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The expansion of Chinese interests in the Arctic raises concerns
Material posted: Publication date: 17-02-2018
The administration of XI Jinping clearly stated intent of China to expand influence in the Arctic and to strengthen marine position in the Arctic ocean for the first time published a White paper on policy in this region.

Beijing said that the country, which has neither territorial waters, nor in the Arctic, has the right to free exercise. China is ready to take a more active part in various Affairs of the region.

Beijing has called the route through the Arctic ocean, "Arctic Silk road" and stressed the intention to develop and use this direction. China called for the participation of various countries, it is connected with great economic idea of "One belt, one road", which is formed of silk passing by land and sea.

As for the "One belt, one road", China is investing heavily in ports, Railways and other infrastructure, thereby increasing their own importance. Experts believe that it also intends to provide itself with military bases. In the South and East China seas, Beijing has ignored the statutory regime.

It is quite natural that the countries concerned have concerns in connection with the actions of China in the Arctic.

Due to melting ice caused by global warming in the Arctic ocean has increased the number of zones for shipping. All the way from Japan to Europe is reduced by 40% in comparison with the route through the Suez canal. Experts also note that in this region a lot of gas, oil and other natural resources. Increases its importance both from the point of view of economy and safety.

The problem is that amid the clash of interests of various countries, the international rules have not been developed. There is no agreement similar to the Antarctic Treaty, which rejects any claim to territorial sovereignty and enables the use of the region exclusively for peaceful purposes.

USA, Russia, Canada, Finland, Denmark and other Arctic countries virtually monopolized the Arctic, forming the Arctic Council.

Russia is positioning itself to ensure its own interests in the Arctic as a priority military tasks. Under the guise of preventing accidents it has established its own rules in accordance with which the Russian icebreakers are required to accompany ships passing through the Arctic ocean, and charge for it. This allows Russia to reap the economic benefits.

In 2013, Japan, China, the ROK and other non-Arctic countries became non-permanent members of the Council, but the voting rights they have. It is important to keep saving the Arctic countries and to ensure the free and stable use of the Arctic.

In 2015, Japan has formulated its policy on the Arctic. It is impossible not to recognize that it is lagging behind China, which is developing relations with Finland and other Arctic countries, whose major icebreakers crossed the Arctic ocean.

If you start the active use of the Northern sea route, the Chinese court will be more likely to pass through the Straits of La Perouse, Tsugaru and Korean Straits. It is unknown how this will affect security of Japan. The authorities need to devise an appropriate strategy.


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Zlobber (18-02-2018 12:02:22)

Китай поступательно расширяет зону своего влияния. И угроза Китая для России постоянно растёт. Чтобы там китайцы на официальном уровне не заявляли.

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