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Sea policy

The national sea policy is a definition by the state and society of the purposes, tasks, directions and ways of achievement of national interests of the Russian Federation on the sea coast, in internal sea waters, in the territorial sea, in an exclusive economic zone, on the continental shelf of the Russian Federation and in the high sea. The state and society act as subjects of national sea policy. The state carries out national sea policy through public authorities of the Russian Federation and public authorities of territorial subjects of the Russian Federation. 0bshchestvo participates in formation and realization of national sea policy through the representative bodies of the Russian Federation, local governments and public associations acting Constitutions of the Russian Federation and the legislation of the Russian Federation on the basis.This project is devoted to reflection of realization of national sea policy of Russia, problems on the way of her realization and ways of their overcoming.

Private pilots are drifting to the shore

The Ministry of transport supported the creation of a unified state pilotage service, discussions about which are the years. Another bill on the establishment of service will soon consider the state Duma.

04-06-2020 Gornova Anna M. 24353 0

Pilot service in a market economy

On consideration in the state Duma a draft law № 889303-7 creating a state pilotage service of Russia, in connection with which there is fierce debate between supporters and opponents of the bill. In a situation when the problem is not solved for more than 15 years, when more than 15 years for some reason to the end not executed the decision of the constitutional court to get to the truth and fact is very important to find the source. Highlights of the draft bill, which is being prepared to 1st reading, inform – 24 commented one of the founders of pilotage movement for the independence of Mr egorkin. Since 1974 Vladimir Ivanovich spent 18 years of seagoing vessels in the port of Leningrad as a state marine pilot, from 1992 he was in charge at the port of St. Petersburg non-state pilotage organization that since 1995 has hosted the work of non-state pilotage organizations, founded by the Association of sea pilots of Russia as its President and represented the interests of pilots in the session of the constitutional court of the Russian Federation adopted a Resolution dated 06/04-2004 n 7-P. currently, Vladimir is an expert at the Center for strategic estimates and projections.

25-05-2020 Gornova Anna M. 14858 0

Support for SMEs

About how to live today, the small fisheries in the regions, what support they need and the support measures for small and medium enterprises that have already been taken by the Government, commented parliamentarians and experts.

21-05-2020 Gornova Anna M. 16814 0

Hybrid war tests the strength of the system

Hybrid warfare is a combination of various components such as economic and financial pressure, false and real attacks, influence, propaganda, information restart attitudes and values, psychological programming with defined targets, funding humanitarian missions, local and international coalitions, the implementation of the cyber attacks on the critical infrastructure and the whole sector, which ultimately has the ultimate goal of redistribution of resources and bioprogramming. However, direct military actions are applied locally, or without them at all. This optimization huge spending budget best.

10-04-2020 Gornova Anna M. 10892 0

The quality of the delivery and storage of fish products will see digital technologies

IT control the delivery of catches Upon delivery to the buyer in the Central regions of the fish with the far Eastern and Northern seas are three important core values – sustainability, product quality and final price. A key indicator of quality control is the observance of a temperature mode of delivery and storage. Unfortunately, the quality of transportation of railway structures do not always meet the requirements of cargo owners, and the necessary refrigerating units during fishing season are often lacking. And when you have to settle for what is available, what here quality of transportation.On the railroad shippers also face the problem of untimely delivery, and on the highway and does sometimes go missing trucks with a catch. And yet the producers of shrimp, for example, go from the railroad to trucks, because there is no guarantee observance of temperature mode of delivery. Yes, it is much more expensive, but no risk of loss of product quality.

08-04-2020 Gornova Anna M. 8990 0

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