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Battle for Antarctica: Russia is losing ground to China
Material posted: Publication date: 18-07-2018
While our country is closing its Antarctic polar station, China opens a new.
Soon Russia will celebrate the 200th anniversary of the discovery of the South pole. In a huge ice "the pantry" many treasures is a uranium, gold, thorium. And 80% of the world's reserves of fresh water. But do we need Antarctica? We close their polar station. China opens a new.

The oil reserves in the South pole can reach up to 200 billion barrels! Claimed by the geologists and glaciologists. But the need for Russia to Antarctica? Probably not needed! From Antarctica are not very good news: due to the lack of money conserved polar station "Vostok", closed "Leningrad", "freeze" the station "Russian". Today at the South pole we were only 5 permanent polar stations. And recently there were 12... Money on research, no!

But today, the wealth of Antarctica claimed more than three dozen countries. Their claims much talk of Australia, New Zealand, South Korea, France, Turkey and Saudi Arabia.


But while a powerful all in Antarctica turned China. The Chinese authorities decided to increase the number of stations to 10. Today the Chinese are 4 stations"Kunlun", "Taishan", "Zhongshan", "great wall". They are all equipped with the latest science and technology. The Chinese, on their own map of Antarctica is already there and the peak of Confucius, and Shanghai plateau, and the glacier Bear. Even China announced the construction of the polar Observatory. And the creation of a second polar icebreaker. So far in Antarctica has sent the icebreaker "Snow dragon" ("Xue-LUN"), new in his time in Ukraine. Even for flights to the ice continent there is a light polar plane, "Xu eying". He delivers the necessary equipment and fresh food. This Golden corner of the planet, China is diligently Spud since 1984. And today China for scientific research in Antarctica bypasses even the United States. In Antarctica the Americans are 3 station "Amundsen-Scott", "McMurdo" and "Palmer". The number of American explorers - more than 1,100 people ( for comparison - at the Russian stations "winter" not more than 100 explorers).


China scientific achievements at the South Pole... catching up with India. The first Indian station "Dakshin Gangotri" worked at the South Pole from 1983 to 1990. Then he opened a second station "Maitri". And recently, the national research centre for Antarctica has commissioned a new station "Bharati" in the hills of Larsmann. "Bharati" can work in offline mode in extreme weather conditions. At the stage of station design (layout) was tested in a wind tunnel. And confirmed the ability to stand in snow drifts and strong winds. The building was created from the 135 transport containers. They are joined together and covered with a thick insulating shell. This facility has everything for a comfortable stay and work: on the top, third floor of the "Bharati" is the air conditioning, the second floor is occupied by living quarters. They can accommodate 50 explorers. On the second floor are a gym, living room, kitchen, dining room, library and operating unit. On the ground floor there are laboratories, workshops and technical facilities. At the station "Bharati" is the modern equipment, allowing to carry out even the call.


Unfortunately, the Russian polar station Packed much worse. In Antarctica we have nothing more built, and only closed! What is particularly sad - Russia is the country of the discoverer of Antarctica. But in the end we were behind India and China.

Due to funding cuts, says the head of the station "Bellingshausen" Sergey Nikitin.- Why we need to increase the scientific presence of Russia in Antarctica? The activity of the Russian Antarctic expedition was primarily directed to the fulfillment of our country's interests in the region, including geopolitical. The emphasis today is on the North, the Arctic, there is another level other funding. Have long said that research in Antarctica do not need... Why? They are very necessary.

- Antarctica is the best place to watch geomagnetic storms resulting from explosions on the Sun's surface, says glaciologist Michael Platonov. - Geomagnetic storms are the main causes interference in the operation of the satellites, navigation systems and communication networks. It is also important to note that the presence of man on the South pole is similar to what people have to experience in space. Therefore, an important part of the experiment in Antarctica is the study of psychological reactions. It is no coincidence that American astronauts before their space flight training in Antarctica.

But Russia seemingly still space power? So why are you turning your research? And close the polar station?

Are there any particularly pressing problems at the polar station "Bellingshausen"? The explorers do not have enough snowmobiles. They need a new hangar for the storage of products. It is necessary to solve simple everyday problems. Shops at the South pole no. And the warehouse products are stored for months! You have to cook soup from vegetables that are 9 months in the icy cellar. And light polar of planes as China, who return each week to deliver fresh food, we are not!


Today the Antarctic station of the world has become a showcase of the latest achievements... There is no sense to talk about the huge success of the Germans, the British, the French and the Argentines. Russia is lagging in the tail.

It is hoped that suggestions for improvement of life and the equipping of the Russian polar stations you will find, finally, the understanding of the Government of the Russian Federation. Explorers recognized that requests for funding of scientific research in the South pole face protest at the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation. Here it becomes particularly ashamed of our Ministry of Finance: even the country-droplet - Belgium built in the modern Antarctic station" Princess Elizabeth." This ultra-modern station, which fully complies with the environmental requirements. All the energy "Princess Elizabeth" gets through solar panels. Explorers living and working in a comfortable environment.

Recall that the Treaty of 1959, Antarctica does not recognize the sovereignty of any state. But the current ban on commercial resource extraction in Antarctica expires in 30 years. Perhaps it is because China is so rapidly advancing in their scientific research at the South pole? And is building a fifth in a row, perfectly equipped with a polar station?

Russia due to financial limitations continued to curtail research at the South pole.


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