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Material posted: Gornova Anna M.Publication date: 29-12-2020

The power plant serves as the heart of a fundamentally new energy used to power the propulsion of aircraft - "plates", power plants, hyperliteral with gamma rays 0.01 nm., detecting the properties of particles. The lasers to Hyper lasers, along with the defense industry can be applied in the national economy: drilling extra-hard rocks, cold cutting without sparking over large distances, the burning of garbage, cleaning of water bodies, the elimination of oil spills on land and water surfaces, for the decomposition at the molecular level explosives, destruction tornadoes, energy transfer, etc. of the Proposed aircraft in the form of a disc, apply to aircraft for flight in the air and the vacuum of space, i.e. its movement in space does not depend on the air environment outside. However, it does not apply to jet aircraft. The use of plasma and magnetic energy fields, instead of an explosive fuel on Board, eliminates noise effects and absolutely silent flight.

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