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Fishing is a strategic factor of socio – economic development of the coastal areas
Material posted: Gornova Anna M.Publication date: 25-10-2019
On 23 October the Agency at a meeting of the Board of the Union of fishing collective farms of Russia discussed the socio-economic development of coastal areas, government support measures and Grado Poselka forming enterprises of the fisheries sector working in the agricultural production cooperative, as well as excessive requirements for transport security and Maritime safety in relation to fishing vessels of such enterprises.

On 23 October the Agency at a meeting of the Board of the Union of fishing collective farms of Russia discussed the socio-economic development of coastal areas, government support measures and Grado Poselka forming enterprises of the fisheries sector working in the agricultural production cooperative, as well as excessive requirements for transport security and Maritime safety in relation to fishing vessels of such enterprises.

The main report on the improvement of legislation monitoring of legal acts in the field of fisheries was made by Deputy Chairman of the Board of Rosrybolovstva, expert of the project "Marine policy" Center for strategic assessments and forecasts of Petro Dzhunkovsky. "Today the efficiency and competitiveness of fishing companies is determined by the renewal of fixed assets – construction fleet, onshore processing facilities and port facilities. Therefore, without investment quota fisheries management organizations are compelled to renew their fixed assets. But for the fishermen the necessary guarantees of stability of legislation. This will allow the regions to concentrate on growth points and improve the lives of the people of the fishing villages to stop the outflow of people," outlined the basic problem Peter Dzhunkovsky.

He noted that in the Strategy of national security of Russia also are tasked with saving the population in the outlying territories of Western, Northern and far Eastern basins. In the Orders of President Vladimir Putin in his may decrees focuses on the development of small and medium-sized businesses, business moves and international cooperation.

"The government should put before the fishermen the main task - to feed the Russians fish, and the fishermen have to put on the table the Russians high-quality and affordable products. Instead, the fishers need certainty, guarantees for raw materials and centralized financial and organizational support. For example, the recent changes proposed by FAS and the Ministry of Finance today is all exactly the opposite – the government puts in front of the fisherman completely different task - to earn money to Supplement the budget. For authorities at different levels has become more important increased revenues for the state Treasury through taxes and auctions. The state began to see the fisherman one of the sources of income in the form of collecting various taxes, and the fisherman in the state fiscal system, which should be avoided by all legitimate means. Can here as inspectors of the fishermen and permanent amendments to the legislation?", - lamented the current industry situation, the representative of the fishermen's Union.

The meeting was voiced by such statistics – on the Okhotsk coast of Khabarovsk territory for the last 15 years, from 28,5 thousand persons of the population remains 6,5 thousand. Fishermen in the framework of the TOR began to revive on the coast of the shipyard, but given the recent legislative amendments, the project had to be stopped. In the Kaliningrad region for the same reason, suspended the design and construction of 14 small boats.

During the meeting a suggestion was made for socio-economic development of the coastal fishing villages to introduce the mechanism for quota fisheries management organization, the fishermen's cooperatives and collective farms, which are Grado and Poselka forming for rural areas and bear the social burden, through the construction of social infrastructure on the ground. The state offered to support socially-oriented fisheries management organizations that with enough resource can take over development of coastal areas. Organizations that are today part of Rybakkolkhozsoyuza do just that, ranging from programs Available to fish, feed fish to the local kindergartens, schools. Because from the mainland, the fish will not come back, in this case, the power is only used local fish.

It is possible to do on the principle of "quotas under the keel", only investments in this case are directed to the social sphere of the coastal villages. In this case, social quotas combined with the production quotas for commercial and coastal fisheries will become an impetus for the development of rural areas.

About excessive demands in terms of transport security and unsustainable burden on regional businesses said the Chairman of the Board of the Kaliningrad regional Union of fishing collective farms Oleg Tverdokhleb. "We have fulfilled all the conditions of transport security, has spent 15 million rubles. However, the results of subsequent verification of the FSB showed a negative result. The proposed measures do not become a barrier to potential terrorists who can enter the company. In fact, Fisher's event No. 16-FZ does not solve the problem of transport security and do not reach the goal. These cost the economy nothing, and our companies will be the damage caused. Therefore, the Kaliningrad regional Duma came out with a legislative initiative to correct this situation. A bill introduced in the State Duma and is in terms of consideration of bills in Committee on transport.

There is a consistent opinion that we have in the country monetary and financial policy is very well established, but to economic policy there are big issues. In the Kaliningrad region a year ago, formed on average new businesses 6 thousand, liquidated 4 thousand. Now this trend seems exactly the opposite. Businesses do not sustain the financial press. Sooner or later they will be even less in the economy, nobody will invest and the budget will be nothing to do," opined the Kaliningrad fishermen Oleg Tverdokhleb.

Participated in the Board meeting the Deputy head of the Federal Agency for fisheries Peter Savchuk, said to avoid the changes of "historical principle" to introduce a clear programme for the whole industry, which will show you how much each tonne of resource, each company in the industry invests in the development. "Will these questions to prove. Rebooting the industry has taken place. As a whole are good. Assessment of banking sector profitability 45%. There are issues that must be addressed. In my opinion – these are questions of core enterprises of the Northern areas. We see that here it is necessary to create conditions stimulating these areas, localities have a significant social component to the state. That's what soon we will have to seriously address.

Addicted to exports while the domestic market is one of the essential questions. There is no regulatory framework to deploy. On the one hand, we need a corresponding impact on exports, but to feed people is more important.

Regarding the fishing regulations - it is an important issue, there are problems in the fishing regulations, in regulation. Fishing tips today raised to the level of Deputy head of the Federal Agency," - said in his speech, Peter Savchuk.

In reducing requirements for transport security and Maritime safety Peter Savchuk has noticed that in Russia these issues will follow international standards and IMO requirements. "Yes, in some cases absurd, when we have some businesses where we have no passenger terminals and certain conditions that require such measures. But in any case, the minimum requirements should be and we should act accordingly. Possible, considering the decrease on the categorization of fishing vessels", - said the Deputy head of Rosrybolovstvo.

Regarding Maritime safety, Peter Savchuk also noted the need to pay more attention to the safety of people's lives, Recalling that any craft working people, and even in the boat they have to work in life jackets, the life jackets need to purchase and minimum requirements on safety of navigation to perform. "Very few think about the lives of people turn around here, this is the important part. The ship, the crew is prepared from the Bank", - concluded Peter Savchuk.

Following the meeting, the Agency's current situation was commented coordinator of the project "Marine policy" Center for strategic estimates and projections, member of the Section on marine and river transport Expert Council under the Committee on transport and construction, the State Duma, Anna Gornova: "- At a very low level of life of population, Russia is now rising to a leading geopolitical position – that is the current global trend, which requires improvement of national legislation on a particular strategically important state policies, including the fisheries management and industry. The country has a good resource base, since the Soviet Union left a good Foundation, but the transition from a system to a planned approach gives rise to intra-industry failures and inconsistencies in the regulatory framework, which directly affect the efficiency of production. A lot has to fix and debug in "manual mode". While the political result is always the balance of external and internal. Lately more marked emphasis on foreign policy, the export of fish and agricultural products. In the export fishing industry set a high bar – to increase the volume of foreign trade of fish and seafood to 8.5 billion dollars a year from the current 5.2 billion. However, it is necessary to pay attention inward, to the efficiency of its domestic markets and processes. How effective are the proposed legislative mechanisms for the internal development of our self-sufficient country? For Russia, the fishery must be considered as a factor of geopolitics and socio-economic development of the coastal areas.

Fishing farms have us live according to the CPC, as the agricultural production cooperatives and work the law on agricultural cooperation, and not the law on joint-stock companies".

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