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The ocean is a source of beauty and health
Material posted: Gornova Anna M.Publication date: 08-06-2022

Every year, by decision of the UN General Assembly, World Oceans Day is celebrated on June 8. All over the globe, this Day unites the marine community, ichthyologists, dolphinarium workers, divers, ecologists, as well as people who care about the future of the planet. On this day, events dedicated to the interaction of the ocean and man are traditionally held. In 2022, the motto of the holiday is "Rebirth: Joint actions for the ocean".

Garbage islands" and microplastics, industrial waste and household chemicals, excess fertilizers from fields, petroleum products, fishing, noise pollution disrupt the life of marine life and ecosystems and food chains. Any decisions affecting the Ocean ecosystem, be it underwater mining, innovative water desalination projects and others, should be taken responsibly and carefully.

The ocean gives oxygen, healthy nutrition, beauty and health to a person. And today we will tell you how the resources of the Ocean are used for humans in modern pharmaceuticals and cosmetology using the example of international cooperation between Russia and Germany in this area.

For the World Ocean Day, the German company Heutepharm presented its therapeutic cosmetics on the Russian market: creams under the symbolic name "Black Caviar" and "Red Caviar". 100% natural composition and effectiveness makes these products indispensable and convenient for the beautiful half of humanity, striving to look flawless. The creams are based on natural extracts from black and red caviar, with the help of which the skin is tightened, becomes smooth and elastic, intensively saturated with moisture and useful substances. Marine components protect well from bacterial infections.

The presentation, which took place on the morning of June 7 on the eve of the holiday in the Moscow office of the company, was attended by experts from the Center for Strategic Assessments and Forecasts.

"Heutepharm natural cosmetics are used by millions of women in the world, and now this opportunity has appeared among Russians. In this example, we see an eco-friendly production of deep processing of aquatic biological resources for a wide consumer who is waiting for a 100% natural product. As we can see, despite the sanctions difficulties, international cooperation is developing. The world is united by beauty and health, the source of which is the ocean. I would like to emphasize that Heutepharm supports and actively promotes the culture of fitness, healthy eating and lifestyle through movement, the development of mass and professional sports and cooperation in these areas. The effect of the products increases significantly in combination with movement, fitness and sports training," Anna Gornova, coordinator of the Marine Policy project of the Center for Strategic Assessments and Forecasts, shared her impressions of the event.

Galina Hegai, an expert in cosmetology and nutritionology at Heutepharm, spoke about the production technology and careful handling of Ocean bioresources.

"Our company is a leading European supplier of medical and cosmetic products using environmentally friendly components. To date, among the countries purchasing Heutepharm products are: Portugal, Morocco, the Netherlands, Canada, Luxembourg, Belgium, Bulgaria, Austria, Italy, Poland, Romania, Mexico, Colombia, Bahrain and others. The geography of supplies is expanding. At the moment, a little more than 100 basic products are produced. Among them there are exclusive developments for which there is no competition at all. Nowhere in the world do they produce such. All these products appeared on the Russian market thanks to direct deliveries from Europe to Russia by the Russian joint stock company "Dar".

Heutepharm has not only its own production, but also its own laboratory. Cosmetics are made from natural raw materials of the highest quality and have passed the strictest multi-stage control. Nano technologies, modern technical capabilities, the latest equipment of our laboratory allows us to produce products that meet all international standards. In the production of cosmetics and medicinal products, the resources of the mysterious North Sea, which has not yet been fully explored, are used. Face and body creams, under the talking name "Black caviar and "Red caviar" are made on the basis of extracts of natural black and red caviar. Fish of sturgeon and salmon breeds are caught from the waters of the North Sea, and after careful removal of caviar is released back into its natural habitat."


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