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Britain out of EU
Material posted: Publication date: 24-06-2016
Britain voted to exit the EU and become the first in the history of the country, went this way. This is evidenced by the results of the counting of ballots cast on the ballot. Formally, the referendum is not legally binding, but to ignore it Prime Minister David Cameron will not be able. Now, as expected, will start the process of harmonization of the terms of the divorce between Britain and the EU. Meanwhile, the first statements on the results of voting confirm that it was a serious "political earthquake" and promises a fundamental change both to the United Kingdom and in the whole EU.

"Now I believe in our victory,— said one of the leaders of the campaign for Brexit, the head of the Party United Kingdom independence (UKIP) Nigel Faraj in that moment, when summed up only half of the polling stations.— We will build a new Europe as a Union of sovereign Nations who will work together to friends, to trade, to cooperate. We can say that June 23 will be our new independence day."

Initially after the polls closed at 22:00 Thursday (00:00 Moscow time) the first public opinion polls testified to the fact that with the small margin win supporters of maintaining the status quo. The counting of votes in the first areas is confirmed. In the end, however, the situation changed. For withdrawal from the EU voted about 52% of the referendum participants. In this category were the majority of those who came to polling stations in England and Wales. The people of Northern Ireland and Scotland, opposed the "divorce" with the EU. The highest score in support of the status quo showed the Gibraltar — against Brexit made 95.9% of residents of the overseas enclave of Britain. The overall turnout in the referendum amounted to 72.1 per cent.

We will remind, in many parts of Britain the vote was accompanied by heavy rains and floods. Speaking on Thursday at the polling station, Farage expressed the hope that the bad weather will play into the hands of eurosceptics: supporters of leaving the EU, according to Mr. Faraj was ready to land in any weather, but the members are not too active part of the opposite camp and could stay home. In the end it seems he was right.

Formally, the referendum is not legally binding. However, British experts agree in opinion that to ignore it Prime Minister David Cameron will not be able. Now the country can expect a series of resignations at the highest level, as well as a long process of negotiations with the EU on the terms of separation. According to senior members of the ruling conservative party, which refers to the ITV correspondent Allegra Stratton, we are not talking about "immediate withdrawal" and "worthy". The head of the European people's party, part of the largest faction in the European Parliament, Manfred Weber said: "the Negotiations should be completed in a maximum of two years."

The results of voting have affected the pound: the British currency has fallen to the lowest levels since 1985. The results caused the shaft to various reviews. In particular, the Northern Irish party "Sinn féin has stated that it considers Brexit cause for reunification with Ireland. The Prime Minister of Scotland Nicola Sturgeon said that this part of the United Kingdom sees itself as "part of the European Union". Earlier she warned that in the event of Brexit the Scottish national party will seek a new referendum on independence for the region.

"Scotland now will be to achieve independence. Heritage Cameron will be a gap of two unions," he wrote on his Twitter page of the British author JK Rowling. A number of politicians and public figures has called on Prime Minister David Cameron to resign. According to experts, if this happens, all chances to lead the conservatives, and perhaps the British government will be the ex-mayor of London Boris Johnson — one of the leaders of the campaign for Brexit.

Already there are the first reaction from the representatives of other countries. "Damn! A bad day for Europe",— he wrote on his Twitter page, the Vice-Chancellor and Minister of economy of Germany Sigmar Gabriel. The Minister of foreign Affairs of Poland Witold Waszczykowski called Brexit a signal that "the concept of the EU needs to change". And the head of the Dutch freedom Party Geert Wilders has called for a similar referendum in his country: "We want to take responsibility for our country, our money, our borders and our immigration policy". "The victory of freedom! As I ask for many years, now need a referendum in France and in other—"") the EU", — said the head of the French National front, marine Le Pen.

The head of the international Committee of the Federation Council Konstantin Kosachev on Friday, commenting on the British referendum, told RIA Novosti: "the Most important integration project in Europe along with the obvious achievements have not solved the main task: to become clear for broad masses of the population".

Paul Tarasenko

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