it more recently, with many thousands human victims, humiliation of national advantage, and also with a material damage put from the NATO. According to researches, 80 % of Serbs do not support cooperation with the NATO, therefore it is necessary to spend along with parliamentary elections and a referendum on which the people could express the opinion apropos sotrudnchestva from the NATO. The referendum is a free democratic form of expression of will of the people, therefore we with the Serbian people underline value of carrying out of this referendum. (13)

On onovanii these statements of the Russian officials we can draw a conclusion that the sight of Russia at Serbia more than is realistic. However the Serbian people for some reasons not in a condition really to estimate a situation in which there was Serbia. First, because of politicians who conclude secret contracts, secondly, because of the mass-media creating a false picture of an event. Even if the information on the concluded contracts is given to the public it is carried out to favourable politicians in the way, that is is indistinct and in such form that this information can be treated in the various image. So the government of Serbia calms the public. At the same time the mass-media which are under control of the government, constantly repeat cooperation with Russia which, ostensibly, develops at the same level, as well as sotrdnichestvo with the euro-Atlantic structures, that is Serbia, ostensibly, equally co-operates with Bruxelles, Washington and Moscow and adheres to a policy of "neutrality". Similar statements have no argument if to consider that the North Atlantic alliance in Serbia has carried out more than Hitler demanded in 1941 therefore Serbia de facto is to the full occupied. Cooperation with Russia, whether it be economic, military or political, consists in constant putting off of contracts. During time posledenego visit of the president of the Russian Federation to Serbia serbskoerukovodstvo has refused to sign the contract according to which employees of the Russian-Serbian humanitarian centre in Nish would receive the diplomatic status. After signing of the contract from the NATO the Serbian power speaks about granting of diplomatic immunity to employees of this centre, considering that thus it is possible to "counterbalance" a policy of "neutrality". The Russian-Serbian humanitarian centre is civil, instead of the military structure, therefore attempt to balance transfer of Serbia to the order of the NATO and granting of immunity to employees of the Humanitarian centre is not meaningful.

Representation about mutually advantageous cooperation with Russia

Additional aggravating circumstance for understanding of political processes in Serbia is use of Russian good will by officials of Serbia. For example, after signing of the contract from the NATO prime minister Vuchich has made an appointment with the ambassador of the Russian Federation in Serbia, and the photos made during their friendly chat, a steel some kind of the message for the public. Besides, mass-media in the last neskolok days it was told about a forthcoming meeting of president Nikolicha with president Putin, and also about delivery of Nikolichu of an award by the Russian patriarch. The meetings spent till the present moment of Vuchichem with the Russian officials are estimated as strategically important though they have not affected in any way the Euroatlantic course of Serbia. Thus government Vuchicha manages to create a false picture of "neutrality" and cooperation with all.

In connection with all to the Serbian public it is extremely necessary for these, besides an award of Tomislava Nikolicha and a friendly chat of Vuchicha with the Russian ambassador, to learn about a real state of affairs and to understand Maria Zaharovoj and Sergey Zheleznjaka's statements. Confuses that one can be understood as the critic, and another - as support.

If the position of the Serbian government has been exposed, the people would be engaged in own destiny more seriously. The Serbian people should a democratic way, that is on a referendum, express cooperation of Serbia with the NATO and about podpisanyh agreements IPAP and the SOFA. Certain political structures have begun petition for a referendum about membership in the NATO, however it is necessary, that the people have expressed, whether it supports close cooperation with the NATO, instead of membership in it. The reached level of cooperation with the NATO is much more favourable to this organisation, than membership in it of Serbia as from present position of the NATO scoops for itself all necessary, but thus has no obligations to Serbia. Agreements IPAP and the SOFA which has signed and were ratified by government Vuchicha, are extremely harmful to the Serbian national and state interests and do to Serbia harm bolshy, than membership in the NATO. But anyway membership of Serbia in the NATO is a question which should not rise at all.

Dragana Trifkovich, the director of the Center of geostrategic researches, Belgrad



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