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The marine community should be more vigorously involved in a positive transformation of the country and the welfare of the people - the VII Congress of the Russian movement fleet support
Material posted: Publication date: 22-10-2018
Sea, river community of Russia, workers of the oldest branches of transport and representatives of the most high-tech, requiring higher skills and special collectivist psychology, branches of the Armed forces should more actively to realize its powerful potential in the processes of positive transformation of the country and the welfare of the people. This was stated by the participants of the VII Congress of the largest marine national voluntary organizations - the all-Russian movement support fleet (DFT), which began on 19 October his work at the Moscow state Academy of water transport.

About 200 delegates, elected from more than 60 regions and more than hundreds of guests, representatives of state authorities, professionals, business, education and expert communities to discuss the achievements and shortcomings of ongoing DFT for 27 years, a large-scale system supporting all components of the Russian Navy – the Navy and coast guard of the FSB Border guards, marine (transport), river and fishing fleets, shipbuilding and ship-repairing industries, marine science, small boats and yachting.

The Russian presidential aide Igor Levitin appreciated the activity of the DPF system to meet its programmatic objectives and functions. "The government always listens to the competent opinions and decisions based on collective industry experience, he noted, urging enthusiasts fleet increasingly rely on digital technology. "You need to learn more about digital technology, to make good sites in all regions where the DFT to provide the audience and attention to vivid and creative initiatives of the Movement, including among young people, which they truly deserve", he stressed.

"Thanks for a job well done joyfully and of itself, but it is especially nice when this work is joint. Let me Express my sincere gratitude to the leadership in the face of the constant Chairman of the movement of support fleet captain 1st rank of reserve Mikhail Petrovich Nenashev, but also to all the members of the Movement, nearly three decades working tirelessly in the interests of the Russian Navy," - said Deputy Minister of transport of the Russian Federation – head of Federal Agency of sea and river transport, Yuri Tsvetkov.

According to him, "an active and aggressive rate Movements has long been a major factor in the life of the fleet, waterway transport, ship-building industry and scientific and educational activities in the industry. Especially the role of Movement in finding solutions to important challenges for the industry and the most pressing issues of promoting Maritime education to the necessity of the normative content of the waterway infrastructure. To the authoritative opinion of the members of the Movement is heard in the highest circles of power, comments and suggestions are taken into account in norm-setting activities".

Yuri Tsvetkov also said that today it is especially important to preserve the historical heritage, the transfer of the Maritime traditions from professionals of older generations to the current cadets and students, the education of the younger generation of love for their country and to the chosen profession, thanking DFT for the great work in this area.

First Vice-President of the United shipbuilding Corporation Leonid Plows, Director of the Department of shipbuilding industry and marine equipment of the Ministry of industry and trade of Russia Boris Kabakov, the head of the Federal service for intellectual property Grigory Ivliev, other distinguished guests and more than 20 delegates were in favour of enhancing the participation of DFT in the search for optimal solutions of socio-economic development of the country, the establishment of the Movement reputable expert sites, and also the youth wing of the organization.

Chairman of the Movement, captain 1st rank of reserve, candidate of political Sciences Mikhail Nenashev has summed up the results of the first day of the Congress DPF, noting voiced in the speeches of the delegates readiness for sea and river communities to participate more actively in the solution of problems of development of the industry, many of which, according to him, are associated with weak governance and recruitment of staff not on professional qualities, and the degree of personal loyalty to superiors. "If this principle had prevailed in the Navy, in Russia it wouldn't be",- said Mikhail Nenashev, promising on the second day of the Congress coinciding with the 322-th anniversary of the establishment by Peter the First regular Russian fleet, after the traditional wreath laying to the monument, to discuss with the regional delegations of the Movement objectives in the new phase of the history of DFT and of the Russian Fleet.

On the same day the Congress elected a new leadership DFT, including the Board, Central Board and the auditing bodies of the Movement.

Chairman of the all-Russian movement support fleet on new four-year term re-elected, captain first rank of reserve, candidate of political Sciences Mikhail Nenashev.


DFT, whose motto is "Together for Russia and Fleet!", founded on 10 September 1991. On this day in Moscow a group of naval officers, riverine, rybopromyshlennikov, scientists, teachers, shipbuilders created the Public Council on preparation for the 300th anniversary of the Russian fleet, which was subsequently converted into all-Russian public movement of support of fleet.

In 2017, the DFT became a laureate of the Russian biographical Institute "man of the year" in the nomination "state administration Bodies, companies and organizations of the year." The list of awarded institutions and organizations-laureates of the Movement of naval enthusiasts turned out in decent company, immediately after the International military music festival "Spasskaya tower" in front of the State memorial and natural reserve "Museum-estate of L. N. Tolstoy "Yasnaya Polyana".


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