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"Great replacement". The future of France through the eyes of French
Material posted: Publication date: 05-12-2016
In 2017 France will have presidential elections, which promise a lot of surprises. For example, in past primaries, the Republicans unexpectedly won françois Fillon, although the victory had predicted Sarkozy. The popularity of the leader of "National front" marine Le Pen, who will be nominated from the socialists, which belongs to the current President, françois Hollande, is still unknown.

Whoever becomes President, it is now clear that France is on the verge of great change. The French tend to believe that anything good they will do, the country's growing apathy and fear of tomorrow.
About the present and future of France "Samovar" talked to Francois Mold, dome(François Mauld d Aymée) — teacher, soldier, a participant of the war in Iraq, which has done much for rapprochement between France and the Slavic world.

— What are your predictions for the presidential elections in 2017 are now? Anyone predicting a win? Suddenly appeared Fillon, the growing popularity of marine Le PE. Who is the favorite?

The only thing you can be pretty sure, is the fact that in the presidential elections in 2017, the position of the leader of "National front" marine Le Pen will be strong. People assume that it almost certainly will be the first round in any case, whoever was her opponent. However, in the second round with the same high probability it will lose any of the candidates, whether it is Alain juppé, Emmanuel macron(38 year old Jean-Luc Mélenchon. It shows the public opinion polls. If we assume that in the first round will be fought between candidates from three major political forces — the "Republicans", the Socialist party and the "national front", marine Le Pen will gain 25-30% of the vote. But in the second round of the loser's forces unite against her, and she will not be able to defeat them. Even with a small gap, she loses.

— Who put the transnational elite in this race?

Financial group and the establishment is now watching what is happening and slowly, carefully choose the "right" candidate, whom they will supply. They will defer that decision until the last moment, and while they just watch.

We now have all the state of the nation is characterized by constant expectation of something. Everyone is waiting for that the next year will definitely be better.

But what he wants the French people?

— He doesn't know what he wants. We have reached the state where the entire population is divided into three or four large pieces. By 2016 I see a clear division. The first part is the conservatives, right wing, patriots and even nationalists. They want to protect the nation. It is organic, the indigenous, the French, as they were hundreds and hundreds of years. Basically, representatives of the working class and farmers, their children and relatives.

The second part is "nurture semi-organic" French. The urban population with a globalist consciousness, bourgeois. They are supporters of the socialist party, the socialist left only the idea of the "welfare state".

And the third part is a brand migrants from all over the world arrived in France for a better future. And these people are the most attractive constituency for political parties. Their life depends on a certain state policy. Now, for example, it is not accepted to speak aloud, but we all know that most of different social benefits is on the rise. "The welfare state" has become a state that serves the interests of those who are not native inhabitants.

— If no one's going to do nothing, the situation will not change by itself, will only be for the worse change. Surely no one is trying to do something?

Nobody knows what will happen tomorrow. No one in France knows what to expect France to come. Even those who occupy high positions. Instead of the future we have a huge question mark. This also applies to the social situation and migration, and economic.

We are at a crossroads, at the crossroads of our civilization. Maybe we will turn into a sort of hybrid third world country with a liberal economy, or we return to conservatism to the people who "roots in the ground." The conservative turn will lead to serious change. A huge number of migrants will be forced to leave the country because there will be more of these benefits and advantages, thanks to which they live in France now.

Mass, as always, waiting for a leader who would be all United. Now no there is no such leader. A single person with such a strong charisma and who would say so convincingly, to guide the whole society in any one direction. And returning to the subject of elections, it turns out that none of the available options, the French don't want, and what they want, I don't know.

Whoever becomes the President, he will divide France into pieces that move further and further away from each other.

— You have described is very similar to the Ukrainian model. In Ukraine, too, after the elections the country was divided into two warring sides.

— It is in France always say. There hasn't been a day below somewhere sounded the next version of occurrence of a civil conflict that will divide the country permanently. But the difference with Ukraine is that start such a civil war in France, the country is actually not divided only in two parts, it will be three-four-five, maybe ten. If we draw an analogy, this is more like Yugoslavia, or, to move away from the idea of bloody conflict, the Russian Federation, in which many of the national republics, each of which has its own identity. Except that we have no large Central forces, there are many small. They don't want to do anything together and will diverge further and further in the future.

Muslim migrants also differ significantly among themselves, therefore, I think there will be several dozen independent Islamic communities, which can interact, but it can also quarrel, as between them, too many differences. A sort of city-state, as in the days of the Roman Empire. This fragmentation makes France to become the Caliphate.

However, with the continuing trends, it may happen in the future, in this century. If this migrant community will vote for the President of a Muslim or Pro-Islamic orientation, Sharia may well be the legislative norm. They gradually become a majority, and it is logical if they will elect somebody like that. This is scenario number one. And scenario number two — something in the spirit of post-Roman Empire.

— Total decadence?

— Yes, it's obvious. We in the media and endless propaganda that "don't need to worry, everything is going well". But everyone knows that it is actually bad. That is why the incumbent President's trust rating is only 4%. It's just unthinkable. Any honest Frenchman, if you ask, can't tell what will happen tomorrow. Not in a few years, and tomorrow literally.

However, for French Muslims, it's not so bad, they catch the moment. They are gaining strength in all parts of the country.

All French bestsellers this year on this topic. The best-selling and popular book this year is Guerillajournalist and writer of Laurent Overtones. It's how to plunge into chaos and destroy the country three days after the incident between police and criminal elements.

So we are all thinking in that direction.

— In your opinion, what should you do to prevent this?

Nothing. The European Union has put himself in this position himself and is not going to get out of it. Let's see. France initially positioned itself as a country of the celebration of human rights. Thus, we automatically obliged itself to welcome any citizen who comes to our country from dictatorship, poverty, or just. This wonderful principles. It's great that people who wouldn't have a chance at home, you can come to France and achieve something in life.

But unfortunately, if from Africa come a million people in six months, we will be able to take them all? No more work to arrange them. No homes, where they settle. Here in France is already too much fear and cruelty. We can't match those great ideas from which it all began, to respect human rights.

This was the ideology of post-war, when everything was restored, was built anew, and there was plenty of space for everyone to take it. And now there is no piece of land that isn't being used. You, in Russia, it is difficult to understand this with your vast spaces, which we do not. All built up. Built housing, built dams and power plants. What are we going to build when there is nothing more to build and nowhere?

So philosophy, beautiful in the 1950s, today it creates too many problems for those already living in France. Then the population was 40 million people, is now 70 million, and if we can represent our country in which he lives 100 million, or 200? We came to the point where ideology is completely not true. And people suffer from this.

Writer Renaud Camus has predicted all of this a decade ago. He expressed the theory of the "great substitution." This is a demographic term which he outlined a gradual process, gradual leaching of the European population. People from Africa and the Arab world absorb white Christian France and Europe in General. Europe degenerates and sooner or later it will become a bygone civilization that will be replaced.

After the war, especially between 1955 and 1970 there was a boom in indigenous French families. After that, fertility only declined. So now in France the largest part of the white population over the age of 50. Very soon, within the next 20 years, this generation of postwar children leave. And the appearance of our streets will change dramatically, because, again, the backbone of the white population of France.

— It all looks very pessimistic. ToRheine frustrating and scary to feel part of a dying civilization.

— You know, this is a paradox. We're looking at you, Russia, and the few who still remained optimistic, believe that it is conditional, the Slavs will be able to correct this situation. We believe that someday in the East people will come and "the great replacement" will turn back, and European civilization is still disappears.


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