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Christmas Sea unites the whole World
Material posted: Gornova Anna M.Publication date: 27-12-2017

This concludes the 2017-th year. The river was deep, navigation is favorable. Adopted the key and learning the industry laws as the Law on ports, Law on cabotage and others. The ports comes the digitalization and naturally optimizes many processes. In the past year legislated investment tax, which will be used for the renewal and development of infrastructure of ports. December marked the first shipment of LNG in the port of Sabetta on the "Christophe de Margerie". In 2017 were a lot of good achievements. And all that has saddened and grieved, will carry some of his final days.

Shipping, mostly international, that combines all the best achievements of modern civilization. Sometimes I like to look at newly constructed modern vessel, it has its own special beauty, aesthetics, clear and close to the sea soul.

What have we to speculate what accents to do the following 2018, the year and the coming years.

First, it is the development of our inland waterways. In this area we have a large development potential and the prospect of removing the excess load from other types of transport.

Second is the development of high - speed hydrofoils. Such a fleet in its modern design will transform our major rivers, the black sea resorts, the coast of the Baltic sea. These vessels have good export potential in the countries of the Mediterranean.

Third, what should be the focus for the development of the entire Maritime industry, to attract vessels in Russian ports is to increase the culture of service. A modern port is a complex concept, consisting, including more than a dozen of port and services, which inevitably are used by the shipowner. The result of the state policy in the Russian ports should be optimally balanced, harmonious service system of the ship. Such reform requires today international competition and movement in the Maritime economy of the BRICS.

Goes down in history the year of the environment. We all know how much waste is still dumped in the seas and oceans. Environmentally friendly technologies are coming, but, unfortunately, not so fast. We must take care of our smaller brothers - the dolphins and whales, fish and sea birds, about the flora and fauna of our waters. It is an essential element in the development of Society, which needs to be aware of. Seas and Oceans are the Keepers of the Earth. The sea absorbs a huge amount of negativity that inundated the modern world in the spiritual sense, and reflects the stars pure light. The people of the sea, they like this. Russia for centuries - a great naval country.

The sea unites people and countries across the globe. It feeds, enjoys, is the medium for business, work and leisure, it inspires works of art. The sea is a mirror of our world, it gives a sense of depth.

Coming in 2018-the year I wish the Maritime community awareness, harmony, prosperity and success! Let come true your most ambitious and daring plans! In these days of the Christmas sea unites the whole world. Let it enchants and inspires everyone for its beauty, strength and nobility.

Anna Gornova

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