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Arctic and Antarctic in modern geopolitics

The project is devoted to the actual direction of the assessment of the impact on contemporary geopolitics of climate change and related changes in the Earth's distance from the polar regions. The project is based on the provisions of the strategic importance of the polar regions for the development of modern civilization. Examines geopolitical, military, economic and other aspects of the problem.

DCF will develop a technique to deep-sea mining in the Arctic

The Foundation for advanced studies (DRF) in the framework of the project "iceberg" will seek technical solutions for the extraction of deep-sea deposits of solid minerals on the shelf of the Arctic and the World ocean, reports FPI.

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New fusion shield of Britain designed for the Arctic

This week the Parliament of Britain by an overwhelming majority (for — 472, vs — 117) voted to modernize the nuclear shield of the country.

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To the question about the creation of United Bank of geospatial data on the Arctic and Antarctic

The paper presents the results of the study and the development of common data Bank on the Arctic, sponsored by the USGS, the Service of natural resources Canada Open Geospatial Consortium.

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The Arctic will get active protection

In Russia create a whole family of Arctic armored vehicles, including armored personnel carriers, anti-aircraft missile system, rocket launchers, self-propelled artillery and other combat units. As found "Газета.Ru" Arctic family will receive a special technology active protection, allowing you to escape from defeat and not to get bogged down in the snows and swamps.

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Joint statement of the European Parliament and of the Council of Europe: joint Arctic strategy of the EU

As noted in the document, "peace and stability in the Arctic is important not only for the inhabitants of this region, but also for the EU and around the world." The European Union intends to carry out a key role in the strategic development of the Arctic.

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