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June 8-World Oceans Day
Material posted: Gornova Anna M.Publication date: 08-06-2021

        On June 8, the planet celebrates World Oceans Day. In connection with the latest global threat to humanity in the form of a pandemic, ecology and everything related to ensuring a safe living environment have come to the forefront of the world agenda. It is gratifying that today the transition to lighter fuels is already underway, and Russia is already talking about the rejection of plastic, digital monitoring of integrated port security, the need for changes in the pilotage management system, the possibilities of preserving and restoring biodiversity through aquaculture, and many other promising areas for the development of civilization. There are also new challenges to the inhabitants of the Oceans, including such as the increase in the number of underwater cables on the seabed. But first of all, the Ocean is traditionally associated with its influence on the planet's climate. One of the most urgent demands of society today is still the topic of climate change, the warming of the Arctic, and the degree of human influence on these processes. The Marine Policy Project of the Center for Strategic Assessments and Forecasts congratulates everyone whose life and profession are connected with the multidimensional transcendental substance and potential of the Ocean on the Holiday dedicated to the water Element.

Coordinator of the "Maritime Policy" project»
Center for Strategic Assessments and Forecasts
Anna Gornova.

        On this significant Day, we decided to present a different view from the usual one on the topic of climate change, the role of the Ocean and the development of our Universe. Yuri Tarasov, an expert of the Marine Policy project of the Center for Strategic Assessments and Forecasts, Doctor of Economics, author of the theory of socio-noospheric transitions, Vice-Rector of the International Academy of Noospheric Education, Vice-President of the Association of Aerospace, Marine, Environmental and Extreme Medicine, shares his concept of climate change and the transformation of the face of the Earth against the background of the evolution of consciousness in the age of Aquarius.

        - The weather in the house is created by the spouses and their environment, respectively, the weather and the investment climate in the Russian state is the prerogative of the management. But each TV channel has its own kitchen for feeding the people, and they compete in terms of the degree of heat and the predicted heating temperature of the watching audience. Therefore, the temperature may even differ by 1-2 degrees - nothing human is alien to us. To some extent, by shaping their way of life, humanity also influences changes in the weather through the numerous emissions of operating enterprises, the ever-increasing volumes of sewage into rivers, lakes, seas and oceans, and other gas emissions of cars and not only. By weather, according to generally accepted geographical concepts, we mean the physical state of the lower layer of the atmosphere at a specific point in space at a certain point in time with the main determining parameters: temperature and humidity, atmospheric pressure, wind, cloud cover, precipitation. But as we enter the age of Aquarius and quantum transitions, we are increasingly aware of our limitations in the influence and formation of the climate, since this is within the competence of the Creator and the design features of the Universe. By this we mean certain, surprisingly precise and mathematically determined parameters of the celestial mechanics of our universe and the greatest influence of the Sun and Moon-the regulators of annual and daily cyclic rhythms. The inclination of the earth's axis at an angle of 66.5 degrees to the plane of the earth's orbit is the main reason for the different conditions of scattering and absorption of the earth's surface of sunlight in the zones of the North and South poles, the Equator. Daytime heating and nighttime cooling determine the daily rhythm.

1. The sun as a viviparous mind creates its family according to strictly verified programmed time and mathematical parameters of the appearance of each of the planets;
2. The live-born core of a new planet, probably, in its composition should resemble a kind of a certain amount of plasma, packed in a primary electromagnetic polarized shell and mass precisely placed in the orbit of rotation. The orbits act as a stator winding for the operation of the entire huge dynamo;
3. The resulting plasma compaction contributes to the production of water vapor, which turns the primary shell of the nucleus (a certain combination of nuclei) into a membrane with an ionic gradient-a structured surface gradually saturated with condensed vapors of a weak electrolyte water solution - the future World ocean with salt water;

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