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About the staffing situation for the fishing industry in Kamchatka
Material posted: Gornova Anna M.Publication date: 23-10-2017
At the plenary session of the WEF, which was held in Vladivostok on September 6-7, the Russian President Vladimir Putin urged regional authorities and the Ministry to participate actively in the formation of portfolios of projects that require concessional loans and guarantees and support. The government was instructed to develop and approve a training programme for key sectors of the economy of the far Eastern Federal district. The document should be directed to the development of education, professional orientation and support of youth in the labour market.

Our fish of the far Eastern territory did not remain in the future without the working-age population and skilled personnel, tasks set by the President the officials have to perform, and measures to take in time, i.e. now.

How are things going with the staff in the fishing industry in Kamchatka, we told the native fish of this region Ermilina Jan. The family history of Ermioni closely associated with the sea. In the interview Jan and fishermen has set out the main measures and steps that should be adjusted in the industry. Published these proposals.
"Long wanted to write about this suggestions. Fishermen with the problems I personally encountered in real life. My father goes to sea for more than 43 years, husband works in the sea regmechanic, the eldest son also regmechanic, and the youngest son is studying at KSTU in ship engineering and is also planning to link his life with the sea.

DFO is basically extraction of aquatic biological resources. In order to prepare staff, it is necessary that these frames saw a future in the fishing industry.

  1. After graduation the young specialist in the enterprise or the vessel has to wait for the teacher-mentor and the example of "do as I do", that they are trained to assemble and repair lines, Refco, engine, etc. For this we need to encourage to pay extra for the old experts-veterans.
  2. Employment in the fishing company (mining, processing, etc.) of the young specialist to oblige these enterprises to employ on a permanent job, not temporary contract (only at the time of the flight, season, etc.) as it is happening now. This will allow the young specialist to the possibility of obtaining a mortgage, and later in their own homes. At the moment Kamchatka (and I think not only) banks deny loans and mortgages to everyone who works at sea not on a regular basis, and they are, unfortunately - the bulk, and because of this the guys after training do not go in the sea. Ideally it would be nice if banks with builders agreed and gave the fishermen a mortgage.
  3. Many companies in the contract for temporary employment at the time of flight does not give out second copies of the contract. This is done in order not to have grounds to go to court, if at the end of the flight have not been paid. Or if in the sea there is an accident, not to pay compensation. This situation is accordingly also does not encourage a young person to connect his life with the sea.
  4. Mandatory to require fishing companies to contract with monitoring. Ie before going to sea, the master of the ship shall enter into a contract with the vessel and give his call sign, or the relatives are unable to enjoy the talks and send a telegram to the fisherman in case something happens in the family.
  5. In the contract it should be spelled out the types of aquatic biological resources and the prices they planned to catch in flight. In this case, the fisherman knows what fishing FBG, he goes and how he gets under the catch. At the moment, the fishermen only after the flight when you receive wages surprised to find that they worked almost for free, which consequently also is not inspiring to go on a voyage of 6 months. While permut ship in the port, the specialist must be prescribed wages not less than 30-40. Now, this amount is 15 thousand rubles."


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