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The main task of Russian Association of fishermen to preserve the "historical principle" allocation of quota
Material posted: Gornova Anna M.Publication date: 26-05-2018

May 24, 2018 General meeting of the nonprofit organization "Russian Association of fishery enterprises, entrepreneurs and exporters," (BUT "VARPE") with the participation of representatives from 67 of the fishing companies and industry associations. The meeting was attended by the Deputy Minister of trade and industry of the Russian Federation Oleg Ryazantsev and Deputy head of the Federal Agency for fishery Peter Savchuk.

Presenting to the General meeting a report on the work of the Association for the year 2017, the President of VARPE Herman Zverev focused on the "core tasks". In particular, significant work was undertaken on amendments to the decree on investment quotas and the allotment of shares in quotas, the functioning of technical controls on vessels, interaction with the European Commission on the consequences and the algorithm of the Technical regulations of the Eurasian economic Union "On safety of fish and fish products and introduction of mandatory electronic certification". Together with the Russian Union of Industrialists and businessmen participated in the forum "fishing industry - legal aspects of development - 2017", which discussed topical issues of legal regulation of activities of the fisheries sector.

The President of the Magadan Association of fishermen Mikhail Kotov, a member of the Council VARPE said active and efficient work of the largest branch enterprises of the country: "At the Federal level, many issues of the industry. The position of VARPE, supports the head of the state Vladimir Putin. It is also important that we were able to move away from confrontation with the Federal Agency for fisheries. There are big plans for cooperation with the trade unions. In 2017, much has been achieved, there is still a lot of serious work". At the suggestion of Mikhail Kotov and other participants of the General meeting a report on the activities of VARPE in 2017 was adopted unanimously.

At the General meeting identified the main directions of the Association activities for the year 2018. "The main task of VARPE this year is the collaboration with other public associations, enterprises and organizations of the fisheries industry to preserve the "historical principle" and to ensure renewal of contracts of allotment of shares of quotas", - said the President of VARPE Herman Zverev. Among other priorities – research in the field of financial-economic substantiation of the optimal tax regulation in the industry; participate in the improvement of the legislative base in the field of aquaculture to improve land relations, as well as in assessing the efficiency of instruments of state support of the enterprises of aquaculture; preparation of proposals for development of the state program "Development of fishery complex of the Russian Federation for the years 2015-2025"; participation in work on protection of interests of fishery enterprises from unfair competition and to educate Russian consumers of fish and seafood about the benefits of products made from domestic water biological resources.

During the General Assembly of the agreement between the Ministry of industry and trade of the Russian Federation and VARPE "About interaction and cooperation in the field of shipbuilding and technical regulation of the construction of fishing vessels". Currently, the fishery companies have signed contracts with domestic shipyards for the construction of 33 vessels (20 large, 12 medium and one light-duty). The total investment in the modernisation of the fleet is about 110 billion rubles.

According to Deputy Minister of industry and trade Oleg Ryazantsev, today is a dialogue between fishing industry, industry, shipbuilding and government, and the Agency is open to suggestions on the part of fishery managers on the issues of shipbuilding.

"We expect representatives of your industry suggestions on how to move forward, how to build the appropriate court where we have shortcomings. We very much hope, working in the framework of the agreement with VARPE, to receive your constant feedback. And we won't dwell exclusively on the construction of the ship, we plan to address the issue of authorization of marine equipment. We would like you to participate in this work, we hope for your support in the implementation of industrial policy," addressed the participants of the meeting Oleg Ryazantsev.

Head VARPE Herman Zverev stressed that the Ministry of industry and trade in the near future will be the most important regulator, so it is very important to maintain a dialogue between Federal agencies and industry representatives. Such a dialogue, turning into a debate arose on the General meeting. The controversy revolved around the theme of state support of new vessel construction by the fishing industry.

On the progress of the bidding campaign for the renegotiation of contracts on securing a share of quotas of extraction (catch) of aquatic biological resources (ABR) the participants of the General meeting informed the Deputy head of the Agency Peter Savchuk. Only from 1 April to 10 may, the Agency has received 4836 applications of securing a share of quotas of extraction of VBR on a new 15-year period, of which 2962 application of the far Eastern pool 701 – Western, 598 – Volgo-Caspian, 549 – North and 26 in the Azov-black sea basin. Despite the fact that in bids received has revealed numerous errors, in most cases, the bidding Commission shall take a decision in favor of the fishermen. In addition, Peter Savchuk said that on 24 may, the Agency has concluded with the fishermen of the North pool of 24 contract for the provision of quota for investment purposes, in accordance with which will be built 24 fishing boat.

The meeting also adopted a decision approving a member of the Council VARPE President GK "Antey" Ivan MANOVA and adoption of the Association's membership two new members of the Association of fishing enterprises of Sakhalin oblast (ARSO) and Fishing cooperative "INYA" (Khabarovsk territory).

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