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Enhance comprehensive security – a priority in the work of sea and river transport
Material posted: Gornova Anna M.Publication date: 30-06-2018
This and other questions were discussed at the meeting of the Board of Rosmorrechflot, on 29 June under the chairmanship of the Minister of transport Eugene Dietrich. The meeting was attended by representatives of the Ministry of transport of Russia, Rosmorrechflot, organizations in the industry.

The Minister congratulated the participants on the upcoming professional holiday, and also read the congratulation to employees and veterans of the industry on behalf of the Chairman of the government of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev.

In the framework of the agenda the participants discussed the issues of port state control on inland waterways, the implementation of Rosmorrechflot powers to dispose of land located within the boundaries of the seaports and on inland waterways, as well as eliminating limiting plots.

In his speech Eugene Dietrich noted that sea and river transport are one of the most advanced and high-tech industries of our country. So, the Russian President in address to the Federal Assembly and the Decree of 7 may set a number of strategic objectives. Until 2024 instructed to increase the capacity of ports, cargo traffic along the NSR should reach the level of 80 million tons per year. Separately, there are the problem of increasing the connectivity of our country, increasing the capacity of inland waterways.

Transport Minister recalled the success of the industry. "The turnover in our seaports increased significantly in the last years. For the first half of 2018, the growth amounted to 3%. Need to further develop and increase this potential," he said. As the main mechanism for the execution of the presidential Decree is considered the focus of all types of transport for solving the problem of increasing the capacity of sea ports. In this work the port needs to be closely linked to the activities of railway workers and motorists, ensuring delivery of cargo in ports.

As said Eugene Dietrich, one of the strategic objectives of securing national security is the development of the Arctic zone and the Northern sea route and the Far East. There has been a significant growth in the importation and exportation of goods in the Northern sea route, in the first half, this indicator rose by more than 50% and amounted to over 6 million tons.

Actively pursuing plans to work with the Rosatom in the development of SMEs. "The important synchronization of the efforts of the Ministry of transport with the work to be undertaken by Rosatom with the support of private investment. This will require careful and consistent linking of the efforts of shippers and operators, in accordance with the volume of the delivered cargo," – said the head of Ministry of transport. Continues the construction of the icebreaker fleet and lockmasters courts. In the past year, primarily for the merchant Navy, earned an important measure of state support – ship recycling grant. This allows you to encourage the construction of a new fleet.

Among the priority challenges for the industry – the elimination of bottlenecks on inland waterways. Eugene Dietrich recalled the start of construction of Bagaevskiy waterworks, as well as active design of the Nizhny Novgorod hydropower. "I urge the rivermen together with the regions, primarily in the Volga basin, to study the issue a regular passenger service. Not to leave without attention of our passengers, you need to prepare the concept for the development of inland navigation and linking the high-yield types of transport with the tasks that face us and the regions, associated with regular shipping," said he. In the development of commercial traffic noted the need for measures to promote the use of inland navigation for transportation of bulk and heavy cargoes.

A key challenge remains the improvement of transport security, the protection of transport infrastructure against unlawful interference. "The issue of transport security is multifaceted, it must be addressed comprehensively and systematically, with the use of innovations and intelligent transportation systems," said Eugene Dietrich. He also drew special attention to the elaboration of measures related to fire safety on marine and river vessels.


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