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The perfect half of an aquabike and a hydroflight
Material posted: Gornova Anna M.Publication date: 13-10-2021
From September 9 to 12, the Rowing Channel of Moscow in Krylatskoye hosted the Russian Championship-2021 in water-motor sports.


From September 9 to 12, the Rowing Channel of Moscow in Krylatskoye hosted the Russian Championship-2021 in water-motor sports.

Over the past 10 years, there has been tangible progress in water-motor sports: equipment has been modernized, new equipment and new disciplines have appeared – hydroflight and motor surf. It is especially pleasant to emphasize that the Russian Federation of Water and Motor Sports (FVMSR) began to hold a separate women's competition, thanks to which more and more beautiful girls began to come to these sports, whom we saw at the competitions. About them, who took the gold, today will tell the "Sea News of Russia".

In the women 's competition in the lower freestyle , the first step of the podium tookEkaterina Mishenina (Krasnodar).  The best among women in two disciplines at once, in the discipline of ring racing (athletes performed on standing aquabikes ski division) and in slalom (a discipline without power restrictions and tuning of a jet ski) becameKristina Sarkisyan (Moscow).

In the most beautiful form of water-motor sport, which is increasingly conquering the audience at almost all resorts and recreation areas on the coast of Russia, in the discipline - hydroflight, the country's champions were determined this year for the second time in history. The hydroflight was registered by the Ministry of Sports of Russia at the end of 2019. As a result of the joint efforts of the Ministry of Sports and the Federation, Russia became the first country in the world to confirm the status of hydroflight as a sports discipline at the state level. In 2020, in August, the first National Championship in this discipline took place in the Moscow region. Russia became the first in the world among 58 member countries of the International Water-Motor Union (UIM) to hold an official national hydroflight Championship. And already this year, 2021 - the second. In the most stubborn struggle of the best , he wonAlexey Mishustin, silver atAndrey Smirnov, the bronze medalist wasAlexander Bars. Men have demonstrated an exorbitant level of complexity of their programs, in the performance of some elements they have no equal in the world. In the hydroflight Ladies competition , a Muscovite woman became the winner in the NWMSR Hydroflight Cup among womenMirella Gruzdova. Recall that on the eve of a week earlier on September 4, Mirella won the Moscow Championship in the category of hydroflight Ladies and silver in the overall standings on a par with men. The athlete told the Sea News of Russia about how she came to this sport.

 "This year I graduated from school and entered the Russian State University. Kosygina. I studied at an ordinary Moscow school, but our class teacher was a physical education teacher Victoria Grigoryevna Luchko. Physical education as a subject was quite strong, classes were always interesting, we were engaged in basketball and volleyball sections, participated in various city competitions, and in the 11th grade I received a gold TRP badge. These points helped me when I entered the university. The first time I got on a flyboard in the summer of 2020 at the Berezki base near Moscow, where we rested with my family - and it was the usual rental equipment. Professional riders from the show group often came to the base to train, their training was something out of the ordinary for me at that time and gathered a lot of spectators on the shore from among the vacationers. I tried it several times and it came to me, I liked this incomparable feeling of flying over water.

Already after the summer vacation, I came there to train, and then, this summer, after passing the Unified State Exam, I came to the viewing section in Moscow - the Federation. I was given a coach, Andrei Smirnov, and I began to train with him. It turns out that I trained for about half of last summer and half of this summer. In the section, they helped out with equipment and equipment, the guys are all very friendly, talented, help each other, prompt in training in learning complex elements.

The training process itself and, of course, the competition, where I managed to show my maximum at the moment "here and now" is incomparable happiness. Aquabike championships almost everything that took place in Moscow, I attended as a spectator, starting from the age of 4. I want to say that today anyone who likes this sport, and who sets a goal for himself, can practice and achieve high results, win. But the execution of some elements requires courage, fearlessness, high coordination. Therefore, professionals, our instructors and trainers are always with us. I am very grateful to everyone who put their work into my victory."

The special guest of this sports tournament wasValeria Vershinina, is the first world champion of 2019 in the discipline of hydroflight Ladies. Her high-amplitude flight performance graced the program of the competition day and pleased the audience. Today, Valeria tours a lot, performs in flyboard shows in cities of Russia and the world.

The Russian Championship ended with the evening freestyle show of the Federation "Space Odyssey", which was attended by the best riders of Russia, as well as the winners of the current Championship in freestyle and hydroflight –Sergey Chemezov andAlexey Mishustin. For the first time, the "Space Odyssey" was presented to the viewer in 2015 at the closing of the Eastern Economic Forum in Vladivostok, after which the show is shown at major international events, including the Hydroaviasalon in Gelendzhik. And this time, it was timed to the Day of the City of Moscow.

The evening ended with a solemn ceremony of awarding the winners and prize-winners of the Championship.

Anna Gornova

Coordinator of the project "Marine Policy" CSOP

Published in the newspaper "SEA NEWS", No. 13, 2021.


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