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Sea policy

The national sea policy is a definition by the state and society of the purposes, tasks, directions and ways of achievement of national interests of the Russian Federation on the sea coast, in internal sea waters, in the territorial sea, in an exclusive economic zone, on the continental shelf of the Russian Federation and in the high sea. The state and society act as subjects of national sea policy. The state carries out national sea policy through public authorities of the Russian Federation and public authorities of territorial subjects of the Russian Federation. 0bshchestvo participates in formation and realization of national sea policy through the representative bodies of the Russian Federation, local governments and public associations acting Constitutions of the Russian Federation and the legislation of the Russian Federation on the basis.This project is devoted to reflection of realization of national sea policy of Russia, problems on the way of her realization and ways of their overcoming.


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Russia is the first country in the world to confirm the status of hydroflight as a sports discipline at the state level. From September 9 to 12, the Rowing Channel of Moscow in Krylatskoye hosted the Russian Championship-2021 in water-motor sports. This is reported on the website of the Russian Federation of Water and Motor Sports.

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On the eve of the Fisherman's Day, I would like to say about the upcoming transformation of the fishing industry.

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The key trends of the modern world are digitalization and the fight for the environment. Russia, remaining at the epicenter of these discussions, continues to solve the problem of reorienting cargo flows to its own ports and developing the Arctic infrastructure. It is not surprising that at the recent St. Petersburg International Economic Forum, much attention was paid to discussing these issues.

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