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Material posted: Publication date: 04-07-2021

And forty years later, when the secret archives are opened, the USSR's first nuclear submarine with ballistic missiles and its first crew, led by Captain I rank Nikolai Zateev, will be nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize.

The climax of this drama is presented quite differently in the Hollywood film "K-19: Leaving widows" (2002), where the accident became the basis of the entire plot. In the minds of many who watched this action, and before or after they heard or read something about those events 60 years ago, truth and fiction, facts and fakes, as they are now commonly expressed, are so mixed and intertwined that it is impossible to restore the real picture without the help of professionals. And we know such a professional. This is Professor, Doctor of Sciences Viktor Strelets, who in July 1961 was a foreman in the electrical and technical division on the K-19.

From the first person

Unfortunately, our filmmakers have not yet taken up the film adaptation of the K-19 story. Probably they are afraid of the wrath of the gods, who for some reason did not like this submarine.

And the second is the desire inherent in the script to show that the Soviets cannot be trusted with such serious equipment as atomic weapons. And as long as they have it, the world will remain under the threat of a global catastrophe ... Along with spectacular shots showing the heroism of military sailors eliminating the accident of a nuclear reactor, the film is replete with far-fetched scenes that show the crew and our commanders not from the best side.

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