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Arctic and Antarctic in modern geopolitics

The project is devoted to the actual direction of the assessment of the impact on contemporary geopolitics of climate change and related changes in the Earth's distance from the polar regions. The project is based on the provisions of the strategic importance of the polar regions for the development of modern civilization. Examines geopolitical, military, economic and other aspects of the problem.

Arctic cooperation: political complexity do not interfere with scientists

Scientific cooperation in the Arctic should continue to develop in terms of sanctions, said RIA Novosti curator of the Russian-German project of the German Institute for polar and marine research them. Alfred Wegener Dr. Anne Morgenstern (Anne Morgenstern), called "impossible" political appeals to argue the exclusive right of Russia to management of the Northern sea route.

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Expert opinion: USA lose to Russia in the race for the Arctic

Russia and China are investing in more and more warm and more open Arctic. And United States thinking on the subject.

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US Navy ready to fight with Russia in the Arctic

Scientists from the Navy has made progress in the application of the Arctic Autonomous underwater vehicle Seaglider. This underwater robot weight of 50 kilograms and a length of 2.8 meters can dive with their acoustic transducers to a depth of one thousand meters. Seaglider, developed and created in the research Department of the Navy to collect data in the ocean can also be used for collection of information under the ice.

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Antarctic crack makes to evacuate the entire research station

Officials responsible for the program of the British Antarctic research, as a precaution, took measures to close for the winter the Antarctic research station Halley VI Research Station (or simply "Halley 6") after just a few kilometers from one of the most remote from civilization Outpost of humanity on the ice surface, a new giant crack.

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NASA found a crack one hundred km in Antarctica

NASA discovered in one of the most vulnerable glaciers of Antarctica giant crack with a length of 112 kilometers. Its appearance indicates the beginning of disintegration of the ice massif and the formation of mega-iceberg with an area of 6.5 thousand square kilometers, according to Live Science.

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