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Sea policy

The national sea policy is a definition by the state and society of the purposes, tasks, directions and ways of achievement of national interests of the Russian Federation on the sea coast, in internal sea waters, in the territorial sea, in an exclusive economic zone, on the continental shelf of the Russian Federation and in the high sea. The state and society act as subjects of national sea policy. The state carries out national sea policy through public authorities of the Russian Federation and public authorities of territorial subjects of the Russian Federation. 0bshchestvo participates in formation and realization of national sea policy through the representative bodies of the Russian Federation, local governments and public associations acting Constitutions of the Russian Federation and the legislation of the Russian Federation on the basis.This project is devoted to reflection of realization of national sea policy of Russia, problems on the way of her realization and ways of their overcoming.

Moscow hosted the VII session of the IECCA

7 November in Moscow in the walls of the University. Gubkin, Moscow hosted the VII annual meeting of the International expert Council on cooperation in the Arctic (IECCA). The theme of the meeting in 2019: "Information technology in the Arctic: navigation, communication, control." Moderated plenary session chair of the International expert Council on cooperation in the Arctic, Dean FKB TEK Gubkin Russian state University of oil and gas (national research UNIVERSITY) im. Gubkin Sergey Grinyaev. In the plenary session IECCA was the signing of the partnership agreement RSU them. Gubkina with the concern "Morinformsistema-Agat", as well as the presentation of the 5th edition of the international Yearbook "Arctic review".

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Ice pilotage

Legal support of activities of pilot organizations in General is in urgent need of reform, because it's a glitch allows you to manipulate the law and allow Russian ports in the pilot work of private companies, the objectives of which is expressly contrary to the purposes of pilotage specified in the merchant shipping Code of the Russian Federation. But the greater problem there is another small part which requires urgent attention and can be a huge impact, that's the ice pilotage in the waters of the Northern sea route. It is not actually settled, although it is of great importance for environmental protection of our Arctic territories from the impact of the international chamber of shipping and is one of the international legal obligations of Russia. V. egorkin, state marine pilot since 1974, pilot commander of the SPb since 1992, President of the Association of sea pilots of Russia since 1995, honored worker of transport of the Russian Federation, candidate of law.N.  

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Russia until 2035 have a 10-fold increase in the export shipbuilding strategy

28 Oct. FINMARKET.RU Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev said on Monday that it has signed a development strategy of the shipbuilding industry until 2035. "The main goal is to increase the share of Russian ships, Russian ships in the global shipbuilding market, especially in the civilian sector. According to the strategy until 2035, the volume of exports is expected to grow almost in 10 times - to 25 billion roubles", - Medvedev said at a meeting with Deputy Prime Ministers.  

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The share of non-oil exports of the Rostov region of 43% exceeded the average for Russia

Rostov oblast is in the top ten regions-leaders in exports to Russia. The share of non-oil exports of the subject is 75%, while the average for the country is at 32%. These data were presented at the meeting of the parliamentary group on socio-economic development of the Rostov region in the state Duma. This "Maritime news of Russia," said a member of the Section of Maritime and river transport of the Expert Council under the Committee of the State Duma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation for transport and construction Anna Gornova.

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Pilots change

The organization of a pilot quality assurance is an international obligation of a coastal member state of the IMO (international Maritime organization), enshrined in IMO resolution A. 159 (ES.IV). Pilot support is actually a services for ship owners, at their expense, quality, completeness and stability of which is guaranteed by the state. On vessels of foreign flag, the pilot is the official representative of the port state. Pilotage is compulsory in difficult to navigate areas in cramped conditions in the port waters, and often in areas densely populated port cities where maneuvering vessels with dangerous goods. The possibility of providing commercial pressure on the pilot side of the ship/cargo owner should be completely excluded.

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