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For building the Arctic? Without standards and on foreign equipment?
Material posted: Gornova Anna M.Publication date: 15-02-2018
Import substitution technologies and materials in the infrastructure of the North, Arctic and Far East.


February 15, in the state Duma participants of the parliamentary hearings to discuss the improvement measures of the state support socially-economic development of the North, Arctic and Far East. The development of these regions is carried out in the framework of the state programs, which are planned for construction and modernization of ports, regional roads, airfields and other infrastructure, including strategically important for the country. What materials and technologies will be provided all these facilities and how much they cost taxpayers? What I face in reality of import substitution and market our domestic producers in the chemical and construction industry and the reasons for this state of Affairs told REGNUMmember of the expert Council under the state Duma Committee on transport and construction Andrey Glukhov:

Thanks to its worldwide affiliates European and American companies working in the field of chemical and construction industry, today thrive on the Russian market. Russian companies that are engaged in identical materials manufacture of compositions for the immobilization of hazardous waste, soil strengthening, waterproofing, structural repairs of concrete, have difficulty, as you have to prove their compliance with the latest international trends. Leading Russian corporations, corporations make demands on the characteristics of materials and technologies, primarily focusing only on European standards. At the same time, the modern Russian standards in the construction industry, the recovery and isolation also directed and harmonized with modern European standards. But, unfortunately, in Russia almost no modern test equipment to obtain the required characteristics to confirm compliance with the world trends. And this is one of the main difficulties. In such conditions it is very difficult to promote a Russian product.

On the one hand, today, the domestic production is used on many, including the strategically important objects, on the other hand, we are forced to depend on European standards. Sorry, no preference for Russian companies there do not work — all materials and technologies offered by a domestic manufacturer, initially equal to European and American. And even though often at a lower price, Russian companies lose tenders. This is the situation today in the regions. In the end, the regions from the state budget to spend taxpayers ' money more, and spend on foreign materials and technologies.

Dependence on European equipment

Such situation has developed from-for unwillingness to develop, since the 90-ies, the Russian standards. Much easier was to be based on European, that is, it is absolutely full harmonization of building regulations with European standards. With 80-ies of the measuring laboratory equipment not designed and are not produced in Russia, was not updated. It is produced only in Europe and quite expensive. All building, chemical laboratory we depend on foreign test equipment — this is the main problem. Now it turns out that the national characteristics of Russian materials in the case of the conversion of European standards, but we need to test them on European equipment.

What you need to do to resolve this obstacle to domestic producers? In my opinion, it's too late. The standards have already been adopted. It is necessary either to provide the Russian laboratory with the appropriate equipment, or to take tests that are conducted on what is, but are calculated according to the European formula. But a number of equipment will still have to buy, which is expensive.

Russian manufacturers are gradually beginning to release a range of testing equipment, but that equipment was taken for laboratory testing (instrumentation), required a very strict certification, so the result should be the same in all laboratories.

influence of China

But there are encouraging moments. Russian and European companies mostly used the power of Chinese manufacturers. And many Russian producers were unable to compete with cheap imports. However, in the last few years in one of the world's centers of production, particularly in China, are increasingly introducing stringent environmental requirements for the withdrawal of chemical plants outside the city, outside the populated areas. Accordingly, rising prices for chemical products produced in China. And this is projected to rise to 40-50% of the value that exists in the present moment. This will allow the Russian chemical businesses to compete seriously with leading foreign companies that have production around the world, including China. And, may give impetus to the development of Russian production. Let me remind you that the major developed countries all their threat production brought outside populated areas, even since the 70-ies of XX century.

About The Arctic

Warming of the Arctic, the reduction of the ice cover, the burial grounds, the problem of disposal and containment of wastes, which have accumulated and those that formed the core tasks in the framework of implementation of state programs that need to be addressed. And we are ready for this, we have the technology and solutions. The main problem in the Arctic is complicated transport accessibility, it is therefore necessary to work with technology that best utilize local resources and which can be easily transformed. In particular, here is an example — thin concrete canvases, compounds which localize water, prevent the spread of contamination and prevent spread of radiation. Waste concrete can be covered with cloth, pour water, and radiation levels will fall sharply. The application of our technology is developed in cooperation with the Academy of civil protection Ministry of emergency situations. Features of application of these materials is the maximum use of local soil, localizing the spread of anthrax from the cattle that we have in the Arctic circle in the Arctic.

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