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Sea policy

The national sea policy is a definition by the state and society of the purposes, tasks, directions and ways of achievement of national interests of the Russian Federation on the sea coast, in internal sea waters, in the territorial sea, in an exclusive economic zone, on the continental shelf of the Russian Federation and in the high sea. The state and society act as subjects of national sea policy. The state carries out national sea policy through public authorities of the Russian Federation and public authorities of territorial subjects of the Russian Federation. 0bshchestvo participates in formation and realization of national sea policy through the representative bodies of the Russian Federation, local governments and public associations acting Constitutions of the Russian Federation and the legislation of the Russian Federation on the basis.This project is devoted to reflection of realization of national sea policy of Russia, problems on the way of her realization and ways of their overcoming.

Commercialization of safe navigation it is necessary to exclude the law

For several decades, the evolution of pilot services in the world came to the principle of universal service. The work of the pilots refers to the sphere of public interests of States. The purpose of pilotage the safety of navigation and preservation of marine ecology. In their evaluations, and the actions pilots must be independent from the influence of the commercial interests of private individuals, ship owners, cargo owners, owners of the terminals. The leading Maritime countries do not allow yourself market competition of pilotage services within the pilotage district, as a negative factor influencing the safety of navigation. In a pilot sector competition is conducive neither to improving the quality of services or reduce its value, but on the waters and the infrastructure, you get a double and triple burden. To such conclusion the international practice, this is the position of European and International pilots Association (EMPA and IMPA).

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In Russia cream pilotage funneling into private pockets

Problems of organization of the system of pilotage service in Russia inform-24 commented on the Federation Council members and experts. The situation with the failure of the constitutional court Decision was delayed for years and requires urgent legislative action. In July, the state Duma scheduled for consideration made by members of the Federation Council bill No. 889303-7 "On a pilot service".

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With Oceans Day!

8th June is world Oceans Day (World Ocean's Day). The processes occurring in the depths of the oceans, determine the existence of the ecosystem of the entire planet Earth. The surface area of the World ocean, which includes oceans and seas, is about 71% of the Earth's surface. The oceans are the lungs of the planet, providing most of the oxygen necessary for breathing. The ocean shapes the Earth's climate, absorbing more than 30% of the produced carbon dioxide, which mitigates the effects of global warming. Up to 90% of volcanic activity occurs under the ocean that existed on earth for 3 billion years before humans.

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June 8 - world oceans day

Vladimir Sinyagovsky, a Member of the State Duma Committee on transport and construction, congratulates everyone with the world oceans day.

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The world ocean holds the secrets of the origin, development and change of civilizations

Modern science does not know exactly how the water appeared on our planet in such huge quantities. As surface the volume is reported with a different underground, what is the role of one or the other? But recent studies of Russian and foreign scientists to the fore derive the concept of the Earth as a living system, and water - like quasi-crystalline structures - "thinking Ocean", has a memory and associated with the structure of the physical vacuum. In the hierarchy of paired nano, micro, macro, megasistem water also delegated acceptance - transmitting properties.

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