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Will have to think on three
Material posted: Gornova Anna M.Publication date: 23-06-2018
At the forum Russia and South Korea in Vladivostok became an important component of the North Korean factor.

The eighth Russian-Korean forum in Vladivostok, as in previous years was devoted to search of ways of development of bilateral cooperation in the most promising sectors of the economy.

But the peculiarity of the discussion of many issues this time was the increased interest of South Korean participants in the development of trilateral cooperation, with the inclusion of large-scale plans of North Korea. Political developments on the Korean Peninsula can open additional opportunities for projects in many areas.

It is noteworthy that the Russian-Korean forum would seem to have strong agreement about the meeting of leaders of North Korea and the United States (obviously, the two sovereign Koreas fail to reach agreement without the involvement of uncle Sam) started to gain uncertainty. However, optimism about the future cooperation with Russia into a single bundle with North Korea did not leave the South Korean guests. Once everything needs to go in a positive direction of political stability in the region. And only she can truly release the energy business interaction based on obvious economic benefits.

Invitation to a technological breakthrough

The tides in the economic cooperation of our countries and the same powerful reversals are observed for many years. The political swing will stop anyone, even a risk, businessman. If so, even the projects of national level constantly stray from the intended rhythm, not to mention the small private projects. However, this time the South Korean partners are more resolute.

The current President of the Republic of Korea established the Committee on economic cooperation in the North. At the site of the Eastern economic forum last year presidents of our countries have identified nine key areas of cooperation. It sets a new tone for the discussions.

- Main axis of interaction can become a trilateral project, said the Director of the Department of planning and cooperation Committee on economic cooperation in the Northern direction of the President of the Republic of Korea Kim sung Jin. - The most urgent project is the connection of railway's TRANS-Korean and TRANS-Siberian Railways, as well as connection with transcritical expensive. This is our plan. We also hope the resumption of the transportation project, "the Rajin - Khasan". For the implementation of these plans must, of course, to finish some sections of the road, as in Russia and South Korea. These projects will cover the Northern region, continue through the Northern sea route, it is possible to develop a global project in the transport and logistics sector.

The Russian far East is increasingly becoming an area with a high competitive environment. Neighbouring countries are realizing their projects (the Chinese "One belt and one road", the Mongolian "Steppe route", several Japanese projects and Nordic economic policy of the Republic of Korea with its plans), rely in varying degrees on the cooperation with Russia. In fact, the program of the forum in Vladivostok, initiated and organized by South Korea, was tailored to the interests of this country here. The cluster for logistics was associated, including, with possibilities of joint development of cargo transportation via the Northern sea route, which the Koreans, by the way, called "the way of the XXI century". "This is not only a transport route but also the development of the Northern territories and their resources," said Yang Chan-Ho, President of Korean Maritime Institute.

According to Kim Seong Gin, the development of the Northern sea route can form a system platform for "breakthrough success" in technological cooperation between our countries, will enable the achievement of the "fourth industrial revolution", which is currently experiencing the Republic of Korea. It is necessary to look at recent history, says Korean official, when after the Soviet collapse a large South Korean company found in Russia, the original advanced technology used in the production of cell phones, appliances. Russia needs to establish the commercialization of scientific developments, what you can do within the special technological clusters or innovation centres.

In the framework of technological cooperation is promising and the theme of shipbuilding. Russian companies, stimulated investment quotas, are planning to build vessels, and in any case, upgrading fishing fleet - a current goal for the next decade. But "we need these ships were built in our territory, it is necessary to set up joint companies in our territories", - said General Director of "South Terminal" Arslan Visaitov of the Sakhalin region.

The representative of the Korean company CJ Logistics Dream Ki Seok advises the Russian fishermen do not "get excited" and not to build immediately a large number of ships at Russian shipyards. While in Russia will create modern designs that meet all international requirements, including environmental, you can use the lease to South Korean courts, which today is not enough work.

And fish and things there

In General fish theme is, perhaps, one of the real areas of cooperation. Several years of Korean businessmen promoted the idea of building a fish processing complex on the Nazimov Peninsula in Vladivostok. And there are many reasons.

Today China is the hub in the field of fish processing and a major supplier of processed fish products on the world market, - said the Director of the research Department of marine policy Korea Maritime Institute Chan hon Juice. - This scheme is established, Mature and if you don't come on the market very strong player, it is difficult to break. But China has a rich resource base, it only has the Finance and technology. If our Nations worked together, to establish cooperation, Russia could become the second strong player in this market and, perhaps, even a legislator. But the Korean company rybopererabatyvajushchej industry are small enterprises, it is difficult to find funds and information. And building cooperation with Russia, they often don't get a sufficient answer. So, according to the agreement, we had to start implementing the project for construction of fish processing complex at Cape Nazimova, but still have not received a rating from the Russian side.

At the same time, a company representative from Busan "KTI" Kwon Ki-Hyun, also expressed interest in participating in the construction of fish processing complex at Cape Nazimova, noted that while Russia is building its fishing fleet, she could use the Navy of the Republic of Korea: "if we can agree on Korean vessels access to Russian waters for fishing, it would create a good prospect, but this is difficult to negotiate."

Not to mention that the construction in Vladivostok of the fishing industry with the Korean investment are long - lasting. The project could not be implemented because it is still "expensive" and "coveted" foreign investors can not obtain the land for him. Every time listening to discussion of this project at the next Russian-South Korean forum, feel a sense of deja vu. And increasingly I wonder: when did this happen?

Price fork

The forum actively discussed the energy agenda, particularly the debate was the issue of cooperation in the gas industry. And my task, in the discussion of issues of cooperation in this field on this forum, the South Korean participants identified as follows: "to raise awareness of Russian partners on how to establish the gas market in Korea." According to them, if earlier in the Asian gas market prices were determined by long-term contracts and, despite market volatility, remained for the parties to the transactions stable, but now the situation is changing in this respect dramatically. The market moves on short-term contracts.

Today the Korean gas market are as follows: one-third of the supply is accomplished by Qatar, another one-third, the United States, and only 5% of the total volume of gas purchases Korea is in Russia. At the same time, the Republic of Korea, implementing their plans in the field of environment, social policy, is interested in increasing gas supplies. This fundamental difference in what it would be gas - pipeline or LNG - no. It is important that we build trust, noted Korean speakers. And, of course, spot transactions is also important.

No need to "find the rabbit"

Once again, the Korean participants of the forum talked about the fact that it will be difficult to achieve the goals of priority development of the Far East, if there is no inflow of population. And for this you need to create a social environment. And this is a very pragmatic task - for new projects need highly qualified personnel. It is necessary to expand regional demand. It is necessary to concentrate the limited resources which are now "smeared" across a vast region.

Among other challenges identified during the discussion were the issues of image of the Russian territories. "No need to cling to everything, you need to choose the most promising direction, interesting projects, and to create a Russian brand. To attract investment in projects need success stories, so do not forget about those Korean companies who are already working in Russia. They affect folding of investors the image of Russia," said the South Korean participants.

Russia has unlimited potential in solving issues on the Korean Peninsula, said at the conclusion of the Korean participants of the forum, and in the field of energy we need to create a macro discourse. "But we don't see clearly the position of Russia in this matter", was performed at the conclusion of the conversation.

Photo Elena Abasheva.



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