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Culture and art in the geopolitical context

Culture and art are an integral part of the development of any society. Moreover, a strong culture characterized by a strong society, dominant in a particular civilization. Cultural expansion is nothing more than, as one of the strongest and most dominant instruments of "soft power" to examine the role and place of the geopolitical centers of power in the contemporary world order can not be left aside questions of Cultural development and interaction. It is dedicated to the new project.

Everyone is talking about NFT. What is it and how to make money on it?

The world's first SMS was sold at auction as a work of art in December of this year.

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Aestheticization in postmodern conditions as a basis for the stabilization of international relations

The problem of violence in society was extremely topical at almost any point in history and regularly attracted the attention of various authors - from the philosopher T. Hobbes, to the psychologist S. Pinker or the economist D. North. However, is it possible to say that the format of the use of violence in the modern world has evolved? It is obvious that the intensity of interstate wars in the XXI century has been reduced in comparison with the XX century. However, is this change irreversible and what is the reason for this decrease? We believe that it happened not so much due to changes in the political or economic structure of States, but due to the transition of violence into the field of aesthetics.

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Online education in the era COVID-19

One day in March 2020, with dozens of teachers and teachers desperately preparing for the inevitable. Campuses across the country began to close at the speed of light, like dominoes, when the coronavirus was spreading faster and faster, and before the countless number of teachers stood an impossible task - to transfer their students to online learning. However, sufficient resources in 2020 have only developed country in the world, and how to deal with schools and universities in the regions where the training program involves outdated teaching methods? To this question, unfortunately, no one has found the answer.

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Victor cat: the revival of the brig "mercury" it is our duty to memory

Each person must be a dream. Without a dream life is not obtained. Because dream is like the guiding star of life, which persistently leads to the goal. Here and Victor the cat goes to his dream of the rebirth and preservation of the glorious history of the black sea fleet. Largely thanks to him in Sevastopol has been lost covered the heroism of black sea sailors Patriotic tradition.

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"When art connects with the Kraft": the publishers of the online media about technology, AI, and life

The basis of the article is the transcript of a round table with our November conference "Contenting 2018". Speakers – Maxim Gradev (, Sergey Baryshnikov (, Evgeniy Volnov ( and Roman Hudonogov ( shared their experiences and gave tips to budding authors and journalists. Does it make sense to open your own media – read under the cut.

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