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Transport and logistics in the Arctic. The Northern sea route course far East. Issue No. 2/2016
Material posted: Publication date: 15-12-2017
The publication consistently describes the main challenges of an integrated approach to the creation of a national multimodal transport corridor, based on a year-round operation, including the Northern sea route and gravitating to it meridional and latitudinal river, road and railway communications, as well as the airport network.

Deals with creating a single management body - the transport operator, of construction of transport-logistic infrastructure in the Arctic areas, specific projects such as the Northern latitudinal railway, Murmansk transport hub, Belkomur, the opening of the Arctic container line Murmansk - Petropavlovsk - Murmansk etc. Each section is presented by recognized experts in their field. The undoubted advantage of an almanac is a systematic approach to the topic, which is that when considering the problems of transport infrastructure development are discussed in detail the issues of international cooperation, communications, navigation, meteorological support, transport and environmental safety education. Edition of the book prepared by non-profit partnership on development of transport "international transport Academy".

ISBN 978-5-94836-437-7

Tags: Arctic

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