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Bicilli P. M. "the Tragedy of the Russian culture"
Material posted: Publication date: 21-02-2013

The book includes articles on the literature and culture of outstanding historian and philologist of Russian émigré Pyotr Mikhailovich Bitsilli (1879-1953).

The first section includes fundamental studies of Pushkin, Vyazma, Gogol, Tolstoy and Chekhov. The second section familiarizes the reader with articles and reviews of Bacilli. The book contains extensive commentary, an index of names and titles. As applications, first edition Foreword and biographical sketch of P. M. Bitsilli from the work of A. P. Meshchersky "Notes and materials for the bibliography of Russian teachers in higher educational institutions of Bulgaria. 1920-1944".

Bicilli P. M. the Tragedy of the Russian culture: Researches, articles, reviews / Ed., will take. the article comments. M. Vasilyeva.
Moscow: Russian way, 2000. ISBN 5-85887-073-2




Tags: Russia , culture

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