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NN Zubov "Russian Arctic"
Material posted: Publication date: 01-05-2015
We bring you the transcript of a public lecture by Professor Doctor of Geographical Sciences N.N.Zubova RUSSIAN ARCTIC, read by the author in the lecture hall of the Central Union Society for the Dissemination of Scientific and Political Knowledge in Moscow. In the mist of the past. Arctic Robinsons. Proceedings of the Russian polar explorers XVIII-XIX centuries. Our country - the birthplace of the ice-breaker. Research in the Arctic in the early XX century. Soviet polar explorers to conquer the Arctic. The Northern Sea Route - the brainchild of the Soviet people. The station "North Pole." Soviet trans-Arctic flights. The drift of the icebreaker "Sedov". Triangle at the "Pole of Inaccessibility." Weekdays Soviet polar explorers. Conclusion.

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