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Identifies the main threats and challenges of Russia in the Arctic
Material posted: Publication date: 06-03-2020
One of the main challenges of Russia in the Arctic approved by the President the document called building a military presence of other countries and the associated potential for conflict.

The President of Russia Vladimir Putin by his decree approved the basic state policy of Russia in the Arctic for the period up to 2035. Signed on March 5, the document States that the purpose is to protect the national interests of Russia in the region, and the implementation of prescribed measures should, in particular, to prevent the start in the Arctic military action against Russia.

The main threats to the national security of Russia in the Arctic, in particular, are named:

  • the decrease of the population;
  • low level of development of social, transport and ICT infrastructure;
  • the slow pace of exploration of prospective mineral resource centers;
  • the delay in construction of icebreakers and other ships for the Northern sea route;
  • the slow pace of development of domestic technologies required for Arctic exploration.

In a separate article in the document highlighted challenges in the field of national security in the Arctic. Among them include:

  • the increasing military presence of other countries in the Arctic and the associated potential for conflict;
  • to discredit Russia and the attempts of other States to revise the basic provisions of the treaties governing economic activity in the Arctic, or to refuse from their use;
  • impeding economic activity of Russia in the Arctic;
  • the incompleteness of the international legal delimitation of the waters of the region.

The document notes that the Russian authorities have already done much for the country's interests in the Arctic, including established group of forces capable of ensuring security in the region "in various military-political conditions". However, the combat capabilities of this group, in accordance with the document, needs to improve. In particular, there are prescribed to improve the system of integrated monitoring of air, surface and underwater conditions and to modernize the military infrastructure. The share of modern samples of weapons, military and special equipment as part of the Arctic group named as one of the main indicators of the effectiveness of the state policy in the Arctic.

Putin approved document also mentions the need to improve the quality of life of the Arctic population, accelerating economic development and improvement in the environment.

Eugene Kalyuk


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