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DA Medvedev "International economic cooperation in the Arctic. The Arctic Economic Council"
Material posted: Publication date: 09-09-2015
For the first time at the system level to study the issue of the organization of economic cooperation in the Arctic. It reflected the basic economic interests of the countries of the Arctic region, contributing to their economic integration. It sets out the problems and prospects of development of the Arctic Economic Council. For a wide range of readers interested in modern problems of international economic co-operation in the Arctic. In recent years, significantly increased the geopolitical importance of the Arctic in the world. It plays an increasingly important role in global politics and economy, becomes the object of territorial, resource and military-strategic interests of several states. Here, in the narrow tangle of intertwined issues of national sovereignty, jurisdiction and the security of the Arctic states, preserve the unique natural environment and the ecosystem, the balance of rights and interests of Arctic and non-Arctic countries.

Of the variety of problems in the Arctic DA Medvedev in his study "The international economic co-operation in the Arctic. Arctic Economic Council ", prepared as part of the NGO" Center for Strategic Studies and forecasts ", emphasizes the increasing importance in the present conditions of the economic component of the Arctic region. In a generalized and systematic way the problem is presented in the scientific literature for the first time.

To work characterized by a clear structure, the sequence of presentation, the diversity of the issues of Arctic issues.

Tags: Russia , USA , Arctic

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